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Date: 2022-07-07 15:07:44

Your website is such a validation. Everytime I suffer the cult covert abuse, I read the testimonies of abuse victims aloud. I'm sorry if that sounds insensitive but it might wake up the insane and insensitive, brainwashed hive mind.

Yes he was an impostor that rid the wave of power and fame because of millions of fools like me for as long as he did. And his legacy continues with his disciples doing the same as teachers in their institutions.

The psychic warfare and stalking I experience is military grade and no one can nab them as long as they have political heads going around them for vote Bank and manipulation before elections.  Sad state of affairs.

Thanks for the videos and compiling all the testimonies and petitions. I was not physically abused by the man but psychically by his disciples.

I can vouch for every testimony on this website. Great work and true service to the society!

Date: 2022-08-04 03:55:27

Please be aware of their Multi level cult activities (like MLM) - so a devotee is introduced to a sub-guru who claims to be receiving vibhuti and amrit on the photographs of SB.

Its easier to handle the information of whoever visits them at that level. So they can keep the fake drama going. I'm aware of 4 of those at the country level, state level, and suburb level.

Any devotee you know might name one who acts as a sub-guru!

May be its too late when you arrive at this website - the entire network is an info collection network and fakers using personal information!! A communist front.