Experiences from Ole


Copied from: http://www.zayra.de/soulcom/addiction/index.html

Date: 12-17-01

Document date: November 18, 1999.

From: Ole

"Dear Chaz,

Your package was received Friday last week. The designs are awesome and I cant thank you enough for getting these samples to me! More about that below...

I was not able to write you immediately because of some problems of DIMENSIONS in my spiritual life right now.
It seems Dan Winter was after all correct about Sai Baba...

I have recently made contact with some former VIP devotees from the UK, Sweden and Australia.
They all claim the same independently and there is now proof coming out that Sai Baba is nothing more than a simple fraud with no mystical powers and he is having sexual relationships with some of his young students in India. The inner circle of his organization is slowly beginning to crumble, as Sai Baba is no longer able to keep his paedophile escapades a secret anymore.
My whole belief system has been shattered to the core because of this. I was a devotee for almost 13 years and believed totally he was Avathar - an incarnation of God. Years ago there were miracles in my family's home even - materializations of different Sai Baba related things manifesting before our eyes... I still cant believe he is a fraud - so many things have happened in my life because of him.

Anyway, I am trying to pick up the pieces right now, so excuse me if I am not up to standard... " end quote.

From Ole (quoted in danwinter.com/addiction):

Hello Dan,.

... keen on people knowing ....?? what Sai Baba is up to. Why?
Because there are some dark people here in his organization in Denmark, who have known about his activities for years. For this reason, my contact with David (removed for confidentiality), SB's former right hand man in the UK, have been hidden under a false identity, because I don't want my real identity exposed yet.

According to the testimony of ... (he has had more than 100 interviews with SB in a span of 3-4 years) all of Sai Baba's materializations of ashes/rings etc. are palmed which is backed up by other recent independent reports, Sai Baba has NO mystical powers.
Actually, he health is very frail and it has been reported by sources in the inner circle that he suffered a heart attack last month. He can hardly walk since then. He has been sick for a number of years and is maybe suffering from AIDS. I think your own theory about SB having mystical powers is quite interesting, but it contradicts direct testimony of visitors in the ashram. Here is one of David letters, which have been posted on the http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/sathyasaibaba forum, which have been set up to expose the activities of Sai Baba.

"Thank you for putting the pictures on... James Redmond has the video of swami producing the white book (which was readily available in the village at the time... I was there)or so called original bible. the video shows it in his hand before he "produced" it.

Paul, if you are going to talk about materializations, please make it clear that all the stuff is bought and palmed My Diamond ring... as swami and the inner circle told me...... was a cheap stone (value 30 rupees) and when one of the clasps broke I had the stone removed to reveal a piece of silver paper underneath to make it sparkle. The rings that you can see a head in... which people cannot see clearly but believe it is swami... because they are 'told' so... are made with a small piece of silver paper surrounded by a black piece, or the backing painted black so that at certain angles you get a reflection of YOUR OWN FACE... and think it is swami.

Also people who have had interviews and have been given something which has subsequently broken, often, if they get the chance, ask swami to replace the lost stone, or broken bracelet or stopped watch...he never does, he always replaces with another (from the chair) or his classic trick is to to go out the back room, out of site..(if you ever get the chance of an interview and this happens...listen very carefully!) he opens a drawer and you will hear a tiny chink as he picks up the next 'materialization' and then he gets a robe which he carries in his hand. Everyone is so excited that someone is getting a swami robe they do not realize that he is carrying the next materialization in the hand under the robe...that's how he gets it into the chair if it is not already there.

He also has two handkerchiefs on the arms of the chair and he often will palm stuff under one of the handkerchiefs until needed when he has an urgent need to wipe his face... surprise surprise, and then gets the ring or whatever into his hand again to trick the next person..."

I would ask if you would send the email address of your friends Hugh and Carol, as I wish to learn the details of their very personal friendship with Sai Baba. Tell them about the Yahoo forum (that goes for the others who responded to the newsletter about Sai Baba).

Are these the people who have seen Sai Baba clairvoyantly???