Resignment from Richard & Ingrid Kuhn


G E R M A N Y, January 2001 

EACH CHILD, being molested by Sai baba, CRIES FOR HELP ! 

We talked with victims - as we know now: Sai Baba shows criminal behaviour.

ASK these poor molested children, or their parents!

PLEASE, please ASK such molested children. GO INTO YOUR HEART and act responsibly.

If you donīt clearly dissasociate from the Sai organisation you are responsible for the increasing number of molested kids crying for help!

Even in the face of that most painful challenge by Sai Baba, let us reestablish our profound committment to the eternal truth of the path of Sanantana Dharma (cf. especially to that topic the inspiring article from Frank Morales here at this website: "An open letter..."

OUR LOVE GOES TO ALL OF YOU - please go into your HEART and act!

Richard and Ingrid Kuhn, GERMANY