Mary talks about her experiences



When we were contacted by SB it was in meditation and before we consciously knew of him. Suddenly some people visited us and commented that they were devotees of SB. It meant nothing to us as we had not been given a name for the energy we had met in meditation. They continued to visit us sporadically and months later they brought a book to loan us. It contained a picture inside of the person who had contacted us in meditation! We were rather mystified and impressed.

We had asked the universe for help to balance our financial affairs. He had appeared to us saying the secret was in the kundalini energies and how they were raised. He had advised us to treat our sexual activity as a meditation, raising a whirlpool of energy that could be directed toward creation of funds, among other things. I was uncomfortable sometimes, as he would be poised at the top of the whirlpool during some orgasms but I dismissed my gut feelings even after finding out our messenger was incarnate because he claimed to be the master over manifestation in our world, even in the literature. We were not moved to become devotees but had some pressure to do so. Someone brought us some ash. But we were strong in our feelings that it was not our path to join any one movement. Then someone asked us if we had confirmed the energy was that of Light?" and I realised we had not.... just accepted it into our life.

My partner and I discussed it at great length and he was worried of offending
but logic told me that if he was God Incarnate he would only be happy that we were questioning and becoming discerning if he was truly working for and
with us. We asked to be aligned only with the pure Light of the Universe
and the influence of SB was gone, literally. Even a picture given to us by
someone of SB seemed to disappear.

Our financial balance began to happen, due to planning, hard work, and from our re-alignment to real Light, and our business was able to thrive, but in leaps and bounds after our release from SB's sexual energy.
I now suspect we were being siphoned of sexual energy but it no longer matters as we have learned to not be so open to exploitation.

Our experience does indicate to me a certain psychic power.
My feelings on this are that any one of us who has people lending their energies to us in a big way becomes psychically powerful but this is not a
spiritual manifestation. We were initially awed by the phenomena, equating that with spiritual prowess.

Now we know the tools are toys if being abused.