Testimony from Gaurasundara das dasanu-das  


Date: 02-09-05

Document date: 02/25/03 02:13 PM

From: http://www.audarya-fellowship.com

I happen to have been a devotee of this very same Sathya Sai Baba for over 10 years. This should qualify me to make authoritative statements about SSB.

I was brainwashed by his declarations of avatarhood and worshipped him as God.

I have since found that he is guilty of murders, homosexual paedophilia, financial scandals, organ theft, etc etc. You name it, he's done it.

I am now directly involved in the international effort of ex-devotees to publicise this case. Our most recent success as of three days ago was getting the University of Adelaide to cancell the Sai National Conference that was planned to be held there in April 2003. Very soon, his name will be dirt in Australia, we hope. How practical is your suggestion, that we should not talk this way about anyone, viz., telling people the facts?

I find it an insult to avatars in general that SSB was included in the list of "updated avatars" by Anveshan.

Vaishnava aparadha does not even come into the issue. Srila Prabhupada also condemned SSB in the 1970s, I suppose by your standards he is also guilty of Vaishnava-aparadha...

If you are seriously suggesting that I should regard him as being born as a Vaishnava, then perhaps I should leave Vaishnavism.

I want no contact whatsoever with that murderous paedophile.