Conny Larsson's story

This article comes from the Swedish website "Sokaren", which has also an English home page. I've found it worth of spreading, since it summarizes the worst side of Sai Baba phenomenon; maybe the time has come for these bad stories to be known. This is the direct link to the original article. Unfortunately, this is not a single case; others are by now coming on evidence.

WARNING: this page contains material of sexual and explicit nature, which could hurt the sensibility of those reading here, and particularly the sensibility of those having faith in Sai Baba. This as a due warning: please refrain from reading this page, if you get hurted by this arguments, or if as a Sai Baba devoted person you couldn't bear this story.





For the sake of truth:

Conny Larsson's story

The Swami who deceived a whole world


A picture of Conny Larsson

In the photo below (click to enlarge), it's possible to see Conny Larsson during a group interview with Sai Baba. Conny Larsson is indicated with an arrow.

Conny Larsson has been very close to Sai Baba. Today Conny runs a home for young abusers and criminals near Valdemarsvik, a small town on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Sweden.

Conny's contact with Sai Baba started when Conny tried to commit suicide in Sri Lanka in 1978. He intended to drown himself in the ocean. Then Sai Baba emerged from a small hut on the shore and came walking towards Conny in the water.

<<He called me out of the water and told me to go to India.>>

<<I went to his ashram in Puttaparthi. There Sai Baba walked up to me and said: "So you have arrived now!" I said I came from Sweden. "No", he said, "you come from Sri Lanka." Later I was invited to Sai Baba for talks almost every day. He kissed my cheek and was physically very close to me. That didn't worry me; even in Sweden we sometimes do like that. But then he touched my trousers between my legs and started to massage my penis. "Don't be afraid!" he said, "this is a divine touch." He took out my penis and touched it, and I touched his penis. He explained this with that my kundalini was to be changed.>>
<<Because he was God and had saved my life I let it happen. I became a kind of favourite to him. I had frequent private talks with Sai Baba.>>
<<We were always very close physically. He never came that close to women. He is interested in boys and men from the age of 8 up to 30. When you become 30, you are no longer interesting.>>

Conny Larsson became one of the movement's spiritual leaders in Sweden. In 1983 there were rumours that Sai Baba was cheating with his materializations and that he had sexual relations with young boys. Conny couldn't believe that this was true.

<<But in 1986 I finally understood that he was doing the same things to other boys that he had done to me many years ago. I got to know the boys and asked them questions. They all told me the same story. The swami had oral sex with them of whom many very heterosexual. The explanation was always that he was going to change their kundalini. - You wonder whether women don't have the kundalini power.>>

Conny also became a witness to Sai Baba's cheating with materializations.

<<I decided never to tell anybody about this. I thought he tested my faith in him.>>

Conny felt worse and worse by what he found out. Sai Baba was the center of Conny's whole life since a long time.

<<In January 1999 I got in touch with a Swedish boy, who had had six interviews with the swami. I noticed that the boy was shaken. He told me about the same things that had happened to me. It was about masturbation - the swami opened the boy's trousers and started to masturbate him - but no penetration. The boy withdrawed but the swami insisted. Then the boy turned to a medical doctor and asked for help, but because of his age the doctor had never been exposed to the swami's improper advances, so he told the boy that he must have misunderstood the situation.>>
<<During the last interview the boy had with the swami, the boy's mother was present. She had come to bring her two sons home with her. I saw how Sai Baba took out things from behind the cushion and then "manifested" them "miraculously". Then everything crashed for me. The boy left the ashram completely broken-hearted. According to the latest information from India the shop is found where Sai Baba buys the things he materializes. It's a shop in Hyderabad.>>
<<Some of us who have received gold things and diamants from Sai Baba, have had them examined by experts and have been told that they are all junk pieces and not gold; diamants were stained glass.>>

In Sweden the Gimle school, which was grounded in Sai Baba's philosophy, has been closed because of Baba's sexual actions. And Conny Larsson has stopped a movie about his life, in which Sai Baba's importance to him is the core. But the movement in Sweden continues as if nothing has happened, and it is still partizipating in tours to Sai Baba's ashram in Puttaparthi. Conny points out that there are leaders in the movement who have known for a long time what the swami does with boys and young men. They say it is "divine". There are also leaders who know about the cheating with miracles and protect him. There are strong interests behind Sai Baba and his reputation to be an avatar.

What effects have these unveilings had on Conny? He says that he has had to change his concept of God.
<<Now I believe in God inside me and in all human beings.>>

He adds:

<<I feel tired and have compassion with all of them who have believed in Sai Baba and have been duped. But at the same time I wish to thank all the Sai friends for our moments together at satsangs, camps and courses, where we generated love and truth in spite of the illusion we in good faith all lived in. Once more: Thanks to everyone!>>

Annastina Vrethammar's opinion

Sai Baba has been a man of great importance to Annastina Vrethammar. After the sad unveilings about the swami she says that what is told about the swami doesn't fit in with his reputation to being an avatar. Today there are many questions around his person. Therefore she has decided not to reprint her latest book and not to publish a new book she has written.

But Annastina does not think that all the miracles around Sai Baba are bogus. There are obvious facts about his miracles. He has for example miraculously shown himself to different people and helped them, she says. And she thinks that Sai Baba's philosophy is of high quality.

Sai Baba tells us he is God, but at the same time he teaches that we are all divine beings and that God is in everything, everywhere, Annastina points out.

Jan Erik Sigdell about Sai Baba

<<There is a book that pretends to unveil Sai Baba's hidden life. Its title is "Lord of the Air" and it is written by Tal Brooke (Lion Publishing, Herts, Berkhamsted 1976). I found it in Bangalore when it was newly published and bought a copy, which some years later I could not find in my library. Its disappearence was enigmatic, since I use to maintain a good order in my library. The book may have been stolen by some visitor. I tried to find it again some years later, in order to buy a new copy, but it was impossible. However, a Christian library in Bangalore had the book, and I got it copied there.

I am neither for or against Sai Baba, since I think I cannot judge him. No doubt he can materialize, because I have seen that myself. But the question rised within me: from where has he got his power? Is it really "from above"? I have no answer to that question.>>

In his book Tal Brooke tells his history. He was a devotee for a long time, untill he had a chocking experience. He writes that Sai Baba opened his trousers and took out his penis. After that he got in contact with other boys, who had had similar experiences. One of them said that Sai Baba masturbated him and took his sperm in his own handkerchief, which he put in his pocket.


Note from site's author: I've personally read the whole Tal Brooke's book, and what is told there is totally similar to Conny Larsson's story. In this book, moreover, is well told the slow and inexorable descent toward the total dependence on Sai Baba; and the acceptance (or the coverage) of such episodes, is nothing but the final extreme consequence of that dependence. Apart from the cases of bad faith.


Further letter from Conny Larsson

This letter has been published on:



I Conny don't want to be an anonymous person hiding in the bushes. When I finally decided to go on public with my first hand experience related to Sai Baba's abuses etc. I thought I had to inform all good people I have met in the Sai organisation, both in Sweden and abroad, as well as in India.

Lo and behold!! What I found out was that all the leaders were already knowing about the cheating, abuses and other horrible things orchestrated by Sai Baba and his organisation.

When I first came to Sai Baba, I did so in 1978, I met a wonderful quiet ashram with an Avatar or God that was well established in the mind of people. I thought I saw "materializations", healings and love overflowing the place.

Immediately I was hooked on! I left everything to devote my whole life to the mission of Sai. I didn't care about material things, money, my company, friends, (old), everything I gladly left for my 22 year long journey with Sai!

In 1979 Sai Baba first made his pass on me, step by step of course. Soon he got me to open up and let my pants down. The massage of my penis started, the masturbation went on, the oral sex went on, the loosing of sperm was the target for Sai Baba! He was first satisfied when he and I gave our sperm loose. He liked oral sex mostly. When he wanted me to do ORAL SEX on him, I refused due to experiences in my childhood, between 4 - 8 years old. He accepted my explanation and I became the "boy that always was called for interviews". This went on until 1983 when Dr Hislop asked me why I always was called for interviews!

I told him the "story" that shocked him. Next day he had lunch with Sai and raised the question and therefore was thrown out of the room.

We had a short talk, Hislop and I, and he told me that Sai Baba had said, "this body is pure". After that day we never spoke more about the issue.

My love meetings with Sai Baba abruptly stopped and I got more and more involved in my work as a chairman of a drug clinic for criminals and drug addicts. I went back to India once or twice every year and brought some of my patients with me! Baba was "always very attentive to them", I didn't know what was going on during the interviews. I always thought it was only me he was having sex with since he told me that "he only wanted to change my kundalini force".

Today I know better, by checking out personally, 2 of the youngest boys were abused but kept silence and I my little fool missed it all.

This happened in 1986 and 1992. This was found out first 1999 and 2000. The first boy committed suicide a few years later, I always wondered why at the time! He had married, got 2 nice children and a wife. He was socially established. Before we left Puttaparti in 1986, the boy desperately wanted to have some questions answered by Baba, but time was short and we had to leave. After the trip to India he never wanted to talk or relate to Sai Baba more....... I never came to know why, but now I know through his brother whom he had told everything. It's the same disgusting story all over again.

In 1991 Sai Baba asked me to partake more and more in the organisation which wasn't at all my wish. He started to give me private messages to deliver to people, which I did. He engaged me to become the spiritual coordinator for Sweden. Asked me to go here and there to teach and spread his glory. By doing so I came across many boys having the same experience as me, they all were very puzzled and a few of them had became mentally disturbed and lost their way in life.

Slowly I now started my own "slow motion investigation" by checking out the boys who were going in for interviews. When I was in Puttaparti from 1991 to 1999 I personally talked to at least 25 interview victims, who all related the same story.

These boys all suffered the shame that Baba put on them. Sometimes he even paid them or bribed them, all from 900 - 1000 $ was the usual payment for Western boys. Indian boys were paid 50 - 1000 rupees, depending on the satisfaction they gave Sai Baba.

My life-story is written in a book called "God's Little Clown" and was meant to be an Hollywood production praising "the Lord Sai".

I stopped it in June 1999 when I was asked to help swedish boys in Puttaparti who were severely abused by Sai Baba!

Finally I woke up and lived up to my duty "to protect the innocent". Now the bomb blasted and we left Puttaparti.

We were trying to seek refuge in the Sai organisation but they just made a cover up, so we then turned to the International Sai organisation but there the cover up was even more.

Now everything went on public. Press, radio etc got hold of the story. In Sweden as well as in India this type of sexual harrasment is forbidden by law.

And even if Sai Baba inside thinks he is God, he is born as a human being and will be judged as one, what ever we or he belive.

I work with criminals and druga ddicts, they have a law of ethics saying that anyone using a youngster or somebody with a handicap for sexual purposes is committing an unacceptable act.

What is our ethics or referendum?

We, weak as we are, and afraid of loosing our platform or belief-system, we make up stories about "Kundalini", "old Karma", "Divine touch" or whatever. Only to protect ourselves, not caring at all about the abused ones.

Now looking in the mirror of time I compare the "silence or dressing of the truth and facts" as criminal as the silence of all the people during Hitler or Nazi times before the war. Today the shame is ours, let us stand up for the truth. Some of us claim that we have seen manifestations, healings etc. By looking on darshan movies in slow motion you see the cheating. The camera doesn't have emotions, we have. Therefore the camera just shows the facts. That Sai Baba is a rude cheater is today beyond all doubts. That his organisation is a ring of "yes sayers" who want to be close to Sai Baba is also clear.

That the organisation leaders have been knowing much of what has been going on is proved and clear. That the Vedic knowledge could have been found with any master or Guru is also clear. We were just fooled by stories and fraud manifestations into this organisation where everyone except the innocent visitors to Puttaparti knew about everything. Saying it is "his will, his leela" etc.

I ask everyone to ask the victims of Sai Baba's sex abuse what they feel or how it has effected their whole life.

I have also seen the cheating closely during interviews but I always thought he tested me. Today I fear that he is just a common Indian street-cheater dressed up for public by the organisation. Wake up, move further, leave the deceiver, realize God whithin!

I'm also refering to your saying "Baba doesn't have a grey hair". Quite right. Every Thursday he dyes his hair black. In his inner room he keeps all his utensils which we normally call "make up", which he daily uses.

In his inner rooms are all the stocks of watches, rings etc.

The students that finally leave his rooms or liberate themselves from him are easely talked to. Mostly elderly former students.

I always was charmed by Baba having the youngest boys nearest to his interview room on the veranda, (never girls). He always teased them and they were all trapped in the praising of him. Today we know that two boys are chosen every night to sleep with Baba in his apartment. The older boys far behind on the veranda always laughed during those teasing moments. I was puzzled about this....

Today I know that they laughed because they knew what the younger boys were to put up with during nights to come. Some boys, (older school boys), tried to stop this behavior of Baba, requested by younger students. They were shot dead in Sai Baba's livingroom after six hours of interrogating by the Indian police, who made up the story of "Murder attempt on Sai Baba". All lies as usual to cover up the real reason.

You might not believe this but it is confirmed by former students and also by the police in Puttaparti, (of course anonymous). Any sane person would by now be horrified, so not the Sai people. "It is all Karma", "His Divine grace" etc.

I respect all belief systems but I will never respect ADHARMA as DHARMA, and in my deepest heart I feel sorry for all the good people getting lost in this madness which finally shows up as untrue explanations or ratifying statements how divine it all is. The harder you stick to your illusion the harder the fall. If I could save one mother or father from going there with their sons I am satisfied. To hope that wisdom overcomes stupidity is probably too much to ask though.

With this story in mind, how sounds Baba's saying?
Do good - Be good - See good!
Help ever - Hurt never!
How synical he must be!

Anyone wanting more information please send for "Findings" by Faye Bailey in England or fax me or phone me as below. ( Findings is on vol 12, and update on vol 13 of Icke e-magazine!

Love to all of you!
Yours sincerely

Conny Larsson
Tostebo Gård
610 40 GUSUM

Telephone: 0049-123-230 03
Faxnr: 0049-123-230 15



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