Young Dutch devotee becomes



Friday, August 17th, 2001.


Subject: Letter to Sai Baba Youth Group for the website.

Dear editors of this website:

Today approximately one year ago I finally took leave of Sai Baba. And I am happy to say that my life has taken a great turn for the better.

I wrote a letter to the Youth Group of the Dutch Organization then because I wanted them also to be informed about the truth regarding Sai Baba.

Not long ago I received e-mail from an ex-devotee telling me that my message had helped him in cutting all ties with Sai Baba.

He has asked me to put this letter on the web because it may help more people to take the right decision. He also asked me to sign it with my name; in this way it has a greater impact on people within the org. who know me by name. For this particular group I will gladly add my name; however, not for those looking for my name and entering via a searching engine.

That's why I left a space in my name and that should remain there, so that I can't be recognized by search engines.

Here it is:

Dear all,

Some time ago I received an e-mail letter from Gen resigning his membership of the Youth Group. Although I myself never did so directly, over the past year I have gradually taken my leave of Sai Baba and of everything connected to him.

Looking back over the years, I see that there have always been doubts present in my mind. It is only now that I realize the brainwashing that has been going on during all those years.

The sexual advances he has made to me during one interview are nothing compared to those described on the website mentioned below.

During an interview Sai Baba touched me in the groin once under the pledge that he would give me a woman. Although at the time I did not regard this as an indecent act, the way he did it I thought peculiar.

After studying the overwhelming number of negative experiences given on the website: (no longer on line - editors) my doubts were confirmed.

Now I think that his feeling my private parts is not the worst. The worst thing of all I find is the enormous waste of time, the deception, the feelings of huge insecurity and self-doubt that have weighed on me all those years.

I am very much aware that I, having all this happen to me, must bear responsibility for it.

But it is Sai Baba's responsibility to practice his own teachings and be true to his self-proclaimed divinity.

I tell you, in reality he is shockingly different from what he pretends to be.

It has taken me a long time entirely to give up my faith in Sai Baba. There has always been a lingering self-doubt, thinking that negative feelings should be banned. In hindsight these negative thoughts have really had a positive function.

I am sending this message to all of you because I don't want any of you to labour under this gigantic delusion a day longer than necessary, a delusion I myself have partaken in.

Best wishes to all of you,

Edwin X