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Date: 12/10/00 10:47 a.m.

Denials of Truth

I have been reading from the sidelines the discussions here.
It upsets me deeply to see those that refuse to allow any truth from those of us that have experienced being sexually abused by Sai Baba.
To say that it does not happen is so abusing and hurtful to all of us who have been sexually interfered with.
If you do not wish to believe it. OK. But please stop denying the truth that we have experienced ourselves.

The truth is that for all those of us who have been sexually mentally and spiritually abused by this fraud it is hard enough to pick up our lives without being accused by others that we are liars or that there is no proof that Sai Baba is a sexual deviant and molester.


Answer from Questor404

Message 1508

Date: 12/10/00 11:21 a.m.

Dear FOP,

Your cries for acknowledgement are being heard far and wide.

I think it will only be when people understand the greater violations of ssb, that they will understand that the molestations were inevitable "next step" in the abusive behavior of this "cult".

The whole ssb organization is a set-up for deception and abuse. Once you really understand what you are accepting or have accepted, then you begin to understand how you are then a perfect set-up for victimization.


1. ssb is god.

If he is god, he can do no wrong, and everything he does is right!

2. I will achieve a higher, or the highest spiritual evolution.

If so, then I am on a path that insures me of getting to the highest planes of spirituality, eventually.

3. I must practice certain purity rituals in order to get there.

If so, I cannot associate with those who do not practice, because they will defile me.

4. I must associate with those who agree with all these precepts because it will be good for my spiritual evolution.

If so, I can't really listen to the ideas of others, of other spiritual systems, or dialogues about spirituality.

5. I can't read anything that might contradict the teachings of ssb, which means no TV, or internet, and no reading of any of the information that is circulating about ssb.

That sets me up to be uninformed about anything that contradicts the teachings.

I can never be informed if there is any malpractice in the ssb organization

I then go to PN and I allow my son to be molested.

Or I myself go to PN and am molested.

I cannot then talk about it because of all of the above reasons.

It is so easy to see how people had to keep the secret for so long.

And it is easy to see how many are still in disbelief. They are perfect foils for the set-up.

What I am trying to understand is how people say that the teachings are good, and just the molestations are bad.

It seems to me that the whole set up is what has led to the molestations.

Most of the baby and the bathwater is pretty dirty.

I mean the clean parts or good part are actually teachings that can be found in many other spiritual paths.


Message 1572

Date: 12/12/00 5:47 a.m.

Believe me it is true

It is hard posting here

But I must. Please open your ears and heart Paxgabriel, Darknight and those that wish to not believe.
you say Paxgabriel you think Sai baba does not molest boys. I personally know he does. It is no illusion. It is adevestating reality

Please keep whatever faith you have, but do not allow our story of abuse to to be denied or mocked.
From your posts you are both British, yea?
Are you aware of the welsh school/hostel where the kids were abused for so many years and nobody believed them? only now they are proved to have told the truth. How much suffering they had to endure because they were not believed.

Please do not inflict that hurt on those of us who have been equally abused by Sa baba.

Darknight, much of what you say is beyond me. You are intelligent, yet find it impossible to credit individual personal abuse experience.
There are those of us who have been molested by this man and suffer deeply because of it.