THE FINGER-STABBING EX-MINISTER, A SEEKER OF SAI BABA'S 'GRACE' WHO SHOUTS DOWN THE YOUNG LADY BBC INTERVIEWER VERY ANGRILY IN A REMARKABLY REVEALING INTERVIEW - also of a man of exceptional arrogant self-importance but one of jumbled ineloquence and poor English - from this former minister of education and human resources! Exact verbatim transcripts follow:-
Tanya Datta: Do you agree with the contents of er Mr Vajpayee's letter?
Joshi:I do agree that er ther the these charges appear to be baseless.
Tanya Datta: Are you aware of the nature of the claims against Sai Baba?
Joshi: Well what I have read something and I'm, I know Sai Baba very well, I know most of these people very well. And I can say that er whatever Mr Vajpayee has said is the correct position.
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(Tanya Datta then explained the BBC's angle as follows: "The correct position for Mr Joshi and other former government ministers appears to have been side by side with Sai Baba. Until the recent election he was a senior minister in the Indian government, a powerful man. We were interested to know if any future investigation of Sai Baba had been compromised by the former Prime Minister's letter.")
Tanya Datta: Isn't the point really that any possible investigation by the state of Sai Baba would be compromised?
Joshi: (Interrupting) No...No, no, there has been no, there had be seen it, there's no question, any any false allegation, you see. I know that this is a case in which your BBC is, is involved and people from England are, have been making making certain charges against Sai Baba but that doesn't mean that the charges are true.
Tanya Datta: I just wanted to know whether you think that there's a danger that the Indian government could be bringing itself into disrepute by so many leading members of this government being associated.
Joshi: No, no. Not so.
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Tanya Datta: Mr Joshi would brook no criticism. He was starting to lose his temper. (and he certainly did!)

Joshi (angry, raised voice):
It is your intention to malign Sai Baba. It is your intention to malign Mr. Vajpayee and Mr. Bhagwati.
Tanya Datta: Not at all
Joshi (louder): This IS! And nothing beyond it.
Tanya Datta: No, it's not.
Joshi: It is!
Tanya Datta: I know what… I just wanted to ask you…
Joshi (Very angrily shouting down the interviewer completely): I, You say, I say, I say, I say, the fumpa (unintelligible) No NO NO!
You… you don't er eeb er meaning of an of an inter interviewing a minister of my capacity, aa a minister a minister in my, of my stature?
Tanya Datta: Of course I understand
Joshi: You don't understand it!
So who is this Dr. Joshi? Murali Manohar Joshi is in the right-wing Hindu Nationalist Party (BJP). Among his backward-looking achievements when empowered as Indian Minister of Education and Human Resources was the funding of Hindu astrology with the people's precious government money. He had to resign from the Union cabinet when he was charged in the case over the destruction of the Ayodhya mosque (the Babri Masjid demolition case), after which none of the senior BJP leaders called on him ('This Week', Nov. 16, 2003). Yet, cynically, Sathya Sai Baba still welcomes this destroyer of the mosque, an angry man lacking self control!
He was duly ejected from his seat in the Indian parliament (Lok Sabha) by the voters in 2004. He managed only 31% of the vote. His political career began in the Cow Protection Movement and subsequently he has been active in the paedophile protecting Sai Baba movement.

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