Testimony from Glen Meloy

Subject: Why I resigned from the Sathya Sai Baba Organization after 26 years of Devoting every Thought, Word and Deed to the One I considered to be the God of all Gods.

Dear Concerned Citizens of the world:

I was a former 26 year devotee of Sri Sathya Sai Baba (SSB) until early April 2000 when I received a letter from a very distraught Mother telling me that her son had been raped and molested by SSB in two private interviews that took place in September, 1999 behind the curtain in the private interview room which I have now been calling "The Curtain of Shame"

In that same letter was a copy of the original diary notes wherein the son had recorded his personal details of the two interviews with SSB.

I was the first devotee in the United States to receive the original letter which has now been been retyped, hand printed and copied for readability and mailed to hundreds, if not thousands of devotees around the world.

Because the son is still a minor, all names are omitted from what is to follow except my name and some of the officials of the Sai Organization.

I have known this Mother and son and her family for many years as have many other members of the Sai Organization, particularly in Southern Califonia. Many of us have personally observed him for many years and his Love and devotion to SSB has never been in question.

His Mother sent an exact copy of what she mailed to me to Mr. Robert Bozzani (See below), a man I have also known for 26 years and had met even before he was a devotee.

The Mother asked me to contact Mr. Robert Bozzani and talk to him concerning these incidents after I was sure that he had received the same materials that were previously sent to me.

She was confident in her heart that Mr. Bozzani and other officials would realize the serious implications involved and subsequently disband the entire organization in the USA.

Unfortunately, this would not be the case. When I called Bob, he acknowledged that he had
received and read the letter and the testimony from the son.

I then told him that because of the information contained in that letter, I was immediately resigning from the Sai Organization. He told me he was sorry to hear that and I told him that the God in my Heart does not molest little Children.

Bob then went on to say that the mistake devotees make is when they try to bring God down to the human level and that was inappropriate because all of us either had to accept him as God or Not.

I again told him that My God doesn't molest little children and we both agreed to disagree.

There was a sadness in my heart, but also a welling concern because I realized that the officers and people I once considered as loving friends in the organization were going to try and cover this up.

Well, they are still trying to cover it up, but since that early conversation with Bob, many Regional officers and devotees have resigned from the organization all over the world and even UNESCO had to bow before the barrage of protest letters and phone calls from the former devotees demanding that they withdraw their support for the Puttaparthi Teachers Conference that is scheduled for September 25, 2000 in the abode of what most of us consider to be the most dangerous pedophile in the entire world.

I am ashamed of many of the people I once considered true friends and loving devotees because they have now become complicitors to enticing innocent children and their parents into visiting SSB in India where there is ever a good chance that many of the boys will be molested and raped by SSB

The reason for the shame is that they have a moral duty , if not a legal one, to warn all of the membership of these serious criminal allegations which are backed up by actual victims who are willing to testify in any court of law......And they have NOT done so even after all this most recent information has exploded in their faces.

Even more reasons for shame is the fact that these so called leaders have known about these human rights abuses by SSB for many years and have done nothing to warn the membership except to now concoct outrageous stories about the victims claiming that out of the goodness of his heart, SSB decided to heal these poor lads whose hormones are raging by annointing their genitals and pubic area with healing oil. He is also reputed to have stopped their bad karma and raised their kundalini energies by these despicable practices, none of which have any historical precedence whatsoever.

No one has yet to come forth with any evidence that Lord Jesus, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lord Rama or any other Lord has ever performed such a ritual.

And when SSB forcefully shoves his erect male member into the mouth of his victims, that can only be considered his own private lust and self gratification and has nothing to do with healing his victims.

In early May, 2000 I sent the following CALL FOR ACTION to many people around the world including my two Senators, Congresswoman, the Ambassador to the USA, many Indian newspapers and media officials.

It was my first attempt to expose and stop these horrible rapes and molestations by SSB.

Friends, I ignored Tal Brooke's book many years ago when it first came out because I thought it was evil attacking goodness, but after reading the Millenium version of Avatar of Night with all the many photos of people I know who are still in the organization, I strongly suggest that you order a copy through Amazon.Com or Barnes and Noble .com and see for your self what was really going on right before our very eyes. Tal was the first whistle blower, but not the last and I now know of many people who have finally resigned after belatedly reading his book for the first time. Better late than never.

All who receive this letter and to whoever they forward it to has my permission to display the above letter and the following Call For Action letter on any web site and to forward to any media organization or any government official or law enforcement agency anywhere in the world.

As many of you know, I moderate a large Global mailing list for former devotees who are committed to exposing and stopping these rapes and molestations and to hold accountable all of those who remain complicitors in leading all the innocent lambs to the slaughter house of SSB.

I encourage all of you to do the same. It's time to stop this outrage now!

Glen Meloy, California USA


Dear all concerned human beings who care about stopping the molestation of little boys by the imposter god, sai baba
c/o Sathya Sai Book Center of America
305 West First Street
Tustin, CA 92780-3108 USA
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I can now confirm that Bob Bozzani, Regional President and member of The Sathya Sai Baba Central Council of The United States of America, The Sr. Trustee for the Sathya Sai Baba Society Society (The umbrella 501-C3 organization for USA tax exempt donations to the various Sai Baba Charities and Trusts in India), The Sai Baba National Information Center, The Sathya Sai EHV Foundation, The Sr. Trustee for the Sathya Sai Book Center of America etc. etc. has in his personal possession a very detailed first hand written accounting from a young USA boy and his Mother which alleges the following recent events took place during two interviews within a 3 day period at Prasanthi Nilayam in Puttaparthi, India.

1) While the boy's Mother was patiently waiting for her son to come out of the inner interview room, sai baba told the the boy to drop his pants and allegedly produced some oil on his fingers and grabbed the base of the boy's penis and first started pinching and rubbing it, then produced some more oil and resumed a back and forth pulling on the base of the boy's penis.

2) When this action was finished, sai baba told the boy NOT to tell anyone and NOT to tell his Mother because she worries. He also promised a chain in the next interview and told him he would see him again on the tomorrow and the next day.

3) During the second interview and after producing a watch for the boy while his Father was present, sai baba sent the Father outside and started hugging the boy, untied the boy's pants and started masturbating the base of the boy's penis all the while crying out "purification, purification."

4) Then sai baba pulled the boy very close to him and turned his right cheek to the boy and prompted him to kiss it. Next, sai baba turned his mouth to the boy and the boy turned his cheek, but baba turned the boy's head and kissed him on the mouth for a long time.

5) After the boy pulled up his pants, baba tucked in his shirt and straightened his clothes and told him that it was the boy's good chance and good luck to be there with baba.

6) All of a sudden baba started discussing money with the boy, waved his hand and produced six 500 rupee bill (3000 rupees) and told the boy that it was for food and to spend it. Then baba told the boy to keep inside, inside and the boy put the bills inside of his wallet. Baba then told the boy "Don't tell anyone!" When questioned by the boy if he could tell his Mother, Baba said, "Mother you can tell" "Not Father" Baba then told the boy that he (baba) would give the boy a good life, good future and that he would keep him well physically, mentally and financially; he also told him if he ever needed money that he should come to baba because baba was Shivashakthi and he pointed to his palm.

7) After the boy thanked baba for the money, baba took the boy's hand and pressed it to baba's crotch and moved the boy's hand up and down up, side to side and there was nothing there according to the boy....baba then said , "See? Nothing! Nothing!

8) Then baba snapped his fingers and said he was Shiva and again took the boy's hand and put it to baba's crotch. This time, the boy's fingers touched a penis. baba then said he would
give and show the boy Shivaroopa

9) Baba then told the boy to take namaskar whereupon the boy went down and kissed his feet.
When the boy came up on his knees, baba lifted his robe up to his knees and said "Take it!" and took the boy's head and pressed it to baba's penis. The boy put his hand on baba's knee and put his cheek on the penis and then baba hollered "Linganamaskar" - The boy kissed the penis and baba lifted his robe higher and higher until the boy could see baba's very dark colored nuts (The boy's expression for scrotum). Then the boy could see baba's penis with a drop of liquid on it. baba wiped it off with his thumbnail and again cried out for the boy to "Take it." So the boy then held baba's penis and kissed it.
baba kept pushing his penis on the boy's mouth until it slipped inside whereupon he started moving his hips back and forth until the boy lost count after 7 times

10) When baba removed his penis from the boy's mouth, the boy stood up and baba kissed the boy on the mouth and put his tongue out. The boy's teeth were clenched, but baba slipped his tongue between the boy's teeth and lips. When the boy moved, he got saliva on the boy's right cheek.

11) Then they left the private interview room and baba produced a bracelet for the boy and told him "Protection, Protection"

12) At one point in the interview, baba smiled and implied to the boy that if he was good the boy would get to attend baba's school.

13) Then baba promised another interview with Mother and Father and told the boy to sit there, on the path everyday.

Dear Readers, there you have it...a very sad story of how a little boy who was raised to believe that baba is God was coerced out of his innocence by this monster imposter who some of us once called The Lord of The Universe.

Since I now know that Bozzani was sent the above information by the Mother and son and has this material in his personal possession, I would like to suggest that everyone who wants to help stop the continuing molestation of innocent children by this crazed creature called sai baba immediately contact Bozzani and demand that he confirm that he has these first hand allegations in his possession and also demand from both a moral and legal responsibility that he release the allegations without the names of the Mother and son to the entire sai organization so that parents, guardians, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles grandparents and friends of little boys can make up their own mind on whether or not to put little boys in danger of being molested in India by sai baba. Bozzani and other officials have been covering up similar allegations for many years and it is way past time for them to put the allegations out to the entire sai organization and the whole world for that matter.

Be sure and contact other Center Officers- Regional Vice-Presidents and devotees etc. etc. in the United States and other countries and I ask each of you to contact your local authorities and other public interest groups including the TV, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine media and your elected congressional representatives to put pressure on our State Department and the Ambassador from India to put a warning on all visas etc. that little boys might be molested if they go to the ashrams and school facilities run by sai baba. Don't forget.... be sure and send Emails to all sai members and ex-sai devotees and post on all the web sites.

Bozzani told me in regards to the above that he personally believes baba is God, that he is pure and that God can do anything and therefore we are making a mistake when we try to understand God by bringing him down to a human level



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