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Message 2068

Date: 2/27/01 1:12 a.m.

Never too late


I am glad to have found this club. I was a new Sai Baba follower, just 3 months but could feel his energy and knew friends who worked closely with him on the spiritual realm.

I have also experience Kundalini awakening spontaneously a few years back. One thing convince me that a true Master do not require physical sexual experience as I had experience Cosmic Orgasm and knew others who had as well.

It came spontaneously, for me after deep mediation and when ego is removed. A pure sense of orgasm overwhelmed the body which could last a long time - days to weeks. There is no desire for physical sexual contact nor any sexual thoughts whatsoever. A most unusual experience !!

(I was defending Baba when I first heard of the molestation allegation against him that he certainly do not need physical sexual release. But from the accounts of so many young men, it sure leaves me cold!)

My contact with Sai Baba is through meeting above- mentioned new friends who were devotee for quite a number of years. (Lately, through silencing of my mind, I get connected with other Master whom I called upon e.g. Jesus. The connection is followed with Love pouring on me and bliss). I just happened to called on Sai Baba after learning from my new friends about him at their home and the connection was made there while watching a video tape about Baba. (I have also been told by another Baba devotee, a Science lecturer that she watched the tape a few years back and Baba walked out from the TV screen to reach her !!)

However I am also aware that there are also so called high spiritual beings that speaks with wisdom that leaves you in awe, have powerful energy but it is up to no good, with a hidden agenda.

And Baba does seemed to be one which I surely least expect him to be in the beginning.

I knew of other spiritual group that was broken up because one of the young teacher there suddenly could emits great spiritual energy and speak with great wisdom, the whole group followed him thinking he was their Great Teacher who had just passed away physically. The group was driven to near bankruptcy with sensively spending. They followed this young man thinking it is meant to me, it is a test of their faith..., same old story..., like the Baba devotees been saying.

When one doing lots of meditation and constantly aware/remove of one's ego, sexual energy rises upwards and out through the Crown. This is my personal experience. There would be no sexual desire even if you tried.

By forcing the so called lustful thoughts out of the mind only reinforce the sexual energy and desires making it harder for one .

From what I have heard & read, Baba could manifest himself at will at different places; manifest items from thin air but these do not equate Divinity.

We were easily caught up in these phenomenon. I suppose all hoping against hope there is someone to guide us through a short cut.

Paramhansa Yogananda who brought Kriya Yoga to America had described in his Autobiography many Indian mystics that were able to do manifestation & more, while seeking for a teacher in India. He realized they were not enlightened but just had acquired those skills.

In both books Beyond Himalayas; Yoga of the Christ by M. Macdonald-Bayne written in 1940's (free download avaiblabe at www.zip.com.au/~hermetic/, meeting was held by Masters in Tibet to teach him. Masters including those from far away places and those who had passed away physically (died) manifest themselves at the meeting. They do not asked him to worship them but to teach him to be aware What is not True.

He learned while staying there astral travel(appearing at will wherever he wanted to go), reading others thought & communicate through mind.
It was clear to him these do not equate enlightenment.
They are only skills or tools for him to do healing at far away places. He was a medical doctor.

Message 2192

Date: 3/20/01 5:06 a.m.

Back to Oneself : Who Am I

Hi everyOne,

Baba episode taught me to go inward to discover Who Am I. With the False Master facade broken, painful as it was for me, it helps me and makes it easier for me to turn inward.

Anger and disappointment with Baba was an essential process that I had to go through and I believe for many ex-devotees to go through as well. Thank goodness there are many good advice on this discussion club as to how to identify the False Guru ( see Messages by arul jyothin on Page 1 among the other good postings). That helps me to move on.

See http://www.selfrealization.com/ramana.htm about Ramana Maharshi;

and about his teaching: http://www.ramana.maharshi.org/fullbook.htm

Ramana Maharshi points one Back to Oneself. He doesn't want anyone to worship him.

Love & Gratitude to all that help to Heal & Show the Way