The images of Dr. Michael Goldstein below are from the BBC documentary in which he appears.

Sathya Sai Baba Organisation International Chairman,
Dr. Michael Goldstein

The charming leader feels in no way challenged by the many world-wide allegations of sexual abuse of young men and boys by Sathya Sai Baba.

...but Baba Baba flatters Goldstein instead...

1) Michael Goldstein in total denial about the sex allegations - and very nasty too! (1.50 MB)

2) Michael Goldstein's bogus reason for NOT investigating the allegations against Sai Baba (1.71 MB)

Complete sequence about Michael Goldstein's non-investigation and how Sai Baba fooled him (mov small 2.30 MB, wmv small 10 MB, mov large 7.10 MB, wmv large 10 MB)

 The Rahms tell how Dr. Goldstein reacted to their news (1.10 MB)

4) Goldstein tells his only reason for defendings Sathya Sai Baba (950KB)


Tanya Datta: Why don't you have thorough investigations, instead of just asking one question to one person?
Michael Goldstein:
What do you mean by thorough investigation?
2'nd Interviewer: Objective investigators, not someone asking the perpetrator whether he, he carried out the act. But someone, you know, a proper legal process or a legalistic process should I say.
Tanya Datta: Yes.
Michael Goldstein: Because I don't believe that's appropriate with Sai Baba.
2'nd Interviewer: Why not?
Michael Goldstein:
Because my heart and my conscience tell me that it's not possible.

View the true hidden face of Dr. Goldstein (Clip filesize 1.500Kb)
Michael Goldstein:
All of these years I've seen him interact with his students very, very frequently, in very informal circumstances over many, many years. And because I am a physician I also understand human behaviour. Because of that, if Sai Baba had done anything of this kind with any one of those boys at any time, ever, I would see something in one of those children's eyes, I would see something in one of the expressions on their faces that would indicate to me fear, apprehension, depression, something unsavoury, something inappropriate, something scary, something ominous, I would know it in my heart because I am what I am a consummate professional. Can you understand that?
(The obvious answer can only be 'No, no, no', when considering the number of persons he knew who have told him the facts about Sai Baba's sexual abuses, and the number of world-wide serious and detailed allegations. Then his duty of care as a doctor requires that he investigate with the persons involved. This he did not do)

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