Testimony from Balaraman Suresh


By: Balaraman Suresh

From: Sai Baba - Anti Christ? Quick Topic Discussion Board, message 1168, 1181, 1194 and 1195:


Date: 07-30-2001 02:40 PM ET (US)

Hello Folks,

Its as if a huge load is off my chest, when I say Parthi Baba is out of my faith and its impossible for me to accept him as a Spiritual Guide. The incidents on June 6 1993, was the first of many controversial incidents pertaining to Parthi Baba, that led to a series of soul searching on my part. At that time I even defended to one and all that Parthi Baba is like Lord Surya (Sun God) and anybody who go near him will be reduced to ash. But heart of my heart my conscience did not permit me to accept that particular incident as some people are jealous and so these things happen.

After coming to USA, especially the "India Today" expose on Parthi Baba made my faith falter considerably because that magazine is one of the finest in India modeled more like TIME, and has a penchant for constructive reporting. Nevertheless I started to browse the internet and in particular sites critical of Parthi Baba.Never did I imagine, that such magnitude of people were involved and the victims are just ordinary devotees like me. I was shattered to say the least. By virtue of other Holy Saints from India I bore my utter confusion with grace and asked forgiveness from GOD, to have followed such a FALSE GUIDE.

In particular, this board, is good as its just in tolerating the postings and deletes the one which are totally irrelevant. I look forward to a heart satisfying satsangh with you all. Thanks and may god bless all.

Message 1181:

Date: 07-30-2001 11:51 PM ET (US)

With reference to your post 1180, Terrie,

I have been hearing and reading about Parthi Baba's Gay encounter's for almost now 25 years. I did not attach much importance to it because I wanted to hold on to him as my savior, and quite frankly I was mesmerized by all that materializations, and the rich and powerful people hobnobbing with him. Personally, I cannot say any one particular incident as the cause of my devotion because my family believed him and so as a member of the family I just joined because that's how it is there. The incidents in June 1993 was a major eye opener for me as it clearly implicated the Parthi Baba's impotence. Prior to that incident it was in Hyderabad, that Doordarshan TV had the footage where Radhakrishnan was handing over the necklace to Parthi Baba. Next day Deccan Chronicle it was headline news. Later this murder's and killing incidents happened. Parthi Baba should have come out in the open and diffused the the situation instead he ran away, which normal person like me also would do the same. This really brought Parthi Baba to very ordinary person level, but then I could not even then accept him as mere mortal so I defended him to all devotees and in fact went one step ahead saying Radhakrishnan deserved to die for he exposed Parthi Baba in Hyderabad. India Today is one of the major magazines in India published in many languages,and when this magazine printed all that sordid details of Parthi Baba's nonsensical activities, I saw red.In a flash many things which I had doubted myself about Parthi Baba was now for everyone to see. If you talk to people living in Prasanthi Nilayam and people in Brindavan you will get the feel that not everything is hunk dory as is expected of us to believe. Even those guys don't have welcoming smile on their faces instead as if they look morose and serious, as if Pakistan has bombed us. I also knew Hari Sampath and he was into Parthi Baba's core company.In fact through him also I came to know the validity of the victims and one has to only go and look at all the clubs and read the messages of Said, Hari,Paul, David etc. As the English proverb goes there is no smoke without fire. Definitely Parthi Baba has been engaging some of his male devotees to all these unnatural-natural acts, otherwise they are not MAD to come and say things of this nature. Moreover many of the things that these boys say was already written in the Indian Media in Illustrated Weekly too some 25 years back, I think some famous Mr.Singh was the editor. So all these when I started to put like a jigsaw puzzle, Parthi Baba turned out to be a super duper fraud. In fact I do not think anybody in the United States Of America would have thought of this kind of Scam at all. To stop Parthi Baba, as American can do is to let the television stations know about all these things. In fact prominent Americans and Indians should join hands and approach the Senator's of Indian Caucasus, and turn the heat on the Indian Govt., especially when the two nations are causing to each other politically. The time is ripe, please do not expect any legal steps from the Indian side to prevail. Parthi Baba has judges, politicians in his side, but, not all. There are even today absolutely honest and upright people in the judiciary and many political parties. The only way to stop Parthi Baba's Unnatural-natural acts are through the media like newspapers, television, internet, and above all the WILL OF THE TRUE GOD IN WHOM WE TRUST.

Message 1194:

Date: 07-31-2001 11:02 AM ET (US)

Dear Brother's And Sister's

I wish to thank each and every one of for your messages. I wish to tell especially Western (Ex-)devotees that Parthi Baba is not the recognized spiritual leader of INDIA. In fact majority Indians don't even like this kind of Magical tricks that this man is resorting to. He is the man for the rich people by the rich of the rich people. The true life of India is in the Villages where even today the purity of Rama, Krishna, Durga,Saraswathi, Jesus Christ, Allah,Guru Nanak etc are followed with sincerity and devotion. But most people run up against the wall in the expose of Parthi Baba is because they are using the wrong stick to beat him, 90% of the work done by Parthi Baba is exemplary and is no mean achievement of sorts for the general public, 10% of Parthi Baba's work are his personal weakness for Male devotees. It's a no brainier, when you use and try to harness this 10% of the activity of Parthi Baba and expect results that you look for. Sometimes, I feel doing things covertly to bring Parthi Baba down will yield results.

Dear Terrie

Please remove this from your mind of what you mentioned in your post. The true fact is, the majority Indian population "DO NOT CONSIDER PARTHI BABA AS GOD". In the North you have Shankaracharya of Kashi; In the East the Shankaracharya of Puri; In the West the Shankaracharya of Dwaraka;In the South the Shankaracharya of Sringeri. The South has the unique distinction of Shankaracharya of Kanchi, as it is believed that Shankaracharya after establishing all the mutts in the different parts of the country, resided in kanchi and breathed his last and attained MOKSHA there.These acharyas are the Peedathi Pathi's that Parthi Baba was talking about in his discourses and ridiculing them.

Message 1195:

Date: 07-31-2001 11:28 AM ET (US) With reference to your post,Terrie

>>But didn't anyone consider the fate of the students? Or were no adults aware that students were being abused and raped? If so, was the money and power around sb more important to them than the virtue and health of their own children??

You must know many Indian families. How would the families react if a child told them he had been raped by sb? As a father (if you are a father), how would you have reacted?<<

Majority of Indians do not even know Parthi Baba. Majority of the population do not even know that he has built Schools, Colleges, Hospitals etc. In a minority congregation,and a minority student community, how on earth can you expect miracles to expose will happen? Please do not get offended, but this is the truth. I myself was believing Parthi Baba only when I put all the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle, I got the bigger picture. I questioned, I used my god given talents of viveka(Discrimination), I used my power of communion with the supreme of all supreme gods and I was revealed the truth.

By and large Indian families when they have a situation like what you say would,in majority of the cases brush it off under the carpet, shower the kid with love and affection, try to divert the entire episode as a bad dream,refer it to poorva janma karma. Only a minority will do what Hari Sampath has done, challenge it with Public Interest Litigation.

As for what I would have done (if at all my son had been a victim), I would have bought a Double Barrel Shot Gun and shot Parthi Baba's Balls. Pardon me folks, for my language and for my action even though its thought process.