SAI BABA - he who doesn't possess anything and teaches the others not to seek and show the useless luxury.

"One has not to show what he cannot afford, because it would be a useless waste. A doctor, a lawyer ... need a car in order to move. ... Without these means, they would risk to lose clients. These are the problems that people have to face continuously and, in order to solve them, they take immoral paths." (from the speech of 22 November 1988)

Well this, said by him who makes others to gift him with expensive cars, and who without troubles could give up using the car (unlike the workers), it sounds like a derision...

Notice that this is not a photo with a car taken just to please somebody. This is SB's car: we can see the flagstaffs, as for statesmen (although SB is not), and the symbol (called Sarvadharma) on radiator mask, which is the symbol of his world organization.

This is a relatively old car: recently, for his 70th birthday (23 November 1995), his wealthiest foreign devotees gifted him with a BMW Series 7. This despite the fact that he doesn't want any useless pomp not even for his birthday. The next year, SB reproached the foreign organizers of the festival, because they spent too much money for the temple's decorations: the equivalent of about 5 millions lire. After that he commanded the removal of all decorations and made the indian Seva (his internal order service) to remake them.

But for the about 100 millions lire of the BMW he had not reproached anybody, and he has not sold the car to use the money for his benefical works.

(Below: Sai Baba and the BMW)


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