The Secret Swami's Dr. Goebbels



Author: Barry Pittard


Posted: Sunday, August 22, 2004.







The author of the Journals on Radio Sai Org. is Dr G. Venkataraman, Deputy Chairman of Sai Baba’s damage control mechanism, the Prashanti Council, and heads Radio Sai. He is the ‘secret swami’s’ Dr Goebbels.


"I was told that in the TV program shown in Australia recently, many of the people who made allegations about Swami had their backs turned to the camera! Imagine that!! These people want to throw mud but do not have the guts to show their face! Do we dignify such people by condescending to "reply" to them?"


Then why does Venkataraman reply with so much attention to us. Elsewhere he decries  hearsay, but indulges in it himself (i.e. "I was told"). His statement “many of the people” is wrong. There were not “many”. There were Conny Larsson and Jed Geyerhahn who faced the cameras and Al and Alaya Rahm, father and son, who didn’t. At that time, it was not clear if the documentary would be shown in the USA (as it has been elsewhere), and Alaya was only 18 years old and at college. His father wrote to me and others of the family’s natural concern lest there be cruel reaction against Alaya. If Venkataraman or his own son had been sexually molested by his guru, would he want to show his face? However, when the BBC approached the Rahms this year, the family had a conference and decided to face the cameras. (Others have done so, but for dramatic purposes the BBC decided to focus on one family's story). With gross insensitivity, Venkataraman conveniently ignores that it is common practice for the identity of interviewee’s with traumatic accounts of e.g., sexual violation to be concealed by studio devices, but that the producers and the legal arm of the television company take serious steps to ensure that an interviewee is genuine. Denmark’s national broadcaster, DR, had copies of affidavits which the Rahms had written to submit to the FBI.


See their testimony:


1) Transcript and video clips from the one-hour, 2003 Danish National TV documentary 'Seduced by Sai Baba'.


2) Transcript of the one-hour, 2004 BBC television documentary, ‘The Secret Swami’.


Al Rahm was one of five regional officers in ‘Region 10’ of the Sathya Sai Baba Organization of the United States. At the personal direction of SSB in 1997, he founded the first Sai School in the United States. He was one of the highest profile Sai leaders, travelling to regional conferences throughout the United States as guest speaker. As a highly popular group, he, his wife Marisa and son Alaya sang devotional music to thousands of Sai devotees in the USA.


How dare Venkataraman slander good and decent people!