When the "avatar" gets hurt...

...even the "divine powers" rise up to explain why it happened!!! The following speech is quite funny. There's only one fact here: during a show Sai Baba fell off from a chariot, he got hurt and cut a bad figure. Starting from this, after the usual long "philosophical" preamble which opens every speech and practically doesn't says anything remarkable, he develops a "divine thesis" to explain the reason of the accident. It is an evident example of how SB, thanks to his power and his devotees' suggestibility, is able to make them "drink" any absurdity without fearing of doubts or critics.

Note: the coloured numbers are related to the below comment of related passage.

"[Sai Baba starts with a long preamble in which he talks about the concept of Being, about the "powers" of the five basic elements, about the selfishness of man and the selflessness of God, etc. etc.; then the first practical statements to show how good and divine he was in that occasion]:

Whatever God says or does is for the welfare of humanity. God is selfless. There is no trace of selfishness in God. What is the benefit accruing to the Sun by rising and setting. None at all. Sunrise and sunset are for the benefit of mankind. [...] Similarly, every act of God is for the benefit of mankind, not for His own.

As Narsimhamurthi pointed out Kasturi once urged Me not to neglect this body in the process of saving a devotee. I replied that this body has come for the sake of devotees and shall be utilized for doing anything and everything for their welfare. [...] Since God does not have any body attachment, He does not attach any importance to the suffering of His body. Once He assumes a body, many things are bound to happen to the body. Whatever happens is for the welfare of the whole world. (1)

[After that Sai Baba speaks about students and their exhibitions for the sports meet, and of the fact that there would have been troubles, and he goes on]:

While returning from Bangalore (in the month of December), I instructed the warden not to bring the boys for sports meet. They attributed various reasons to this word of Mine. There may be many reasons (Kaarana), but what I am interested in is the action (Kaarya).[...]  I told the Vice Chancellor that I do not object to boys participating in various sports and games such as badminton, tennis, volleyball etc. At the same time I cautioned him to ensure that no harm is caused either to the participants or to the audience during the course of the program scheduled for the 11th. [...] I was very well aware of the impending danger. But, students were not receptive to My words. I felt there was no point in advising them in such a situation. Only when they face the consequences of disobeying My command do they realize the value of My words. (2)

Till this moment nobody is aware of what exactly happened on the 11th morning.They said that the sports meet was a grand success. I am also happy when you are successful. [...] That morning as I entered the stadium, I spotted two lorries. Immediately I could visualize the danger lurking in the corner. I saw the lorries with huge scaffolding placed over them. The boys planned to perform a few acrobatic feats on them. I knew that one of the rods was not fitted properly and was about to give in. If that were to happen the boy would suffer a major head injury and spinal breakdown. (3)

Prior to this one boy suffered a spinal breakdown and had been admitted to the Manipal Hospital in Bangalore. I willed that such an untoward incident should not recur. Once the spinal column breaks it is impossible to set it right. Immediately I arranged for an ambulance to shift the boy to the hospital in Bangalore and gave 10,000 rupees to defray the immediate expenditure. I also ensured that our doctor accompanied him. Parents shed tears of gratitude when they came to know of the love showered by Swami on their son. The doctor said that the boy would not be able to sit or lie down as his spinal column was badly damaged. I told him, "Don't entertain any misgivings. Do as I say." Miraculously, by the time the boy reached the hospital, he could sit. He entered the hospital and sat on the bed. He regained sensation in all his limbs which were numb till then. No danger whatsoever. He was protected because of My infinite Mercy and boundless Grace. (4)

A day prior to that I had instructed four boys to surround the chariot and keep a vigil. [...] But I noticed that none of them were present at that spot. [...] I asked for the chariot to be stopped. A senior devotee was driving the chariot with all sincerity, love and devotion. He stopped the vehicle in accordance with My Command. Just when I was about to speak to the Vice Chancellor, the driver accidentally put his foot on the clutch instead of applying the brake. That resulted in a jerk and I fell down on the chariot. As a result I suffered injuries on my head, hand and My spinal column was badly damaged. What the boys had to face, I took it upon Myself. Many men and women were seated in the gallery, but I took care that none noticed My injuries. I pretended as though nothing had happened. (5)

The Vice Chancellor was worried thinking that Swami was unable to get up. I knew that any further delay would cause anxiety in the minds of devotees. So, I immediately got up forgetting the pain and started blessing the devotees waving My hands. The pain was so intense and the cut on My hand so deep as though it was pierced with a knife. But the sleeve of the robe covering My hand was intact. This incident gives you a glimpse of the infinite Power of Divinity. I found Myself in an awkward situation. I had to walk up to the dais without My injuries being noticed. So I willed that no one should notice My injuries, lest they become anxious. I walked up to the dais and took My seat. But in the meanwhile the dhoti below the robe was drenched in blood. Concerned that the devotees may get to know of this I walked into the bathroom discreetly. The available towels were insufficient to wipe the oozing blood. I did not want to leave the bloodstained towels in the bathroom, lest someone notices them. Though there was excruciating pain, I washed the towels Myself with soap, squeezed them and put them up for drying. [...]

Some boys were curious to know why I went to the bathroom repeatedly. I replied, "Why are you concerned? It is My job." Usually I go to the bathroom only twice a day, morning and evening. Since it was bleeding profusely, I had to go to the bathroom 5-6 times in that short duration. In the meantime two students came and prayed that the flag may be hoisted. When I got down from the chair the sensation was such that it seemed as though I was subjected to electric shock. Reflecting on the incident I feel like laughing to Myself. I could not stand firmly on the ground. I thought I should not be deluded by the attachment to the body and walked forward smilingly to hoist the flag. Then I lighted the lamp. I found Myself in an embarrassing situation. I could not sit in any posture comfortably. When I exhort all devotees to give up body attachment, I should set an example Myself in this regard. Saying to Myself in this manner I conducted myself accordingly.

The Primary School children performed extremely well and desired to have a photograph with Me. Acceding to their prayers I walked up to them and took photograph, as I did not want to disappoint them. Subsequently I had to walk up to the play field five more times to take photographs with remaining students. In this manner I detached Myself from the body. My body was numb. There was no sensation whatsoever. My head was reeling. I resolved to make them happy no matter what happened to the body. I decided to keep this to Myself. Concerned that the bloodstains may be visible while returning to the dais from the playground, I ascended the steps leading directly to My seat. Is it possible for a human being to conceal such a major injury from the public gaze for a long time being amidst such a huge gathering? No. I was seated on the chair for five long hours. I am relating all this so that students and devotees may comprehend the Nature of Divinity. Anyone in My predicament would not have been in a position to sit in the chair even for a second. It would have been impossible even to put a step forward. [...] (6)

[Sai Baba brings then the usual examples from Mahabharata about dangers and the ineluctability of divine plans, etc.etc.; the speech goes on and end with a list of the "admirable things" made by Sai Baba, the preparations for the 75th birthday, and with words about the faith in him and his grace, on karma, etc. etc.]

[...] I have taken upon Myself this suffering only for your sake and in response to your prayers I have decided to cure Myself now for your sake. Don't give room for any anxiety. Now Swami is 100% perfect, perfect, perfect. [...]" (7)

(from the speech of 14 January 1999)

Let's try to analyze reasonably and sensibly the heap of absurdities contained in this speech. Surely on 11 January 1999 Sai Baba someway got hurt, and this was noticed, otherwise he would have never bothered about making a speech on that event. Already in the past got hurt like any human being, and also that time he denied of have been cured by normal physicians (while it was quite that way, since he suffered fractures), he publicly stated his self-recovery, and he said that it happened because he took upon himself others' sufferings. Let's see what he says this time:

(1)    "Yes it's true, I got hurt, but I am God. God is selfless and selfish, therefore what happened to me I did really for your sake. Do you really think that I got hurt in the same way it happens to you?"

(2)    "There may be many reasons...". This is quite significant, but in the sense of uncertainty... in fact SB already "...was very well aware of the impending danger", and therefore he resolves the annulment of the sports meet. But then the sports meet takes place the same!!! The reason? The students were too much "ignorant" to listen to his orders. How is this possible, since the students pend from SB's lips for everything, and no one of them would never think to contradict him? And even if it would have been so, it would have been enough to confirm the order to avoid danger... it's evident that SB has never given order for the annulment of the meet, and that after the accident he invented a chimerical dangere to justify what happened.

(3)    Thus SB "was knowing" that there was a defective scaffolding, which would have caused serious injuries to a participant in the meet. Wouldn't it have been much more effective and amazing to say immediately, in front of the whole audience: "That scaffolding is broken, fix it right now because someone could get hurt", so that everybody would have been able to be immediately aware of the "miracle" and the avoided danger? Hey, certainly no, "God's ways" are mysterious and unfathomable! It would have been too much simple!

(4)    Obviously there's no evidence for this account, which we must believe on parole. SB claims to have avoided a spinal injury of a meet's participant by taking it upon himself, and this anecdote has the only purpose of fixing in devotees' minds this theory, showing how in a previous occasion SB has fixed a similar situation. As you As you perhaps will have noticed, SB is building after the event a miracolous plot to justify a quite human accident, that is not very much suitable to "God". SB or somebody for him please would explain:

Very likely, that boy didn't have a spinal breakdown, but perhaps he had some other kind of temporary trauma, which it was fixed with standard medical cares (always assuming that this accident has really happened).

(5)    Why SB asked four students to vigilate his chariot, since he was already knowing what it was about to happen? Or he was fearing the spoiling of his chariot, remembering the former attempt to his life? If the accident would had happened because the lack of student's vigilance, and someone has spoiled the chariot, then all the story pf the danger took upon himself would collapse. This element contributes in making the story even more haughty and unlikely. And however, when SB commands something to the students, no one of them would never contradict his will. Then is very likely that SB has never commanded any vigil and like often he does, he says things in bulk.

And here is the totally arbitrary and unverifiable conclusion, to be believed by blind faith like all the rest, which has the purpose of making "divine" a banal accident: after the invention a non-existant danger, through an account which nobody of the presents would be able and would dare to put in discussion, SB tells us that "What the boys had to face, I took it upon Myself.". The only certain thing, instead, is that a maneuver error makes Sai Baba fall down on the chariot, then suddenly he raise up again to avoid bad figures. This fact, together with the rest of the account, would have to give a measure of the real SB's injuries, who instead says "...I suffered injuries on my head, hand and My spinal column was badly damaged." Perhaps some doctor has made a diagnosis? Or we must trust what has been said by SB, who is not a physician? It's hard to imagine that a 75 years old man, after having suffered such physical injuries, carries the burden of an entire celebration day as protagonist...

(6)    And here starts the absurdities' feast... let's see:

(7)    SB would have "decided to cure" himself for devotees' sake... I find this even more absurd than the rest of the story. Considering that otherwise he would have had to live until the age of 96 (according to his own claims) in the conditions he told us (!!!), perhaps it would be better to say that HE RECOVERED, like any normal human body, and FOR HIS OWN SAKE. The very fact that after 4 days he was recovered makes very likely that SB simply suffered a fall and maybe some scratch and bruise, as it happens to all "normal" human beings. The SB's explicit claim of being not a normal human, could be surely "explained"(!) with the fact that he's God, or this indicates that SB tries to make divine what is absolutely human, and thus he has built up a supernatural event on a banal accident.

Finally: everyone of us is free to believe what he wants to, and to "drink" this or that cock-and-bull account. But one would have not to forget that is also through similar stories that SB has hold on people and spreads the myth of his own "divinity", and this all becomes power over those people. This account is to be believed in absence of any witness or direct evidence of the event, but just basing on Sai Baba's account. Now, it always exist a various number of possible explanation of something, here let's consider these two:

Now, try to apply the daily practical good sense, the same we use to buy a car, to go shopping; the one we put in action when someone tries at all costs to persuade us of something... and let's use also the Occam's Razor principle: which one of the two explanations is more likely to be true?


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