Sathya Sai Baba:

the "Bad Side"

"...I want to teach a small thing to the little boys. When someone comes and tells you bad things 'This and this and this…', your mind is disturbed. Those words which have distrubed your mind, don't repeat them to others because this would disturb also their mind. If somebody has spoken ill of your father and your mother to you and you report it to them, they would suffer because of this. Thus you would be responsible of your parents' sufferings. If you listen to bad speeches, don't repeat them to anybody. Absolutely never tell it to anybody. You have to pay the greatest attention to this argument. You may have heard some things by chance. Forget to have heard them. Don't tell to your friends, don't disturb their mind."

(from a speech of 15 May 2000, personal translation: is this "Divine Transparency?")



This section contains not so much pleasant stories, which contents are quite harsh. For long time I thought about whether to post this section or not, but now the cases about which we talk here are coming into light, and the testimonies are matching. The elements which are more or less common to all the stories here collected are:

So, following there are those stories.

WARNING: this stories contain material of sexual and explicit nature, which could hurt the sensibility of those reading here, and particularly the sensibility of those having faith in Sai Baba. This as a due warning: please refrain from reading them, if you get hurted by this arguments, or if as a Sai Baba devoted person you couldn't bear those stories.




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