A world premiere at a bookstore in

Montreal, Canada.


Date: 01-21-02

Document date: Thursday March 8,  2001 

From: http://www.saiguru.net/english/news/

Great News from Marc-André St-Jean, the only Canandian Victim to date who has come out with his personal accounting of sexual abuses from Sai Baba.

Marc-André works in a well known established book store "Nouvel Age", New Age on world famous Saint-Denis Street in Montréal, Canada. A tourist attraction and close to Old Montreal.

Marc-André has been working for this book store for several years and he is in a position of trust that involves both Management and Sales.

Today, Marc-André presented to the owner all the documentation about Sai Baba, God? Fraud? or Both? from Douglas Todd's article in the Vancouver Sun, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and also the article on Bob Harvey's Ottawa Citizen, from Ottawa, Ontario, the National Capital of Canada.

His boss realized the importance of supporting Marc-André AND ALL THE OTHER VICTIMS and believing that Marc-André and the victims are speaking the truth... called the company who distributes all the books of "Sathya Sai France" (as all the english books of Sai Baba are translated into french) AND CANCELLED ALL NEW BOOKS AND RETURNED ALL THE OLD BOOKS SITTING ON THE SHELVES.

English and French books about Sai Baba will no more appear on the shelves.

That is what I call supporting your employee.