Regardless of the fact that the Sathya Sai Organization did everything in its power,
even through the judiciary, to prevent producer ōjvind KyrÝ of  DR (Denmark Radio),
from  broadcasting a critical TV documentary on Sai Baba, it was aired on
Wednesday, January 30, 2002 at 8:05 pm.

English translation of the full spoken text by Robert Priddy, in consultation with ōjvind KyrÝ


The story of Sam Young in the Danish movie SEDUCED is to be seen on this site, we divided it in three parts.

You may read along all spoken words from Sam and his father if you like.

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This is the spoken text of the clips:

                                        ("SAM")  One time he had his robe almost completely off and he tried to have anal sex with me, because he came from behind me and started climbing up on top of me, you know, and being that Iím so much taller than him, in order to keep prevent it from happening, I just stood straight up and didnít allow him to do anything, you know, and I kind of kept pushing him away and keep him there until ??... I know, I want to talk to you, I want to be with you and I love you. He said, "You donít love me? You donít love me?" And I would say, "No, I love you, but I just donít want to have sexual relations with you."

214   00:29:32:00    00:29:36:07    The boy and his family were showered with jewels and watches.  

215   00:29:36:10    00:29:41:05     The family wishes to remain anonymous because they fear the reactions of Sai Baba`s followers.     

216   00:29:41:08    00:29:46:21     Today they live in the US Midwest. The father was one of the leaders in the American Sai movement -       

217   00:29:46:24    00:29:53:22     But he broke with the organisation when he discovered the molesting.  This is the first time they give their accounts on TV.

                           ("SAM"s father)   We were shocked when we heard it and the both of us just embraced our son at that time and we said, "Thatís it. Itís over. Itís finished." And the thing that was most impactful there, was that when we said to him, "Why didnít you tell us?", and he said, "The greatest fear that I had was that my family would choose SB and I would lose my family." And that he had lived with that fear. And he said, "and that I would be responsible for possibly bringing down an organisation as big as this.Ē

                                      (ĒSAMĒ)   The first time I had a personal experience with SB was when I was 16 years old. I went to India alone with some friends in a USA group. I think I was the only person in that group that he gave a personal interview to. I went in there, and he motioned for me to lower my pants. And I did. I was very nervous at the time, yeah. And he waved his hand and turned it over and showed me some oil. And he started to rub it on my testicles and started kissing me. And as he was kissing me, he started kissing me deeply, you know. And I started tensing up and, you know, not understanding what was happening. But it seemed to me as if SB was trying to make my penis erect. He had told me not to tell anybody about what he had done, that people wouldnít understand it.   

218  00:31:46:24    00:31:49:21      (COMMENTATOR) the molestations went on for several years.

                                       SAMĒ)  The second time that I went to see SB was in 1997. I went with my whole family and a group of people. I believe we had about 10 people in our group. I donít remember exactly what happened that first day, but I know that there was physical contact in the personal interview room. I ended up getting about 20 to 21 personal interviews within a month and a half. Then he at one time gave me a watch and I wore it for about a week. And after about the first week of wearing it, the gold started to fade off of the inside and around the sides and I felt it to be kind of strange, because I felt it was like a token of love or a spiritual gift or some sort of a Ö something special, and it was just already Ö it was really cheap, I could tell. The second hand was sometimes moving in different directions, and the gold left and so I asked him in an interview, you know, why it was changing colours and he almost got upset with me for asking a question like that, you know. And he told me then, ďIím going to give you a solid gold watch.Ē And so he made another watch for me. It was solid gold. At the time it looked very gold on the front and the back. And about a week later it was all faded off. It didnít work very well for very long. But every time we would go back into the personal room, his wants got to be very intimate. And he was constantly having me take out my penis and he would hold it, sometimes put it in his mouth and look at me, and then ask me to do the same thing or push my head down and lift his robe up. And I was gagging and almost about to vomit. And, you know, that was probably the most mentally break down type of thing Iíve ever done in my life, because if I didnít feel like at that time, like my life or my familyís happiness or Ö was depending on it, I wouldnít have done it. But my mentality at that time Ö I felt like it was a life or almost death situation. You know, this was God in human form, but that was my mental program Ė this is God in human form. How could I deny him what he was trying to make me do? There must be some deeper reason or deeper meaning that what I see.Ē                                

219   00:34:33:13    00:34:37:18     Sai Baba threatened the boy by saying that his family would not get any more interviews -    

220   00:34:37:21    00:34:41:10     If he revealed anything to his parents.

                                       ("SAM")  But there were several occasions that really made it snap in my mind that it was no longer even possibly a spiritual experience. I was constantly feeling the pressures of the thousands and thousands of people outside the room that all wanted to be in the position that I was in, and who every day almost treated me with anger or resent, you know, because I got so much attention from SB. My feeling, however, was, if you guys only knew what was actually going on back there, you wouldnít even want to be in my shoes, because itís not very funny.

                                      (ĒSAMĒ)  What really helped me was when I had some conversations with some other people who had had similar experienes. Because I felt, that if they had had experiences as intense, or close to as intense as mine, I could talk to them about it more openly than I could talk to my dad. So we had talked about it, and all the people that I had talked about it were equally confused about it as I was. However, also equally brainwashed and allowing it to continue to take place. So I would say that finally I decided that I was not going to put myself into that position again, because life without SB was going to be a better life.Ē

227   00:38:26:03    00:38:29:06    When his son at last told him what was going on -   

228   00:38:29:09    00:38:34:18    - the father broke all connection with Sai Baba and resigned as leader of a part of the movement in America.

                       (SAMíS FATHER)  I could see the manipulation that had been done. The threats, the pressure, the intense responsibility to bring this boy along, to keep him around for seven years as Babaís plaything.   

229   00:38:53:16    00:38:58:13    The father says that he complained to the highest leader in the organisation in the USA.

(SAMíS FATHER)  We told him every single detail. And honestly, I would say  that he was genuinely shaken. He made comments like,
"Faith has to be restored. Words will not be enough. I hate to think that 25 years of my life had been for nothing, had been a waste. We MUST talk to Baba about this." And he asked us, "Please, please, do not tell anyone about this until weíve had a chance to talk to Baba." He said, "I will go, I will be there for his birthday." He was called in and he specifically adressed the situation with our family. Baba was very clear exactly which family it was. He said, "Baba, I need to talk to you about inappropriate action that this family says youíve had with their son." Babaís response was: "Swami is pure." The next day Baba gave his big birthday discourse, and in that discourse he praised this individual, that man who is the head of the organisation, more than he had ever praised anyone else before, saying what an incredible devotee he was, and all that he had done. And a friend of mine who had videotaped it and had it, was approached afterwards by this man. He said, "Oh, did you get that on tape?" He said, "It was the peak of my life." So when he returned and he called me, he said, "Iíve done what I said I would do. Iíve kept my word. I spoke to Baba. Babaís response is: 'Swami is pure,' and he said that you would return." And he said, "My heart and my mind are on Swami. You have to do whatever you have to do." And I just ... I felt that he just couldnít face it.