Flattered and pious looking in fine pomp, Goldstein with crony Indulal Shah.
The above statement was filmed without Goldstein realising it. It is the (secret) agenda of the Sai Organisation never publicly to state the belief all members must accept.
Goldstein's two rings, watch & bracelet. Such 'manifested' rings are believed by all devotees to contain priceless diamonds & gems etc. All ex-followers who have had the same from Sai Baba assayed have learned that they are synthetic and have tinsel behind to shine. Not to test them is a matter of faith in Sai Baba, but that faith is too weak for them to go to jewelers to document proof! No such reliable proof has ever been presented to show that what Sai Baba says are diamonds really are so. However, there is
definitive proof of the fradulence of Sai Baba on this.

Among Goldstein's long, repetitive 'speeches' with the same vapid, stilted content year after year, was one of which the BBC film mercifully shows only the first few sentences, as follows:-
Dr Michael Goldstein: "I submit to you that every man and women, all of us, are spiritual seekers."
One of Sai Baba's main speakers at the biggest functions in India and around the world, this man makes weird nervous mouth twitches and pronounces wrongly, and all in one sentence!

Take a look at this very short clip (filesize 260Kb)

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