John Worldie sexually abused by Sai Baba


By: Ex Baba


From: "Avatar of Night" from Tal Brooke

Comment below: Brian Steel

John Worldie, as quoted from a letter he wrote to Tal Brooke, printed on pp. 390-392 in Tal Brooke Avatar of Night. The Hidden Side of Sai Baba, New Delhi: Tarang Paperbacks, 1984 (first edition in 1972).

In this letter you won't find any information about Patrick and Wendel, but there certainly is in "Shiva-Shakti" from Alexandra Nagel and in a book review from Simon Vinkenoog (Dutch). The story of Wendel was nowhere noted, he is just a person from's Tal Brooke's, 'Avatar of Night'.


What I predicted would happen, after the release of the frist two editions of this book, happened. I heard from a number of key people who attested to the fact that they personally had been sexually approached by Baba in the same way that I was approached and Patrick was approached. That is why they left Baba. Some of these fellows were prominent in Baba's empire at one time. To protect their lives, of which they are fearful, I cannot now disclose who the main ones (mostly Indians) are. But copies of their sworn testimony-letters are on file in three countries, and Viaks Publishing has its own set of copies, and some originals, on file. Should anything happen to these fellows, their testimonies will be released worldwide. One of them went throught much more than Patrick did.

Two sample testimonies I will permit in the appendix are:

1. An account of Wendel's experience as he told it to a Canadian witness. It is sworn and witnessed.

2. The account of John Worldie that he wrote to me. He later sent me a much more detailed account. John Worldie is the husband of Meera and father of Krishna and Mohan. They were with Baba when I was there. It was John Worldie whose photographs of Baba appeared in the book, BABA, by Arnold Schulman, published by Simon & Schuster. Some of his language is crude, but perhaps understandably."

What then follows is the letter that I mailed you and the other and that was the last page of Brooke's book.  

24 Jan., 1980

Dear Tal,

You may not recall me but I remember you as we talked one day at Whitefield. I’m John Worldie and my pictures are in the book, BABA, by Arnold Schulman. I’M referred to by Howard Murphet in, SAI, BABA AVATAR. When I met you I was with my wife Rosemary who took the name "Meera." My son just returned from U.K. with your book in hand. He had been to see "B" in 1972.

Tal, B… did the same number to me, he really f****d up my life in a way. He was the cause of my breaking up with Rosemary as he put her on an anti-sex trip. He put me on a great guilt trip as a result. Words can’t describe how I feel about him. He is lower than I’ve ever been at my worst. The "test" he put me to (fondling my dick, taking my valuables, Tibetan Bells, and f*****g up my Lady’s head were not the test of my faith but a way of determining how stupid I was.

I never could figure out why he played with my penis so I rationalized it as he was "purifying" me. I sent him a telegram and said I’d purify him American style if he came here.

By the way, I’m "Steve" in Schulmans book…. "Big Bad John" in real life.

Baba was always saying I was too horny, "weakness" he called it. When I read your book all the pieces fell into place. I’m very thankfull, I’m freed.

Revelation says his number is 666 which is 18 which is 91 Brahmin & Hindu trips based on nine. Also he has the mark of the beast on his forehead. I have photo that shows it. I took photo on Sivaratri day Puttaprthi, photo referred to in SAI BABA AVATAR (Murphet). I aways thought it was Siva’s 3rd eye.

If he comes here there will be a scene. I’ve told him so.

He is very clever and no doubt has power. I’M sure he must be a form of Satan or whatever. He divides and rules. He turned Rosemary against me and I spent all my time trying to get him to fix things up between us. It’s like Eden. Serpent gets the lady first and because man loves her, he the stronger one gives in to her weakness. Baba says his love is pure, free form lust. Oh Shit! Its all clear to me now. He is just a f*****g creepy queer, of course he has no lust (for women), and they swallow his line.




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Date: 10-01-02

By: Brian Steel



(Warning: the f*** word appears three time in necessary quotes in this Note.)

Yesterday's (30 September 2002) interesting exbaba posting about John Worldie's letter to Tal Brooke in 1980, coming so closely on the heels of my short note last week about Arnold Schulman's book (whose half dozen photos are credited to John Worldie), sent me rummaging in my notes and books. Let me tell you why.

The letter quoted in the exbaba posting shows that John Worldie is the "Steve" referred to in Schulman's book. I was unaware of this until yesterday; but I did know about "Steve", because his story is just one of the several strands that Schulman deftly weaves into his account of his own six weeks of experiences with SB in 1970. Steve's story is one of the clearest pieces of evidence, in an otherwise enigmatic account, of SB's strong personal influence on people.

In Schulman's book, "Steve" is portrayed as a rough, foul-mouthed 'tearaway', with a chequered history, who, along with his hippie girlfriend, "Eloise", had come to the ashram out of curiosity (in ?1969). According to Schulman, "Eloise" immediately falls under SB"s spell, which disgusts "Steve", who loudly rants at her and many others in the ashram that "I'll show that fucking phony up for what he really is" (p. 117) and that he is collecting a list of embarrassing questions to put to him, to expose him. A sample: "I want to find out what death is like ... and why the fuck doesn't he stop the fucking wars?" (p. 148) Interesting material!

Having quickly established this rough but clear picture, Schulman, in his rather enigmatic or indirect way, engineers a "showdown" as all his minor characters finally get their eagerly-desired interviews with SB and we hear the results. In "Steve's" case what we hear is the totally unexpected. When Steve and Eloise attend an interview, everyone present is apprehensive that Steve will really "rip into" SB, with embarrassing results. But, as soon as SB begins to talk to them, the "beast" ("Big Bad John") is tamed, his 'mouth' anaesthetised! "Steve" just stares at SB. SB gently touches him and promises him a private interview on the following day. Whereupon, Steve walks silently to the top of the hill above the ashram and stays there for nearly 24 hours, alone.

In the promised private interview, the superficially devout Eloise is practically ignored and SB focuses on Steve. He takes him into his private room and those outside hear him ask his stock question: "What do you want?" They also hear Steve's answer: "I want the truth. I want peace. I want will power." (p. 162) They are unable to hear what SB whispers back to "Steve", but when he emerges, his face is ashen-coloured. Readers are left to imagine why, and the answer is obviously very open, but we appear to be witnessing a re-run of the Prodigal Son parable, or a sort of conversion on the Road to Damascus. Schulman says no more about "Steve".

In Howard Murphet's book Sai Baba Avatar (1977: 200-201), the John Worldie he describes corroborates the Schulman Prodigal Son portrayal: Murphet had met "a lovable character known generally as Big John" in the late 1960s. Although said to have had a colourful past he had come to SB and "saw the Light", becoming a "devoted disciple whose only desire seemed to be to carry out the Lord's Will", partly by producing professional standard photos of SB. In other words, a model convert to SB.

On this 1975 trip by Murphet and his wife to see devotees in Hawaii, "Big John" had come to see them with a present, a large photograph which he said he had taken at a Mahasivaratri festival a few years previously. (So we note that John had been a close devotee for 5 years already.) Murphet then goes on to recount another of the alleged SB photographic miracles in which a picture of SB turns out to show a different Deity. In this case, Worldie tells Murphet that he took his photo at a moment commanded by SB, and was knocked unconscious momentarily by a "strong current", but was able to protect the camera. Later when he developed the large colour print (himself) he was amazed to see a head and shoulders portrait of SB. In Murphet's words: "Starting about the middle of his left eyebrow was a thin, curved blue line leading to the space between his eyes. And there, in outline, but quite clear, was the third eye - the eye of Shiva." According to Worldie the blue line is NOT a fault on the negative but appears in the developing process. He had made only three prints, one for the Murphets.

Murphet makes no mention of marital discord, or even of a partner. Five years later, in the letter to Tal Brooke, we learn that, for John Worldie, the third eye of Siva has dramatically become the mark of the beast, and SB stands accused of sexual interference with John and of breaking up his marriage. We are therefore left wondering what happened between 1975 and 1980. After Tal Brooke, John Worldie may well be (chronologically) the second devotee to denounce SB, angrily and in print, for alleged sexual interference. However,  Alexandra Nagel pointed out in her well-known paper "A Guru Accused" that John Worldie's accusation does not appear in the long list of alleged victims' statements which have been appearing on the Internet and in the media over the last three years, beginning with David Bailey's "Findings". If this is indeed true, one wonders why? Is it because Worldie is dead? Or is there some another reason that would further illuminate this extraordinary set of experiences?

Whatever the answer to that, John Worldie's changing relationships with SB, as portrayed by three writers, give food for thought.