Testimony from Marc-André


By: happyaghori (Marc-André)

From: Sathya Sai Baba Expose Forum, Message 11 and 61:


Date: 10/8/01 10:57 pm

Hello everyone

Thank you for the invite Sanjay and thanks for not putting his face there. May this club be a good and civilise place of exchanges.

I met baba in sept 1992 (3 interview in 4 or 5 days) and i learn about all this by the nexus in sept 2000.

I did not want to believe it for a week. My whole world was falling apart.
Baba gave me a ring in 92 it is a gold lotus with a big diamond on it. When he gave it to me he said ''yellow diamond, very expensive''. In those 8 years i never for a moment think about having an estimate or verified if it was a real diamond, because i did not care about that, because God himself had giving me the ring ! right ?

10 minutes after giving the ring he took me in the private inter. room and pointing to my genitals he said ''sometime slow'' he was referring to my urinary problem, he then proceded with the oiling.

So, even if it was not sexual, i knew he was doing that sometimes, and i never had a healing.
After reading the nexus i starded to go on the internet and finely i took my ring to the jeweller, it's gold but the diamond is a zircon like almost all jewel he gives.

But finaly all this is the best gift life, God,mother universe gave me, if you dont loose faith because of your experience with him, you get out happyer !


Message 61

Date: 10/14/01 8:51 pm

Hi Beth_inca, my name is Marc and i met baba in 92, (post11) you bring great questions to anwser, i have ask myself those questions too ! He was my all in all so i try to understand what happened and who he is.

"Question...Do black magicians heal the crippled and the sick? can they do that?Doesn't it take something more than black magic to instantly heal."

Did you know that when a.hitler was doing his parade and visited large crowd of peoples, there was many instant healing, i am convince now that miracle's of healing are not related with wisdom or purity but more of a exaltation on the part of the individual who is heal, baba did not say the contrary, it is really the faith that heal's, whatever the support use for that faith !, even a pedophile guru ! The universe is unconditional, very..lol..

"Do black magicians teach the Law of God...Love? "

It seem's that we are in an era of guru's, prophet's and great entities from the pleiades, there are a lot of crooks and fake's in the bunch, but they all teaching "wisdom of light", how can they attract people with a dark teaching, nobody want this now, we are all searching for wisdom not for black tantrik teachings. It does not matter to him if you follow the path of love, the important thing is that you worship him, then he gets something from you.

Many time when i was a devotee i use to read Ramna Maharshi and many time i saw R.M say " when there is "siddhis"(powers) there is no "jnana" (knowledge) but every time i said to my self "no baba is an avatar,it is not the same ....bull......

"The people that I know who are followers are all professional people...mostly American doctors, and others who are very discerning people...even skeptical people. "

When i was a devotee i considered myself discerning, but now one year later when i look at him sitting on his exaggeratedly big thrones with chistmas light on it(movie:sai baba in the light of prophecy's) and his birthday gold chariots, i feal ridiculous to have considered him as an avatar + he say's he is an avatar, do we hear the ocean shout " i am the ocean " ? everybody know's ! I think i was not discreminating enough, i was sure i was right !big mistake...lol..