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Date:  10/31/00 8:42 p.m.


No apology necessary. I thank you for your input.

No, I have not met SB. Personally, I have not been drawn to him, but I have both devotee and ex-devotee friends, and in general I have a high level of respect for every person's spiritual quest, regardless of the path.

As for my present conclusions about him, they are based on the direct experiences of others. After much careful consideration of the facts as they have been presented by persons I know and persons I don't know, I have very simply come to the conclusion that there is truth in the allegations against SB.

The numbers of allegations of sexual abuse are simply too numerous and too similar (from young men who had no prior contact with each other)for me to able to discount them.

I personally do not know who SB "is" in a cosmic sense, but I have come to the conclusion that the actions of SB as a "man" are unacceptable, having endangered the psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being of hundreds (and probably more) of young boys and young men who offered him the highest level of trust that any human being has to offer.

I cannot believe that God would want me to do other than my utmost to bring attention to the plight of these innocent men and assure that the cycle is stopped before others are hurt.