Sharon Purcell’s Account of SSB's

Deception and Molestations


From Glen Meloy:

Date: July 20, 2001

Dear Former Devotees, Devotees and Supporters of Truth and Goodness,

Sharon Purcell of Tustin, California has asked me to Email, post and share her personal story on web sites around the world. She and myself are also giving permission for any of you to copy, print out, publish and/or send this communication by Email or postal mail to anyone who can help expose and stop the Sai Baba molestations.

The major part of this story has been taken from Sharon's original notes to me and then read back to Sharon because she does not at this moment have access to a computer. Every word has her stamp of approval and endorsement. The names that are mentioned are because Sharon wants it that way and if they are omitted, it is only because the person involved doesn't want to publicly come forward at this time. Many of the stories have also been corroborated by myself directly with the source individuals........and I have personally known Sharon and many of the individuals mentioned in this Email now for over 27 years.

Sharon was a devotee for 32 years and together with Elsie and Walter Cowan, Fritz and Victoria Ellis and her then husband, Gary, started the first official Southern California Center in the hilltop home of Elsie and Walter in the Cowan Heights section of Tustin, California.

All of them had been devotees of the late Kirpal Singh prior to their involvement with Baba.

In September 1966, Sharon and Gary had met Elsie and Walter thru mutual friends by the name of Inga and Jack Hanson. Walter was in charge of the Kirpal Singh Organization in Anaheim, California.

Till April 1968, Sharon and her husband, Gary observed the devotional rituals associated with Kirpal Singh which included a lot of work which Walter and Elsie claimed was helping people on "the other side." In particular, they helped these people to realize they were really dead. According to Elsie, she and Walter travelled around the "inner planes of consciousness" at will. One day Elsie got stuck outside her body and couldn't get back in. She called on Kirpal Singh, but nothing happened. Then she called on the "highest form of God available" and someone came in energy form and got her back in her body.

The next day, a friend came over who had been to the "East West Cultural Center" and gave Elsie a book about Sai Baba. That evening, Elsie asked if he was the one who put her back in her body. She intuitively felt he was...and unknown to the other Kirpal Singh devotees, including Sharon and Gary, Elsie and Walter then made a quick secret trip to see Sai Baba in India.

When they returned, they turned the administration of the Kirpal Singh group over to their friend and started worshipping Sai Baba.

Sharon and Gary believed all the stories told by Elsie and Walter, and they immediately became part of the original group of 6 that was now worshipping Sai Baba in Southern California, and Sharon was asked to be Walter's personal secretary. At first the meetings were held in the Cowan's huge garage which was attached to their 22 room house in Tustin. When they outgrew the garage, they went to a meeting hall in Orange County.

In 1971, Walter and Elsie invited Gary and Sharon to go to India with them. When they arrived in April they never had to wait in the darshan lines. They were allowed to go directly into Baba's house and had personal interviews every day of their visit. Later Sharon realized that the many interviews were a privilege accorded to the Cowan's because of their enormous wealth. It also explained why the Cowans were allowed to start the first book and publishing center outside of India to reprint and distribute all the Baba books. Walter was a business tycoon who had amassed a fortune because he figured out the locations of many oil and natural gas deposits.

Although Gary Purcell right from the start said that Baba was pulling out his alleged manifestations from the sides of his chair, Gary was criticized at the time by his wife, Sharon and others and told that he was NOT meant to be a devotee.

According to Sharon, one day, Elsie asked Baba if Jesus and Baba were the same. Baba said, “NO...All one All One."

Then he allegedly manifested a small blue amulet of Jesus and passed it around. Finally, Baba put it in his hand, closed his fingers and blew on it 3 times and it became a green amulet of Shiva. At Elsie's bidding, a photo of that same manifestation was personally delivered by myself to Dr. Sandweiss in 1974 for his soon to be published book entitled The Holy Man and The Psychiatrist. Elsie had asked the late Walt Neubaurer and myself to revitalize and be the co-managers of the Tustin Book Center. We were reprinting many of the original Sai Baba Books, and Dr. Sandweiss had just started his new publishing company called Birthday Publishing.

Sharon now feels this manifestation of Shiva was produced by that part of Baba that she now considers to be a demon from the astral world.

On that same trip, Baba told Sharon that she would have a son and that she was to name him Sathya. When they returned home and while she was in the shower, her husband Gary decided to name him Sathya Sai. Sharon preferred the name Sathya Deva in case the son later wanted to change his name or go by the name of Dave. The whole birthing incident was indelibly burned on her mind because she was in labor for 46 hours, which she later interpreted to mean that the so-called Avatar was NOT there to help her.

In 1972, Walter Cowan allegedly died in India, and there are many stories alleging that Sai Baba raised him from the dead after he had suffered a heart attack and his orifices had been stuffed with cotton and his body hauled off to the morgue.

Later, Sharon's long term male friend whom Baba had sexually molested by forcing his penis into the devotee's mouth and then ejaculating his sperm.... would tell her that the resurrection stories were not true and that he was an eye witness to what really happened. This person is also known to me and told me the same incidents. The accounts of Cowan's personal physicians completely contradict the resurrection claims that Dr. Hislop and many others have been making for 29 years in print and in many lectures and retreats around the world.

It is interesting to note that Sai Baba used the same deceptive and forceful technique of shoving his penis into the mouth of the 15 year old California boy. Both boys had been asked to take Padnamaskar and touch and kiss Sai Baba's feet. When they were allowed to rise up on their knees, Baba suddenly raised his robe and displayed his penis and the boys were then instructed to kiss it, after which he forced it into their mouths.

In 1977 when little Sathya was 4 years old, Sharon again went to India, this time with Richard Kaplowitz. Baba later married Richard to Michelle who at the time were actually perfect strangers.

Upon returning from her trip, Sharon and Gary decided to divorce. In 1978, Sharon again went to India and Baba promised that he would perform her new marriage in six months. To this day (23 years later), it has never happened....another false promise by the so-called Avatar.

When she and her son, Sathya went again in 1991, they didn't even get an interview.

It's now 1993 and Sathya Sai Purcell went to India with Hal Honig's group of boys. One week later, Sharon followed her son to India with her friend, Jill. They got one interview.

On that same trip, Sharon told me that Sai Baba had molested 3 of Satch's friends in private interviews which caused him to tell his Mother he no longer believed in Sai Baba. One of the boys in his group who had his genitals oiled by Sai Baba was Josh Kintz, son of Mahri and Bruce Kintz, long term members of the former Cherry Valley, California Center under the leadership of the late Joy Thomas and now currently active members of the Hemet, California Center. Another friend, Jed Geyerhahn, also shared his molestation experience with Sathya Sai Purcell and as most of you know, Jed has also publicly allowed his molestation experiences to be published in Faye and David Bailey's writings called "The Findings".

There was a third boy in that same group, but we don't at this moment have his name. All of these victims are now of legal age and no longer considered minors.

As if the molestations were not enough, the infamous shootings at Puttaparthi occurred while Sathya and his Mother were still there and young Sathya remembers vividly having to jump out of the way when they were still sweeping the blood from the temple later that morning. Honig's group of boys had been allowed to be on the veranda for morning darshan.

Unfortunately, Sharon said she mistakingly believed at the time that Sai Baba was merely rechanneling the sexual energies of the boys into spiritual energy and she continued to believe in Sai Baba for 7 more years.

This continued until May 2000 when a close female friend told her a pathetic and tragic story of how her husband had his genitals oiled by Sai Baba in 1968. She told Sharon about all the negative stories concerning Sai baba on the Internet and how her husband, who was an intimate friend of Iris and Howard Murphet, had been asked by Sai Baba to go back to the USA to study and get all the necessary credentials and experience to be Baba's personal airplane pilot.

This came as a shock to the young man, who at the time was thinking about becoming an accountant. But because this was a direct request from God Almighty, the young man spent thousands of dollars and for 10 years invested all his energies and money into becoming qualified to be the personal airplane pilot for Sai baba.

When he returned to India, he was on the front line trying to tell ssb that he had done what Sai Baba had requested and that he was now returning to be his pilot. After completely ignoring him, the day finally arrived when he stood up and waved all of his credentials at Baba and then came the incredulous words from baba's mouth......."WHAT CAN I SAY?????.............NO PLANE!"


Sharon was in shock for several days after hearing that story, and then to confirm what she had heard, she called another close male friend who revealed to her that Sai Baba had also molested him. She told him that she no longer believes in Sai Baba and that she wanted him to tell her exactly what Sai Baba had done to him over 30 years prior. He told her that Baba had molested him and had ejaculated into his mouth after taking Padnamaskar. It was such a disgusting story that she immediately called her female friend married to the would-be airplane pilot and her friend also instantly stopped believing in what they both now call a monster.

Sharon feels that she was put on this earth to expose Sai Baba and she is shocked over the large number of her friends and other long-term devotees who will not even read about the molestations or contact the victims. She also is concerned that the late Walter and Elsie Cowan may have ended up in an astral Demon's realm.

There is more to come, and if you want to ask questions or make comments, please address them to Sharon c/o Glen Meloy

Sharon, by the way is a neighbor in the same complex as Berneice Mead and will later discuss what she thinks of the many cruel and unkind statements made by Berneice about molestation victims. And this is the same lady who leads the entire Education in Human Values Programs in the USA and is appearing as a guest speaker at the Wilma Bronkey Retreat in Oregon.

Friends, just think about it for a minute.........How in the world can it possibly be considered a kundalini raising or a stopping of bad karma for a devotee when a so-called avatar deceptively and forcefully enters and ejaculates into that devotee's mouth?

It's an abomination of the Truth and defiles all the Truth and Goodness manifested by previous and existing Holy representatives of Godhood or Sainthood.

For those of you who still want to defend ssb, please explain that action and please document with historical records showing where any avatar, realized being or incarnation of any deity has previously done such an act to their devotees.

Sharon also wants to remind all of you who have not read Tal Brooke's book, Avatar of Night to do so because Tal was the original whistle blower on the Baba molestations. In the USA, it is available by calling 800-266-5564.

For your information, Sharon is prepared to spend the rest of her life to expose and stop Sai Baba's sexual molestations on innocent boys and young men and she prays that other people will now come forward and also tell their stories.

For Love, Truth and Goodness,

Sharon Purcell (with Glen Meloy, July 20 2001)