An article on Sai Baba in an esoteric-initiation key

Notice: this article, coming from the website "Anidra", performs an analysis of Sai Baba not in the usual skeptical and rational key, but in an esoteric-initiation key. Surely it is a key of reading which I don't endorse in its entirety (it is not part of my way of thinking), but one can certainly share many of this analysis' points, and indeed it shows that not only skeptics and rationalists may be averse to Sai Baba...

Sai Baba

It's necessary a serious and objective criticizing of this personage, since he represents one of the most clamorous fakes of this century (or rather, the most clamorous one). We think that it is useful to separate this exposition in two specifical parts, a rational one, which is comprehensible by anyone who sincerely wants to observe the nature of the phenomenon, and an Occult one, based on a series of Knowledges which (sadly) the reader will not be able to sift, due to an immediate lack of instruments to do it. The convinced supporters of Sai Baba's Divinity will put forward some argumentations, which could not be confirmed or evaluated by those who have not personally seen those events glorifying the nature of the questioned personage; therefore, to those people, our statements (which are not immediately verifiable by the reader) have the same value than those of the Baba's devotees. Thus, we'll begin this section starting from a rational and reasonably acceptable analysis, which will be enough to give everybody the material of reflection for a personal development of the picture we are about to describe.

A great number of people, both in India and in the West, consider Sri Satya Sai Baba - as he is pompously named - to be the AVATARA of the new Age, that is to say the Divine Incarnation of this century. He's described as having equal calibre as personages like the Buddha, Krshna and Jesus (a silly statement which already shows, by itself, a huge ignorance, sinche all these three Masters had their own different Initiation Lineage). So, is Sai Baba the AVATARA of the last millennium... the one who will open the way for the new one? We should say at least something about that, considering that we have come right to Disclose the Secrets contained in the Passage to the Age of Acquarius. Let's trace out an analysis of his work, under the aspect of the teachings, on the humanitarian point of view, and in a magic perspective.

The humanitarian works, organized under the will of this individual, are the usual ones which could strike the human emotional, and which put their executor under shelter from any possible criticizing. Whatever it may happen, and whatever discordant opinion may be expressed, Sai Baba's supporters will always be able to say: "Thanks to him hospital and schools were built, he has helped so many people and he has given assistance and relief to many poor people in India. Could you deny that these works are full of love and kindness for the humanity?". Normally, any interlocutor endowed with logic is forced to shut up in front of such considerations; they represent a fact and not a theory. But how long we'll keep on permitting that through the beneficent works, the evil and the falsehood remain hidden and obscurely justified? An act can not and must not be judged from his effects, but investigated in search of its motivations. The human nature knows well the plots that could be hatched by anyone who wants to veil himself behind a positive appearance. In the daily rottenness and indifference (on worldwide scale) it's enough to devote oneself to philantropical works to be quickly raised above any possible suspect. We have already stated so, and still we state this fact: philantropical works are the main business of those working for the Black Lodge with tasks of public nature (that is to say, with the purpose of attracting the big crowds).

So we prompt the readers to become more versed and sharp, stopping to fall in the traps of a kindness thrown at one's face, and beginning to prevent (through their dissent) that the philantropy may be used as a psychological blackmail, in the evaluation of human beings. Ideas spread themselves, thoughts have their inherent power, particluarly when they are emanated from lucid and aware beings (if not even Objective Ones). This means that anyone could do much to change the present state of things, simply by transmitting to others an acquired evaluation ability (based on the investigaions of causes, and not on the passive reception of the effects... i.e. of the actions alone). There's no doubt that beneficent works could be made for reasons which have nothing to do with Love and Compassion. Not only this, but to claim that an AVATARA shows himself through such activities, which are so similar to those the human beings are used to, it means to have not understood anything about the Divine Nature. If the Divine wants to eliminate the human suffering, he would really wait to take a physical body to change this state of things? The simplest human beings don't know nothing, and don't understand nothing about the reasons of suffering (both physical an psychological one). It's not by means of a higher magic that the human sorrow and miseries will be trascended on the planet, but through the development of a higher evolution. The human beign, that is to say, must achieve the status which is enough to comprehend what carries to suffering and what carries to well-being, and he must get the capacity to discerner the good from the evil, the illusory from the real, the false from the true. Without this evolutive passage, the human Race will always remain at the mercy of powers higher than its discernment capacities (apart from itself). Therefore - to end the discourse related to the philantropical vision of this personage - we want to invite the readers to reflect on the fact that doing good, in a wide sense, surely could not indicative of the Spiritual calibre of a man; not only this, but that the actions, in their external disclosing, don't reveal at all the intentions (inner and hidden). A true Master, by simply walking by the road, can vibrate such Love and Compassion which are unutterably higher than those of a thousand munificent supporters of the public assistance (whom anyway are necessary. And be Blessed those who help the neighbour in the matter, having purity of intentions and sensibility for the others' suffering). Very seldom the Masters attendo to the material uplifting od the human kind, becuase others have this task. An High Initiate works on far deeper levels, giving with profusion all his Energies for the sake of the inner evolution of humanity. It's a sheer fruit of ignorance to think that an AVATARA, whom all the Masters would bow to, descends with a lower Task than the latter. If an High Initiate originates public organizations, this will be recognizable by the fact that inside these organizations, above all he will keep always bright the Light of Knowledge (without which there is no vehiculation at all of the Divine Compassion and Love).

Michel Coquet, in the book Luci della Grande Loggia Bianca (Lights of the Great White Lodge), which as many others he mistakes with the Hierarchy, presents Sai Baba as the foretold AVATARA. This publication of his is obviously read by many persons, first of all in France and then in the other european nations. He reports some excerpts of letters, part of which are drawn from the archives of the Teosophical Society and part were published by Alice Bailey, where the Master D.K. expounds some considerations about the Coming of the AVATARA in this age. From the way Michel Coquet writes, it seems that the words of the Master could be related to Sai Baba. But since the latter's name is never mentioned in those excerpts, he comparse his nature with D.K.'s explanations, trying to demonstrate a non-existant relationship. In order to do so, he expresses such a number of inaccuracies in an Occult perspective, that he skims the ridicolous for anyone who possesses a minimum of Knowledge. We report here one of these passages, drawn from Coquet's book. The below part are Master D.K.'s words. What follows it, in italic character, is the comment of the author of the above mentioned book.

«When he will appear, it will happen a great appropriation of his acknowledged divinity by the humanity, and the estabilishment on Earth of a station of light and strenght which will make possible the externation on Earth of the initiation mysteries. Such an approach is the cause of the present numerous uproars, since the avatar has started his way».
M. COQUET, Luci della Grande Loggia Bianca, Turin, 1990.

"This avatar has already incarnated in South India, in the semblance of Sri Satya Sai Baba. Today millions of Indians, and now even in the West, are his disciples, and thanks to him the religious, social and eductaional activities are completely changing the face of India. Basing on what the Tibetan has disclosed, his divinity is recognized by everybody and the mysteries of initiation are externated again. The same Sai Baba states that he has come to restore the flame of the ancient tradition, the Sanathana Dharma, and the organization founded by him is a center of light and strenght which are extended all over the world".

(We wanted to leave the text as it appears in the book of Coquet, who has written in small letters words such as Light, Mysteries, Initiation, Divinity, Tradition and, most of all, Avatara).

It appears evident that the passage ascribed to Master D.K. and the very personal and subjective Coquet's interpretation are quite two different things. First of all, India's face isn't changing at all (but this is an easy statement, whe addressed to the Westerners, who don't know anything about indian people's conditions); secondarily, to state that o luogo affermare che "Basing on what the Tibetan has disclosed, his divinity is recognized by everybody" is at least arbitrary and even a little funny. His "alleged" Divinity is accepted by those who believe it, and nothing more. Further than this, the Tibetan's words don't refer in any way to Sai Baba, but to the upcoming AVATARA (only somebody identify him in Sai Baba). Finally, to state that "the mysteries of initiation are externated again" is one of the biggest absurdities ever heard. Sai Baba (and less than ever his followers) has never brought anything new and revealing, or more simply anything deep; neither through his writings, nor through his speeches and not even by direct transmission. There's far more deepness in a text by Gurdjieff or Krshnamurti, than in the whole literature related to the myth of Sai Baba.

It is not our intention to discredit the credibility of Michel Coquet as an Esotericist (since he discredits himself with his writing), all the more so as he's not the only one talking of things he doesn't know; we wanted to take him as an example (among the many), to point out how it is possible to propagandize false and misleading news (that most people are unable to confute due to lack of Knowledge). Sai Baba, as AVATARA, is a little lacking of contents. It doesn't exist a true Teaching coming from him. He preaches the good and the love, the unity of peoples and religions; he doesn't ho against anybody and doesn't disclose the dark and false plots of any movement. In a few words, he has worked it out carefully, acting in order to be unassailable on the theoretical front.

In reality, the myth of this personage resounds more and more, and in such a roaring way that it brings to silence those who would have the intention to expose his inner limits. Before all those miracles which he's said to perform, what human being would feel able to swear that really he's not the Divine Incarnated? In his words an acts, on the other side, there's nothing accusing him. Well, probably a human being could not assert his falsity with certainty... but we could! And we do it cheerfully, because the time has come to give the purest ones the weapons to fight the ignorance and the darkness on the planet. We state with certainty and absoluteness that neither any Master of the Hierarchy, nor any Disciple, have never assert (nor they could ever assert) that Sai Baba is the awaited AVATARA; and this because the Hierarchy knows very well the nature and the purposes of this being. He doesn't brings any true teaching. The books reporting his writings only repropose what has been written in thousands of religious texts. On the contrary, in trueth's honour, many western and eastern philosophers have reached descriptive heights of majestic standing, when compared to the words of the would-be avatara.

We ask the reader to pay particular attention to the following statements, which are drawn from a speech of Sai Baba. The original text is all in italic character, apart from the words on which we want particularly to draw the attention of the sensible and intelligent observer.

"There is only one God and he's Omnipresent. This is the truth! But in order to focus on the Omnipresent it is necessary to direct the mind toward some preliminary fixed point or form. To conceive that the Divine is everywhere at the same time, the man's mind has to be purified through psychological processes called "Sadhanas" (spiritual disciplines). This is the reason for which not only the followers of Hinduism, but also the Buddhists and the Christians perform regular rituals to worship God's idols. The cynical ones doubt the validity of such worshippings, saying that they are only superstition. [...] But this attitude is wrong. By following traditions, customs and rituals, many seekers achieved the vision of the Omnipresent and they reached that unexpressable bliss. In any age the Divine takes form as an "Avathar" in order to perform a definite task. The present incarnation differs from the others because of the extraordinariness of the task which he has undertaken. He has to heal a deep crisis which has overcome the whole world. Intellectual presumption has grown wildly. [...] Immortality has worn the suit of  immorality and the latter has seduced the man and thrown him into the mud of sin. [...] That's why this incarnation has come. He has come to uphold the truth and suppresso the false. I behave like one of you, I sing, laugh and joke, but beware of the hits that I will inflict to punish and admonish! I will eliminate the wicked and reward the virtuous, and justice will triumph."

Who is writing, at this point, cannot do without smiling while reporting such clarifying words about the nature of this misled being. Here is a perfect exemplification of those followers of the dark cult who in past Ages had played the master inside the boundaries of Atlantis, bold bunglers and baronets of rich and dark feuds. "beware of the hits that I will inflict to punish and admonish! I will eliminate the wicked and reward the virtuous, and justice will triumph". Is this the language of the AVATARA of the New Age? Such a haughtiness, Such an arrogance, such indescribable absence of those Love and Unity which Sai Baba always speaks about. This country squire talks about the human kind as if ti would be a herd of servants... typical dark language (however they try to mask themselves, they are what they are, and they always slip something). Hits to be inflicted... punishments... admonishments... prizes for the good ones and punishments for the wicked ones (this is an interesting Avatara, who uses a Middle Age Christianity language). Is this the Message of Love and Knowledge from the new Incarnation of the Divine? He says that through the immorality, man has been drawn into the mud of sin; and he asserts the human intellectual presumption. Sure enough, very often man is conceited... but due to an ignorance which is maintained by those who bear down to keep him from evolving. Morality? Morality is right what has killed life, beauty, Love. By castrating the human love, how could one reach the Divine Love? Sin? If really the sin would exist, then the first sinner would be quite the Divine... for from where the man may have come? In reality, if the Heavenly Beings would conceive the way of Evolution like this, the Hierarchy would have already exterminated from long time all the dark Races. But aren't them also Divine ones, even if temporarily darkened in their perception?

Sai Baba states the Omnipresence of the Divine. It's obvious. He says: "in order to focus on the Omnipresent it is necessary..." But how could something which has not neither time nor space be an object of concentration? In the Infinite one looses oneself... and nothing more. What a majestic lack of knowledge is contained in the words of the computers age's "avatara". He asserts that by following the traditions, the rituals and (nothing less) the customs... many seekers had received the vision of the Omnipresent. All the past Great Masters pointed out the religious decadence of their own age, and Sai Baba himself claims that he has come to restore the Dharma; and in order to do so, he dosn't find anything better to do than driving people to follow the old one (which by now is so much impoverished to be unable of leading anybody to the Truth)? Do observe, we beg you, if in his words there are a true Teaching, a true Knowledge... or just a repetition of the past. He claims that he has come to support Truth. Does Truth needs any support? THE TRUTH IS! Only the evolving creatures need lovely guidance and support, so that the may be able to perceive more and more wide Portions of THAT WHICH IS.

"Give me all your problems and I will take charge of them: I will give you in turn joy; I am attracted by genuine devotion". These are also Sai Baba's words. No true Master would speak this language. Joy is the result of a realizing state, and it has nothing to do with the gratuitous resolution of daily and emotional problems of the human kind. But obviously his words are false ones. We have met a huge number of Sai Baba's devotees, who have personally met him many times. They have neither Joy, nor Knowledge, nor Love... but just an excited and desperate neede to believe. Sai Baba perfectly knows that the sharper ones wouldn't approach his message, recognizing in it an emotional illusion. And he states: "The primary will wanted the manifestation of the whole universe. He who is the embodiement of that will must be remembered and worshipped. [...] The "Gopis" and the "Gopalas" (great devotees of Lord Krishna) were not erudite in the spiritual disciplines, but in spite of this they were knowing that Krishna was the visible incarnation of that will and they offered their love at His lotus feet...". These are Sai Baba's words, indeed rather enlightning ones. He proposes a vision which is comforting and charming for the crowds: it doesn't matter if you don't possess any Knowledge, you could remain ignorant. God loves the ignorants more than the scholars, so long as they recognize the Divine Incarnated. In other words: love me, worship me, serve me, I am the Divine... what does it matter if you are ignorant, when you see the Truth in me? Now, how could an ignorant being recognize the Divine? The game of the humble earning the Kingdom of Heavens is always very profitable, but in truth it is false and deceptive. The Master Jesus, who surely wasn't lacking of Love, stated the need of transmitting tme Mysteries on ly to the ready ones (and this is repeated in various forms in the Gospel). That is to say: an Esoterical Teaching can be given only to those who are mature enough to receive it. But surely there's not more gratifying than to hear that he Knowledge doesn't matter, if there is devotion. In reality, the true Devotion springs only from the deepest Knowledge. Sai Baba doesn't spend a word to point out the falsehood, but he gives all his thoughts to the beautiful and good. He inebriates of divine love his devotees, keeping them in ignorance and drawing them more and more close to himself (and not towards Freedom). Those who have been close to Sai Baba have nothing to teach to anybody.They could only enthusiastically speak of their master and of the prodigies that he performs, and this they do. They could not teach, nor make somebody else Free... because they themselves had not received anything, and they hav no Freedom. But in order to counterbalance all this lacking, Sai Baba has sharply operated by means of two big illusions: beneficent works and "divine" prodigies.

From where this man's "powers" come? As a first thing we must state with calm certainty, that much of what is told about his miraculous potentialities is false. His ability in manipulating the matter is eqaul to that showed by some Himalayan Initiates; but sure enough the latters have never thought to sell themselves off as Divine Incarnations . As we have explained in the second part of this volume, at the times of Atlantis there were about ten millions of dark beings with great operating capacities on the matter. The reader may regard Sai Baba as one of them. In course of many lives, he has developed a considerable control on the Siddhis, by means of the etherical and astral Fires of Kundalini, which is kept below the Fourth Chakra. Sai Baba never uses the Quarto, the true center of the White Magician, but he operates through the Third Center, which contains the secrets of the dense and etherical matter. M.Me Blavatsky has many times described the materializations operated in her room by the Masters with whom she was in contact. Sai Baba is knowingly in coontact with the black Lodge. Many of the effects produced by him are generated by the action determinated on the etherical plan by the latter's members. The items materialized by him are not true materializations, in the meaning of creations, but they are apportings. Such items are already existing, on the etherical and physical, dense plan. Through the energy emanated by the black Lodge he thickens them, after a dimensional shifting of those items. This kind of manifestations have been described by a british journalist, Paul Brunton, in presence of whom they were many times performed by different personages; he has described them in his fiirst two books (Hidden Egypt and Hidden India). The thickening of a thought-form is however possible, by operating on the Third Chakra, as well as the transmutation of metals.

Today Sai Baba is identifiable as the maximum planetary dark expression knowingly operating for the black Lodge. His task is to charm as much peoople as possible, until the creation of a great movement which is able to hinder the spreading of Knowledge and Love in this century, by means of an apparent love, in a falsa way. His aim is to hit the human emotional in all possible ways, working to prevent people to achieve an individual Freedom. Athough his apparent power could not trouble any Initiated to the Truth, his capacity to influence the human mind has not to be taken lightly. Today many people spread the vibuthi (the ash materialized by him) and objects received by him. All these items, as well as his photos and the symbol of the unity of religions used by him, contain a certain amount of negative influence. Sai Baba is exactly what the Christians define with the term of Antichrist. But after all this definition has not any deep meaning, since it doesn't exist any power which is able to interpose itself between the humanity and the Manifestation of the KRISTOS.

In the turn of a decade the consciousness' state of the humanity will be changed enough to substantially reduce this being's charming power on the masses, a charm which wil be more and more declining. It's very likely that these words of ours may be read by some Sai Baba's ardent devotees. To them, with much sweetness, we say so: "Don't worry and don't hate us. If what we have said has generated in you a crisis or a deep doubt, then you just have to ask to meet us. This will help you to convince that we are not fools, coinceited and ignorants; or it will help you to see closely some true Masters, and to discover how their eyes talk more rhan words. It Truth is what are searching for, you cannot but to thank the Divine, when he gives you the chance to put to the test your own sincerity and inner cleanness". If instead you are certain of Sai Baba's divine reality... don't care about what we say, since one has not to worry too much about ignorance. The time, and the coming of THAT WHICH the Initiates are waiting for, will not miss to make clear what today is dark for many".

The present article is integrally drawn from:
"Luce, Amore, Potere... Questa è la Via (Light, Love, Power... This is the Way)"
1993 Adea Edizioni - Milano

(personal translation)

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