Testimony from Jill


From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ex-cult-support

Hi Laurens:

I read your message on the ex-cult list. I left a Guru about 6 years ago. Sri Chinmoy. Yes, I understand. It was very very traumatic. I felt like I was falling in an abyss. It was quite difficult. What helped me at first was books. Like The Guru Papers by Kramer & Alstadt. You can order the book from Amazon.com. It really really helped me a lot! I think leaving a Guru is more traumatic than divorce. What also helped me was not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Continue to meditate..., but find a different way to do that. I use meditation tapes. I had to learn how to meditate without meditating on the Guru's picture. Now my meditations are a lot better and deeper. Guru worship is authoritarianism..., and I feel is always dangerous.

Best regards - Jill