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In this page I collected the links to the various thematic pages that are present in this site. In this way it is possible to see and read them directly, without having to navigate all the site.


Notes from Arnold Schulman: from Arnold Schulman's "Baba", about the first years of Sai Baba. Reality or myth?

Message of Baba to Africa: the relevant message given from Sai Baba to Africa in 1968, and moreover: why Sai Baba has gone there?

Sai Baba, Alexander the Great, and philosophers: disquisitions of Sai Baba on Alexander the Great and Greek philososphers.

The Revelationy of St. John: from th Bible, alleged prophecies of the "advent" of Sai Baba.

The prophecy of Pope John XXIII: the prophecy of the famouse Pope, which has been associated with Sai Baba.

The prophecy of Muhammad: did the Prophet of Islam has foretold with amazing accuracy the advent of Sai Baba?

The 1976 "Blitz interview": very famous interview given to R. K. Karanjia, the first one of the only two interviews given by Sai Baba to the press.

The 1999 "Times of India" interview: of 12 March 1999, the second one of the only two interviews to Sai Baba.

Chronicle of a meeting in Bombay: of 16 March 1999, critical account of a public meeting in Bombay with Sai Baba.

The Revelation : discourse of 17 May 1968, in which Sai Baba declares his "divinity" and his "mission" to the world.

The "Milestone speech": another "historical" speech of 23 November 1968, with tones and contents similar to the previous one.

Sai Baba's letter to his brother: a letter written in 1947.

A couple of articles on Sai Baba's miracles and materializations: an article by Massimo Polidoro (CICAP's investigations responsible), and another by Piero Angela (journalist, writer and founder member of CICAP).

The "Abode of the Supreme Peace": on the attempted assassination of Sai Baba, and its related consequences.

Death of a student: another murder case, in a Sai Baba's school.

Sai Baba's educational system: some news from an interesting article by B. Premanand.

The "photos" of Jesus: the story of the two "photos" with the "true" image of Jesus.

The book and the cross: the story of the book about Jesus and the cross "materializedi" by Sai Baba.

Extraordinary miracles?: some stories of miracles "unexplicable to the human mind (!)", included the very famous false materialization of the Seiko watch.

The "Golden Age of Sai": is it coming the golden age promised by Sai Baba?

Kidney robbery at the hospital?: investigation of B. Premanand on a possible kidney robbery at the Sathya Sai Baba Superspeciality Hospital.

Miracles explained: here are two of the more exciting, classic, historical miracles of Sai Baba, exposed by B. Premanand. After this Sai Baba stopped their public performance.

Lingam 1999-2000, the images: some images of the "materialization" of the lingam 1999 (the first one after 20 years) and 2000, with a video showing Sai Baba cheating (On lingam et al, see also the above page).

"Loose" quotations: collection of various quotations of Sai Baba.

When the "avatar" gets hurt...: Sai Baba's incredible account and "explanation" of an accident happened to him this year (11 January 1999).

Sai Baba and the Mercedes: brief consideration with photo on the theme "Sai Baba and luxury".

Sai Baba on the "Anidra" website: SB criticized in an esoteric-initiation key. Very interesting.

The "True-Believer" syndrome: an excellent article from "SKEPTIC'S DICTIONARY", on the believing in clear and manifest frauds.

Sai Baba - the "Bad Side": some witnessings of the worst side of Sai Baba question.

"The Findings" - A striking collection of informations and experiences compiled by Faye and David Bailey, both Sai Baba's ex-devotees. A MUST READ.

Sai Baba: how it works - Enlightening news from an ex-member of Sai Baba's inner security. A MUST READ.

Child brainwashing : an example from a 1991 Sai Baba's speech



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