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Document date: 11-15-02

By: Robert Priddy

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Part Six - Exposed Faith-shaking Events

There are those who hold that everything SB says and does has a meaning, as he also has repeatedly said. The meaning, moreover, is often hidden to us or most people, sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently, it seems. But this view is often turned into the conversation-stopper, "the meaning is only known to Him", implying that poor you or I cannot understand it, so don't ask. This is how the ashram authorities and organisation VIPs deal with even the most heinous of crimes.

Once very close ex-devotees like Conny Larsson, David Bailey, and Dr. Bhatia... plus the very courageous and damning TV interview in the film 'Seduced' with the abused US minor "Sam" and many others who have sworn affadavits all claim that SB is guilty of sexual molestation of young men and pederasty with minors. He has long been reported from various quarters to be an active homosexual (despite his pretense of being a celibate) and a misuser of young men. Such activities make for a 'secret society' of implicated abusers. This is a major key to understanding the development of a culture of tight secrecy by SB. The extent and weight of evidence indicates that SB has taken his sexual behaviour even to include his wholly defenceless under-age students and makes it very likely that claims of there being a considerable number of his victims who now also 'follow the divine example' in this too very likely. When engaging in these practices, which are extremely taboo in the Indian social environment, it creates cliques with ever-widening needs for confidential contacts and complicity in cover-up. Fear of disclosure, of blackmail, and also of murder are strong motives for not 'breaking faith'. This is a now an all too well-known pattern from many institutions (especially religious ones) where it has in recent decades been increasingly uncovered that such abuse was sustained over long periods. We can suspect that the reactions to those who speak out in person about this would be draconian, to say the least.

It is quite amazing how blind followers still are when they simply overlook the killing of six devotees in June 1993 right under the nose of the self-proclaimed "omnipotent" SB after hours of discussions by his officials with the police, who then shot down the four intruders. The whys and wherefores of SB's standing by while foul executions take place under his absolute jurisdiction in Prashanthi Nilayam and at the instigation of his own younger brother and other of his officials will simply not go away. Those incidents did cause a number of visitors who were there to leave SB permanently, including a few leaders, but the "spiritual doublethink" mechanism (the teachings' effective white-washing of anything done by the self-proclaimed Godhead) kept the vast majority of followers well in line. It is instructive how blinded people can be made to be, and how it is possible... which I have tried to explain quite fully elsewhere from my own experience and observations (see

Until all these matters are aired freely and cleared up in an unbiased court, the suspicion that the claims made by several closely-informed persons of SB's secret sexuality being one of the motives in the cover-up will remain factually wholly irrefutable. Some time after the murders and executions, the Indian government reportedly came under pressure from various groups to provide security for SB. They reportedly declared SB to be a 'national treasure', and insisted on installing its own security system with guards and metal detectors at the main ashrams, which has been in place since. This also is fully in character with the involvement of the Indian government in whitewashing SB by quashing the murder investigations. Now the Indian PM Vajpayee and other top officials are publicly backing SB as innocent, though they know full well that there was a massive cover-up. What could be more despicable and prove a greater blot on India's name in the world... unless it will be perhaps the bungling use of their atomic weapons in a crisis with Pakistan. The right-wing Hindu 'Sai devotee' PM Vajpayee and various of his sabre-rattling ministers got elected as the new Indian President another visitor to SB, who is adored in India because he actually designed the delivery vehicle for nuclear weapons! This is the new dharmic India SB claims to be presiding over!

May the true God of all mankind forbid!