Experiences of an ex-Sai Baba

devotee II


Truth about Sathya Sai Baba!

Declaration of a victim which has been sexually molested by Sathya Sai Baba

Dear Sir GhanShyam Patel,

A friend of mine asked me to contact you in order to share my experiences with you which I had with Sai Baba during the last ten years. Like you I have been an ardent devotee of Sai Baba for many years until I had several personal experiences with Him which changed my mind altogether. First I let you know that I have lead a spiritual life since my childhood. I had my first kundalini awakening at the age of seven and made overwhelming experiences beyond human comprehension. Later when I went to India a have met many so-called saints, yogis and avadhutas. Some of them I know very well. They are Swami Hariharananda, Sri Shivabalayogi, Rama Reddy Avadhuta, Nampally Baba, Ganapathi Sachchidananda, Amma, Karunamayi Ma, B.S. Goel and many more. This not even the ex-devotees know about me as I donīt feel any need to tell them about my spiritual life. For what reason I tell you this ?

In the moment there are circulating the "The Findings" around the world as you know very well and they contain serious allegations against Sai Baba. I am one of the persons mentioned in the " The Findings" and have given a detailed description of what has happened to me. Dear Patel I assure you that everything which you can read there about me has indeed happened to me. The experiences of the ex-devotees are a honest revelations from devotees who served Sai Baba for many years, some of them even for twenty long years. Someof them have sexually been misused and everyone has a right to get informed about what is going on in Prashanti Nilayam. This people are not evil minded but rather have dedicted themselves to the truth and the path of compassion. Thatīs why I mentioned in the introductory part my contacts to several spiritual personalities. I want to make clear that God had His first place in my life and since my childhood I was in search for the ultimate reality (sakshatkara) and my Sadguru. Before I went to Sai Baba I practiced Kriya Yoga under the instructions of the very old Swami Hariharananda, a brother disciple of Swami Yogananda. Later Sri Shivabalayogi trained me in Dhyana. I am very thankful for all they did. In the attitude of mitra-bhava He gave me his knowledge and grace. Afterwards I met one Avadhuta near Hyderabad who lived a very exalted spiritual life and I also realized something through him. I made many other experiences but I canīt convey them to you now. Sometimes I lived at very remoted places and did dhyana. Hereby I realized that without silence and inner concentration you cannot get inner peace of mind or Turiya. I also realized the power of prayer. As I still love India and its ancient spirtual traditon I feel myself more like an Indian man. When I met Karunamyi Ma she told me personally that in my heart I am more an "bharatiyan" than many Indians who identify themselves with fame, name, money and all the bad attributes of the modern world. They pretend to be Indians but there lifes show something different.

When I met Sai Baba I believed him to be the "Avatar" for several reaons. First of all I met many devotees who told me their countless experiences and afterwards I had some other experiences. Because of his allegedly philanthropic work I believed him to be a pure person and started to worship him. He played the most important part in my live for eight long years and I have accepted him as Guru. I never was interested to get a Interview from Swami but was happy just to see him. I had hundreds of darshans from Swami outside and inside of the mandir. I could touch his feets many times and I also got vibhuti from Him.

It was blind faith and I never questioned anything!

But one day I started deep inquiry about the increasing commercialisation of the ashram and the fact that every year buildings were regulary replaced by more costly ones and that other institutions consumed more than billions of rupees mainly spend by westerners. Besides I observed Swami going to Bangalore in costly cars of the big class like mercedes which costs even in Germany about 2,000,000 Rs. (20 lakhs). In the ashram is always a big hustle and I never felt good about it. Nevertheles I still accepted Swami as the avatar of the age. One day however all my adoration for him became zero when I was called to the Interview. What happened there can be read in "The Findings". I was alone in the second Interview room and he revealed his demonic nature which is full of lust. Against my will he pressed his lips against my lips and started kissing me for some time (about 20 seconds). This kind of kissing happened in several interviews. He massaged my genitals and expected an erection which did not happen. Before I had to remove my pair of trousers he pressed his open palm of his right hand at my genitals to see whether they became erect or not. As this did not happen he massaged them. But all his effort was of no avail and Swami was very disappointed. He send my out without saying a word. During this procedure he changed his nature and became very diabolic. I made several other experiences which have shown his ambivalent nature and realized that he is deceiving many innocent people who donīt know about it.

I came into contact with other devotees who had similar and even worse sexual experiences and came to the conclusion that their is indeed a equal pattern of Swamīs behaviour towards his victims. First he establishes contact and checks the devotional potential of the devotee. Afterwards once he has decided to molest a person he starts by kissing the same. The next step is massaging the genitals with oil or vibhuti and finally is masturbating them. In the end he asks to do oral sex !!! This is nothing but the truth and it is for sure that also testimonies from Indians have been made who have been sexually molested through Swami even in the early seventhies.

Now it becomes evident through many other testimonies that he has sexually molested and raped young boys for a very long time. This made me very sad and it broke my heart. Later I was humiliated by the Puttaparthy police and they have taken away my passport. They treated me like a criminal and have threaten me very seriouly. There is a big cover-up regarding the pedophile behaviour of Sai Baba but you can be sure that all those who have been sexually molested by Sai Baba and those who have understood his evil nature will never be silent about it for the rest of their life. Be assured! Everything will be done to expose him!

You may say that we cannot understand God and anyway Sai Baba is doing many good things! My response. God never molests innocent childrens against there will and the misuse of men and kids is criminal whether the victim is aware of it or not! God is ever of supreme compassion and he never hurts anyone or break their hearts. It is clear now that he has evil motives and to cover-up the awful incidents he builds more and more buildings to distract innocent devotees from his evil motive. He wants to become more famous than Krishna and is after name and fame. A true saint and even God would never allow anyone to worship him or his pictures, he would not allow to create a cult around him being worshipped in a golden throne. God is simple, pure and full of compassion and humbleness. Now we the ex-devotees experiences that those who called us some years back as "brothers" defame us now. Where is your "prem" !!!!!!

We have learned from history especially from the Third Reich under Hitler that it should never happen again that we keep silent about injustice done to thousands who suffer hereby. Dear GhanShyam Patel who ever keeps silent about what happens there in Prashanti Nilayam or the ashram makes himself guilty and if he still defends Sai Baba inspite his knowledge about all this allegations which are indeed true he becomes also a perpetrator. Everyone who knows and still supports the pedophile Sai Baba makes himself guilty. You do not know how much I suffered through all this but only a few devotees care about it. The truth might be very painful for the devotees but it has been much more painful for the victims who suffer under their traumatic experiences. But one day the truth comes out and the whole world will know that Swami is not pure and has deceived the whole world. All the sexual molestation are no act of purification no sign of allegiance or kundalini awakening. The sexual molestation is a mental and physical rape, a misuse of the lowest order as the devotees believed in Swami and their position of surrender has been exploited.

After all the traumatic experiences with Swami I realized the evil and lustful nature of Swami. I donīt accepted him anymore as Guru and have dedided to inform all devotees about the truth. I am still doing my sadhana and pray daily to the Almighty Lord of Supreme Compassion to show mankind the truth.

I know that my Supreme Lord never rapes young boys and only grants spiritual bliss. I know that my Supreme Lord likes a simple live and no opulence! I know that my Supreme Lord of Compassion never differentiates between the very poor and the VIPīs. He never boasts with miracles and abhors any noisy cult!

Dear GhanShaym Patel I donīt know who you are whether you are a representative of the trust or not I ask you to deeply reflect about all this no matter how painful it might be and hope that the Supreme Lord of Compassion enlightens you. May you follow the truth alone no matter what are the consequences not matter what others say. Study the life of Ravidas, Kabir, Guru Nanak and Vallalar and you will see what a saint is.

VALLALAR says in the Agaval:

O Supreme Being! "Thou hast uttered:

those who donīt know of compassion do not know of themselves and Us and of Our constitution too".

However great one may be in the eyes of others, it is of no avail if one does not possess Compassion in his very being. Realising Godhead without Compassion is impossible.

This is the honest and first hand account of a victim which has been sexually molested by Sathya Sai Baba. May you Patel have the strenght to accept the truth which makes you indeed great. May God bless you and your family.

Kind Regards

Jens Sethi