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Date: 9/17/00 1:43 p.m.

Re: How can they all be wrong?

Dear list,

Having experienced for a few years the sb phenomenon and been drawn to it deeply, I was surprised how much I had 'chosen' to miss when I stepped back and realized the truth behind the presentation. There were always incongruous things that I either accepted as my lack of awareness or was told that it was sb playing the leela with you.
When looked at from a distance and also from one's own intuitive response, released from the effect and pressure of the collective mind, it always returned serious doubt as to his credibility.
Compounded with many individual accounts, video footage and the events that have been the experience of close and trusted friends, I am certain that the phenomenon is a massive power trip and personal base gratification of someone who has been supported for many many years by a hierarchy of greedy, manipulative and criminal elements that have exploited the hunger and desire for spiritual fulfillment of thousands if not millions.
The fact that this cancer of evil has been allowed to perpetrate and carry on its work has been possible by so many individuals who have willingly handed over their own power and divinity to a third party, unable to believe that they hold, as divine beings, that power. By investing their own power in others so readily, they perpetrate their belief that they are not worthy to be divine and that it must always need the intercession and channel of an external party. This belief and vulnerability provides the fertile ground that those who crave power, material and spiritual, and who thrive on control over others, to sow their seeds of gross negative intention.
To believe that it is only the Light that is able to create miracles and wonders is naive. Both the dark and the light are able to show miraculous things. Drawing the power from thousands of 'open' souls, the dark intentions are able to use and manipulate such energy.
While we sit and wonder at our own belief in such 'divine beings' that seems to be substantiated by so many other good souls around us - we take our eyes off the ball of truth and actuality and believe something that is but an illusion on one level and an evil act on another.
I personally do not buy into the excuse that this is God doing what he likes and therefore let him get on with it. This is a gross example of how we let the external world take our power and reasoning!! In no way can it be justified as truth or love or compassion. Cruelty, manipulation, greed and sexual perversion are NOT divine attributes. Not in my book anyway!
However the delivery of teachings are given, they are in essence, only already well known and documented universal teachings. Where there are contradictions, false quotes or attributions to classic texts then they are just that.
It is too easy with today's technologies, the skills of manipulation through advertising, spellbinding charismatic and all the rest of those that use their powers of control for self interest to create a 'reality' that people are desperately looking for.
Our greatest error is to let go of discrimination, common sense and the deep conviction that we are each one of us a droplet of that divinity that is truth. If it does not manifest in either our actions or the actions of others, then the need to question surgically is the imperative. The choice is always our own. It cannot ever be passed over to another, no matter who they might claim to be.
The only true divinity is that which resides within. All else is illusion. In polishing our own mirror we see the beauty of that truth grow clearer every moment.

This surely is our true mission in life.

In light and love,