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Date: 11/18/00 1:44 p.m.

My experience at PN in 1990 & 92

Hi All ,

I have been watching the postings in this group for some time now, and have decided to join the discussion, My background before I became a devotee of SB in the early eighties was from the standpoint of a clairvoyant medium and healer and aromatherapist. As I say I became a devotee in the early eighties and undertook the first of two pilgrimages in 1990, and was "Granted" an interview both times during the first interview I was taken into the back room and subjected to one of the so called oilings that have so often been spoken of and I am not sure even today where I stand on that particular subject, But was told By SB that sometimes I dissipate too much energy this way the oiling took place just above the pubic region and on the lower stomach, at the time I naively thought he meant around certain chakras but later another devotee told me it was because of over indulgence in masturbation, which if this was his meaning behind this event was I felt not his place to say or invade my privacy this way unfortunately as I left the ashram and India that time I became very ill with Malaria and put the events behind me. Nothing really happened in the second interview except he did nudge me in the groin with the back of his hand as he passed me on his way through into his sore room, I would like to say however that at the time I underwent the oiling in 1990 I was taken into a backroom at the back of the interview room which has a door and not the so called curtain of shame we keep hearing about. I was already disillusioned somewhat even as we arrived at the ashram because I had heard of events such as the dome in the museum falling upon and killing devotees working there other events such as someone being killed a (westerner) I understand by the meditation tree and again in 1992 a woman was killed and dismembered in her room in the village and I remember thinking why if he is what he says he is does he allow these things to happen. At the time I went on both trips I went with Aimee Levvy and in discussion he said about the devotees in the museum that baba had said it was their karma and they died blissfully in the service of the lord and would have died soon anyway and better at the ashram than in a car accident. All I can remember thinking at the time if you pardon the expression was "this is all Bullshit".
I did however feel that SB has something although I am not sure what certainly I don't feel He is divine But the organization I felt was corrupt controlling and reminiscent of the Nazi youth.

I just feel If all these allegations are proven and they certainly do carry considerable weight then those of us who can must help those among us who are and yet will suffer a terrible bereavement. My impression of most of the people I have met through the sai movement is that they are for the best part honest & sincere yet supremely naive. Lets hope Love & light prevails

and that the truth shall truly set us free

Love & light David Paul


Message 1285

Date: 11/27/00 9:48 p.m.

Copy of e-mail sent to BBC

Dear Sirs

I have just read a transcript of the interview on Sunday 19th November this is Sunday,

I am a former devotee of Sathya saibaba and in 1990 I was subjected to one of the so called oilings at his ashram and no matter what members of the UK organization tell you I can categorically state that such oilings do take place as it happened to me, as for further allegations of abuse I do not have first hand knowledge but have spoken to some who have, regardless of whether or not further abuses have taken place no one should in a spiritual position take it upon themselves to touch in an inappropriate way a follower devotee or patient. I am myself an alternative therapist in spiritual healing and massage and if I were to behave like that here or even in India I would imagine I would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and rightly so!!

also there are many other allegations regarding SSB which I am sure by now you know, and there is now currently a full expose of his activities in the current edition of India Today which will become available online later today Tuesday 28th November 2000

I enclose the hyperlink that you may see for for yourselves if you haven't already:


I feel as do may others that these allegations should be thoroughly investigated
and somehow this monster must be stopped.

Yours sincerely David Paul