Testimony from Eddie


Date: 10-05-10

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My family are Sai devotees and have been for a long time. Now my mother is also a sai devotee and has visited the ashram about twice now. I on the other hand appreciate that some of his messages are good and beneficial but it worries me that he has (and may still be) abusing young children. My cousin is heavily involved with the Sai movement but I believe the real god reveals all and does not need to give you a watch to make you have faith in him. Im not sure where to stand.

I wrote a letter to him saying that I only pray to one god, Lord Shiva (Shiva the destroyer).

You can write him letters which I give to my Mum. I have seen the BBC documentary and I have no reason not to believe the testimony of the Rahm family. Surely a liar is known to exaggarate his lies, but Alaya does not seem to do this.

Please if anyone knows him, tell him that people are listening to him and the others such as I, not to give up and please not to be put off by the Hindu religion or what they stand for.

Lord Shiva is the destroyer, and I will pray that he reveals  the truth to me and that he will protect Alaya if he is telling the truth. He need not be afraid anymore and I respect that he has had the courage to put these things aside and move on with his life.

Grateful if anyone knows him to pass on the message and let me know what I should be looking out for. I dont want my Mum following a false guru. I do question however if he was do false, why has he continued to devote himself to being religious, building hospitals and has not run off to Brazil yet with a Rolls Royce and an apartment full of beautiful girls.

I have now taken out all the Sai Baba books out of my house, taken the locket out of my wallet and his vibhuti. I was not expecting to feel so relieved and liberated. He has not done anything to me, so why does it feel so good. I feel like a dark cloud has lifted off my roof.

Try it.

Best regards