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Date: 8/9/00 4:47 p.m.

Sai Baba fraud

I am a recent ex-devotee. I was a devotee for almost 10 years. I had the "miracles" and all the positive stuff, so I am not an outsider to the positive part of this religion.
However, due to a local boy being molested by sathya sai baba twice in September 1999 and other information received, I no longer think that sai baba is an Avatar of Light. An incarnation of God would not molest children, in my heart I know the two can't go together.
Check out the message board at that site, it is very lively!

Also, check out this thoroughly researched online book, examining s.b.'s claims of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence:


Message 317

8/12/00 1:25 p.m.


Well, I don't think that all the miracles devotees share are lies or stories. I myself have experienced several, s.b. appearing in the woods in front of me in Oregon (after asking him for a 'sign' in a letter I wrote to him), seeing his face reflected in car rear-view mirrors, seeing his face in our family dog's eyes...., etc...these were things I experienced. Either I created them or s.b. did. I know faith in anything can create anything. But I think it's possible that he does have some yogic powers. Certainly he DOES FAKE his trinket materializations, though. There is solid physical proof (videos) of this.
I am a recent ex-devotee. I was a devotee for 10 years...I know most devotees are good-hearted people who tell of their genuine experiences. I am sure some stories are fabricated, and question especially the older stories coming from India. For example, who has proof that the day after s.b. was born that anyone "announced" in Sri Aurobindo's ashram that the "divine has descended on Earth"? Does anyone know this person who said this?. ETC.???. Just thought I'd share that I have truly experienced some "miracles". Mine aren't fabricated. I believe that my faith in GOD created these, channeled through the image that I believed (at the time) represented God....I think it's s.b. who is dangerous, not the devotees, unless they do know s.b. is a fraud and are in on it...

Message 323

Date: 8/13/00 1:32 p.m.

Miracles 2 ?

Hi! Yeah, I am still figuring out the "miracles" part. Actually my opinion is that some of them MAY be spiritual in source from Creator, due to inner work. I also think that s.b. probably has no "yogic" powers, but I am still pretty amazed that he appeared to me in the woods holding my letter. I suppose the ultimate empowerment would be to say that I created all of it! Wow! I must be powerful. We all are...

Message 336

Date: 8/17/00 3:08 a.m.


Wow! This discussion group rocks! I am so excited to have other people honestly and objectively interested in the whole process. I have really appreciated all the advice and other perspectives.

I agree totally with you Kali, about everything you have said here. I think s.b preys on the innocent at heart through such a close-to-truth message (for me). I was 18 or 19 when I went to his ashram after a series of "miracles" that began a healing process for me. (I want to note that I was searching intensely for God, and many of my miracles were from those efforts to heal myself, surrendering my ego not to s.b. directly, but to Creator). My neighbor had a s.b. center, so it was a cosmic setup that I created!
The whole 5 weeks that I was there I definitely had major breakthroughs and "personal" contact with "him" (my High Self reflected) from afar. No interviews. Lots of eye contact and following my process. It really seemed like he knew everything I was going through. One time after he finished "darshan" and went back into the Mandir, I was sitting near the door and a lacy-winged bug landed on my knee. I looked at it and thought "That is God, too!" and s.b, in that moment came quickly back out the mandir door and looked me straight in the eyes, smiling "like a loving Father" (what a trick, or just a reflection?) and encouraging me in my inner realizations. Pretty interesting for him to seem so psychic.
In fact, the first time I looked s.b. in the eyes on that first darshan day, my heart literally exploded (the power of BELIEF, my god!), and I released everything I had held back in my life- losing my parents at 7 years old, and all of my life leading up to this point of having had bulimia for over 3 years, at the end of my spiritual rope... of "finally meeting God face to face" because I believed it. I watched my life pass silently by, as if I had died, and cried a silent river. It was definitely a major awakening and release, and I still carry what I created through that experience (LOVE IS GOD, etc.).
I feel so ultimately freed, to have met my Self while I thought it was my Creator. (continued in next message)

Message 337

Date: 8/17/00 3:08 a.m.

Recruiting 2

I think s.b. understands the "reflection" aspect of the third dimension. He knows that everything is a reflection of us, and uses that to exert mind control through belief and subsequent miracles that we ourselves create. I want to delve into the fact that sai baba is actually a huge propaganda machine, and that seems to be the extra lure to people. All the facade promoting him seems to be quite intelligent, and understanding of our psyche and spiritual drive. I am sure it has been very well-planned out, infiltrating India's government at least- his whole organization is behaving much like the Mafia.
The devotees always talk (quite innocently, believing it themselves) about things like how he comes into your dreams, that you can't just "dream about him" (one example of taking our power away), and then you have your dreams and everything else and start to believe. My belief came in one fell swoop in that first instant, after a significant trickle ( "miracles" I created once again) before I went there. SO much phenomena in my life has been created by me in connection to him that I didn't doubt his omniscience, etc. I think he plays on the "omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence" factor that our Creator has, and knows people create their own miracles and phenomena, because we are God.
Needless to say, I am thankful for the experience because s.b. seemed to be the ultimate mirror for me because of what he says "You are me, I am you", and so I learned the "omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence" thing for myself, you know what I mean? I thought finding him was the best thing that had ever happened to me, but actually finding out he was a fraud was! I sill grew immensely through the experience, and it saved my life.
I have had some pretty intense judgement from a devotee friend of mine when I told her the news. I am SURE she thinks I am crazy. She hasn't even looked at the information. Of course, her husband's family is really into it, and I can understand how it would be harder then to want to see through the veil. Especially the "thinking negative thoughts" about s.b. part, for "swami is pure innocence" as he would say. Child Molester? innocent? Spiritual Charlatan, innocent? Sure, deep, deep, deep down he is ignorant and thus innocent on some level. Like murderers are, if we apply compassion.
Now, lets expose him! It is happening, and that is good. Through this I have learned to distinguish the good from the God! Even though it was good for me, it wasn't for many and he is not God