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Date: 8/6/01 9:01 a.m.

Dear Kyra,

Thanks so much for sharing. I have reached virtually the same conclusion regarding SB.
Every trip to India (there were 4) was a huge disappointment to me. The first trip, in spite of wanting to be pious and pure, my mind kept getting an image of SB's penis. It was VERY disturbing to me and I had to work very hard to rid myself of it. On other occasions, especially when seeing the videos where there are very close facial shots , he has such a sexual, sick sensual type energy that it is almost revolting. I, too, believe he must suck up other's energy to some extent. I, too, have had the experience of psychically attracting his attentions. No doubt he is sensitive to the thoughts of others, though he uses these skills to his own advantage.

I appreciate your sharing Kyra. It is very affirming to hear others have had similar experiences.

Love and light

Message 2473

Date: 8/6/01 9:06 p.m.

Dear Terrie,

Very interesting theories, indeed. There may certainly be some truth to them, especially the idea about SB blocking the spiritual light within us.

I, for one, was a very willing participant in my own "brainwashing." I happily placed pictures everywhere I possibly could, read SB books and literature, listened to bhajan tapes whenever I drove in the car, and in general really enjoyed these expressions of what I thought was bhakthi yoga.

Like Kyra, I continue to follow Amritanandamayi. I saw her before I ever became involved with SB and continued to see her even as an officer in the organization and against express orders not to. She remains absolutely enchanting to me. Because of my experiences with SB, though, I no longer trust myself or my judgement and am very cautious. I don't know if I can ever allow that level of bhakthi for a human being again. Somehow I need to reach out for that Love that is God and express it towards all. Therein lies the rub, of course, as I still have not even forgiven SB completely for the unimaginable harm he has inflicted upon so many, including me. I feel so for all the really wonderful good people who gave, and continue to give, so much of themselves to this false god.

Life was so simple and really magical at times as a devotee. I do miss it. You are right, though, Terrie, that once you turn away, he has no power over you. That has been my experience. I had feared retaliation, but nothing much really happened. Perhaps when he was younger, he had more sidhis than he does now, too. I do feel protected and have a sense that the Absolute/the One has really had quite enough of him and his stuff and is ready to make an example of him and bring it all to an end.

Well, I have babbled on enough, but it does help to share these thoughts with others. Thanks for listening and sharing Kyra and Terrie.

Love and Light

Message 2529

Date: 08-11-01 11:27 a.m.

Dear Kyra,

Thank you so much for your kind words of support.
It means a lot just to hear others share similar experiences.

When I had what I considered irrefutable proof of sb's sexual perversions, I telephoned Bill Harvey.
I knew that he was fully aware of what had happened to the young son of a fellow officer, because his distraught parents had turned first to him with their concerns. He did not deny anything or offer much of any kind of rationale, except for a weak "What about the miracles and vibhuti?" type response. I was rather confrontive with him and questioned the wisdom of heading the Young Adults knowing full well that sexual molestation was a real possibility and even suggested that he might be placing himself in a questionable position from a legal standpoint. He answered that perhaps he should talk directly with the boy in question. I responded that seemed to be a logical and reasonable course of action. In subsequent conversations with the young man's parents, I learned that Bill Harvey never made any effort to talk to this boy, whom he knew to have been extensively and systematically sexually over a three year period. As far as I am aware he continues to lead contingents of youth to Puttaparthi yearly.

Along with Harvey, as the other Young Adult leaders are Hal Honig and Phyllis Krystal. Hal has known about the sexual molestations from as long back as 1993 when he took Jed Geyerhahn with a group of other young men to Parthi. Jed's story and Hal's response are well documented. There is little doubt in my mind that Hal is a homosexual. Once of the center presidents in my region was/is a homosexual and he was confident this was the case as well. Whenever I rang up Hal, which was frequent at times, another male would answer. Phyllis was questioned at the National Council Meeting in 1999 by a region president regarding what she knew. He reported, "She agreed that no one wanted to look at it. She told me that because she often traveled in Europe, that she had heard quite a bit. She said that devotees seemed to instinctively trust her and would come to her with their stories. She concluded there must be some truth in them, but she said that she still believed that sb was an avatar."

These three individuals were and probably still are the leaders of the young adults ages 16-30 in the USA and continue to encourage trips to India.

This National Council Meeting took place in October of 1999. Prior to that meeting, the scandal with the Swedish boys had broken and the parents of the young man who experienced such extensive abuse had met with both Harvey and Goldstein. NOT ONE WORD WAS SAID about any of this. We were told only that "michievious" things were being said about sb on the internet, our mission was to protect his holy name, and we were to tell those in our regions not to look at any information about sb on the internet except that officially approved by the organization. All independent websites were to be shut down or approved and linked with the official website.

(to be continued)

Message 2530

Date: 08-11-01 11.28 a.m.

Continued, part two,

Kyra, this was nothing less than a cover-up going on. The officers present were innocent dupes of a leadership that refused to even acknowledge that there was a problem.

After the revelation of the molestation of the California boy and his mother's attempts to get a response from Bob Bozzani and other organizational leaders, she gave permission and blessing to have copies of the letters she sent to them and her son's diary account sent to every center president and national officer in the country. Also included was Jed's account and a website listing where the Findings could be found. These were sent over a year ago in June of 2000.

It is important for people to realize that ALL of the organizational leaders in the USA have been FULLY aware of what has been going on for over a year now. In my humble opinion, all of them bear a share of the responsibility for any harm that comes to any boys at the hands of sb.

This is why I struggle emotionally with these so-called leaders. I really need to work at developing some compassion and understanding of where they are coming from, but find it very difficult. It simply flies in the face of basic morality and common sense. Maybe that is the key. Maybe the cult mentality/hold is so strong that there is no rationality or common sense left and morality has become completely twisted. Maybe they are all cult victims??? Somehow I just can't quite buy that.

Well, thanks for letting me vent this. It is so disturbing to me.

Love and light