The following are names and some details plus comments of

some of the several hundreds who have so far signed the

Public Petition for Official Investigations of

Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization Petition


Date: 09-30-03

Document date: 09-24-03

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Rev. Roby Warren, United States. - The truth must be revealed. This violator must be brought to justice. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing and all who follow and turn a blind eye to the truth are just as guilty. 

Anthony Alphonse, Trinidad and Tobago - Visited Puttaparthi Sept to Dec 1975 

Ciro Spedaliere, Italy - If Sai Baba is right, an investigation could make disappear all doubts. Otherwise... I just want to know the truth. 

Juan Pablo, Argentina - Follower 1990-2000. Sai Baba is a big business. He and most of members of SSO should be investigated. They are all rich people! 

Arlene Mazak, Ph.D. USA - Follower 1975-2000 I visited the ashram a number of times, and had nothing but inspiring experiences. My relationship with Sai Baba was entirely on the inner plane, with psychic experiences.. When I learned of the extensive allegations, I severed that relationship. The spiritual abuse is immense. The truth must be revealed through an official investigation. Pedophilia is very serious abuse, and I am a mandated reporter in my profession. 

Eleanore Duyndam, USA – Follower for 21 years. I have been to see Sai Baba twice. I only had positive experiences with him. No one should excuse or tolerate sexual abuse of any form. Of course there should be an objective legal inquiry and I fully support an inquiry. 

HARDIN Eric,  FRANCE  -  Libraire Trop de points troubles. Trop de pouvoir sur trop de personnes. Trop d'interets, d'argent et trop peu de controle. L'intégrisme passe aussi par des gens comme Sai Baba.

(Too many disturbing points. Too much power over too many people. Too much interest in money and too little control. “Integrisme” (a Doctrine that tends to maintain the totality of a system and opposes any evolution) happens also because of people like Sai Baba.) 

Sapna Babber,  UK -  I feel strongly for an investigation for the sake of the children more so, The prime minister should investigate his God and listen to the people, it should be the people's decision not his personal one not to investigate bcos vajpayee believes this man is his god. 

Fred van Gunst,  - The Netherlands. Follower 1997-1999.  I am psychologist and convinced that Sai Baba is a fraud and also a danger. He uses mind-control and brainwashing techniques and holds in that way power over large groups of people, especially in India. Consider the idea that this man holds influence over the Indian Prime Minister. He is a Sa Baba devotee, while India is a nuclear power!!!  

Padma Surya, - India. Follower 1986-2003. I was drawn to SB because I had some very grave personal problems and hoped there would be a solution. SB never showed any signs of awareness nor even a sign that he cared in all the years that I had been a devotee (Was that omniscience?? or compassion??? It must have been "Love of 1000 mothers" of course!!!. I was never able to understand why people right under his nose could get away with so much callous attitude and rudeness, all the while imposing stringent discipline on people who come to PN from outside. And, may I add, my mother has been a teacher in one of the SB institutions and my brother an SB student, a gold medallist at that!!! Both of them known for their shrewdness and disregard for values (Why fear when I am here???). Of course, now I know. I am not heartbroken or shocked as many ex-devotees would have felt after finding out the truth. I just feel liberated from the lie that was the center of my life. Kudos to all you brave guys for standing up against this muck!!!!  

Liz, Malaysia  - I have been a witness to numerous abuses suffered by his devotees, and have failed to change them, they all are so mesmerised and caught in a trap. i really pity them, now that this evil person has been exposed, they would have lost their belief and dignity. 

Marcus Martenson,  Sweden -  A guy I know was sexually abused by Sai Baba. 

Ganapathy G.K., India -  Sai Baba is a dracula . He must be stopped.  

Heerendra,  Nepal  - Believe in yourself. Do not be swept away by other's opinion. Please do not have such opinion that because many believe so I do too. About Sai Baba he thinks we are fools who can be influenced by his clumsy vibuti tricks and get hefty donations from the rich and influence the third world poor and middle class at large who long to have his blessings to solve their individual miseries. What a clever arithmetic.  

Mohini, India - I never believed in baba. But my marriage into a family of innocent devotees who contribute large sums of money to his organisation is making me feel sad and confused. I was almost tempted to believe in him until I came across this site which helped me reason and see things in their right perspective. I think there are better known spiritual leaders and genuine ones who are not self proclaimed avatars of his level but whose teachings carry far more depth and light on spirituality. I support this cause because I want to know the truth for the sake of my loved ones and for the greater good for everyone under his influence. 

Elizabeth Mars, USA - a true guru quickly dispels all doubts in his devotees mind so that the devotee may focus on the task of realization at hand. 

Eva Bosanska, Slovak Republic. - I was not a devotee but I liked SB teaching and believed it is the truth. I just planned to go to Puttaparthi when I found out the "Findings". Thanks a lot. I hope the truth will win. 

Rok Koritnik, Slovenia – Involved from august 2002 to may 2003   I was not his devotee, I just liked his teachings, was 90% sure that he is an avatar, visited his ashram at Puttaparthi, and then figured out that not everything is OK with him.  

Michael Smith, USA. -  I am a sexual abuse victim advocate who is concerned for all victims in the U.S. 

Cecilia, España   -  Un hombre que se dice Dios, avatar, debe ser investigado. Pues con estas afirmaciones, tiene el control sobre muchas personas. Y le da poder para hacer lo que quiera, muchos pueden y han salido perjudicados al seguir ciegamente a estos dioses humanos, puesto que pierden la personalidad y las perspectivas de la realidad.

(A man who says he is God, avatar, should be investigated. With such statements he gains control over many people.  It also gives him the power to do whatever he wants, many could and have ended up being damaged after blindly following such human gods, since they lose personality and the perspectives of reality.) 

Nieves Cáceres  Follower 1991/1997   Por tanto tiempo que estuve ciega, que se lleve al mentiroso vividor y criminal de Sai Baba, a los tribunales. Sobre todo que lo sepa todo el mundo.

(For all the time that I was blind, let this lying criminal scrounger Sai Baba be taken to court. And above all let everyone know.) 

Antonia Pérez Esquivel, Colombia  - Follower 1993-1997   Que Dios (el verdadero) bendiga a todos los que han sido psicológicamente dañados por este criminal .Cómo es que nadie es capaz de ponerlo tras las rejas???

(May God (the real one) bless all those who have been psychologically damaged by this criminal. How come no one dares to put him behind bars???) 

Lee Yue Heng, Singapore  - Follower 1997-2001.  If Sai Baba is really who he claims he is, he should have nothing to hide. 

Asanka Perera, Australia  - Noted human rights violators and shady politicians have been "blessed" by this man.  

Greg Gerson,  U.S.A - Follower from 1993-? -  The Sai Baba organization is a brain-washing cult and Sai Baba is a false guru. I regret that I ever got involved. 

Giovanni Losantos,  Bolivia  -   Las obras ocultas de sai baba deben ser mostradas al conocimiento publico, que ayuda a tener una optica imparcial de estos engaños.

(The hidden deeds of Sai Baba should be exposed to public knowledge, so that pepole can have an objective concept of this swindling.)  

Keshava, Mauritius, - A good knower of vedic literatures will never accept sai baba as God or even divine....sai is just a yogi with some material mystic powers!!!  

Bonita Swordmaker,  America - Follower 1987-2002  wedgewood group of seattle,wa. if baba had nothing to hide....wouldn't he come forward and clear up any allegations? mothers around the world...don't send your boys to the school until this is all cleared up..don't take any chances.. 

David Thompson, United Kingdom -  This sort of blatant abuse to innocent children and young men needs to be stopped now.

C. Dhaliwal,  England - Come from a family of followers, but have never followed him myself.   I have been always shocked at how badly written and inconsistent his "philosophy" is, for God - so embarrassingly unlearned. I have been "backstage" at the Poornachandra Hall - sheer decadence. My family follows him with the most innocent of hearts and so it breaks mine that they are so maliciously duped.  

Patricia Soler, Argentina - Follower 1988-1999.  Soy psicóloga (profesional) , viajé 4 veces a India . Como devota siempre me extrañó el "entorno" de Sai , Los líderes de Argentina siempre dejaron en mi opinión , mucho que desear , subidos al mismo narcisismo que su "maestro" hablan de austeridad y de rectitud cuando todos sabemos que hicieron millones gracias a los viajes a India y los "permisos" que el avatar les otorgaba. De dudosa procedencia pero con el poder que el dinero y las fama les confiere organizan conferencias en donde cuentan relatos increíbles ( creíbles para la masa pero vacíos de contenido para los que piensan un poco más allá de lo meramente fenomenológico) .Todos estos "shows" .que los devotos "compran" embelesados sirven para ir nutriendo sus esperanzas y su fe en que algún día también puedan ellos los "elegidos" para ellos también gozar de total bienestar y felicidad.( espiritual y material, obviamente) . En cuanto a mi historia, sí progresé gracias a SB, como psicóloga pude observar la psicopatía in vivo.

(I am a (professional) psychologist, I traveled to India 4 times. As a devotee I was I always found the Sai “surrounding” rather strange. The leaders in Argentine always, in my opinion, left much to be desired, trapped in the same narcissism as their “teacher”, speak of the same austerity and righteousness when we all know how they made millions thanks to the trips to India and the “permissions” granted them by the avatar. With power and fame granted by the money of questionable origin, conferences are organized in which they relate unbelievable accounts (believable only to the masses but totally empty in contents for those who think a little beyond what is purely phenomenological). AS far as my story goes, I did advance thanks to SB, as a psychologist I was able to observe psychopathy live.)  

Simon Jones, England - The abuse of children must be prosecuted by the full force of the law wherever it takes place. For a spiritual "leader" to indulge in such a practice is particularly abhorrent. The moral responsibility for the investigation of the allegations against Sai Baba rests with the Indian government and their police, but international pressure may help in this matter.  

Roy Pendragon, Australia - Follower 1990 to 1999, Former Administrator, Sathya Sai School, Perth, Western Australia I hope India will acquire the moral fortitude to formally investigate these allegations. 

Paul Richard, USA - The Society Of has long been a force on the Internet to bring greater awareness to the public about the pedophile activities of Sai Baba of India. We consider him to be a subangel prophet, not an Avatar or God Realized Master.   

Bhanu Chopra, India – Follower 1981-1988. Student at Prashanthi Nilayam.  God does not take away innocence from young children. He does not fill their heart with fear and shame. My only advice to everyone is DO NOT BELIEVE in anybody who claims to be God or Son of God. Just believe yourself and trust yourself. 

Bounoua Neila,  France  -  C'est trop degoutant! Il faut absolument faire quelque chose et faire tout pour que cela ne se reproduise plus .Il faut surtout alerter tous les media pour mettre en garde les gens contre toutes les pieuvres totalitaires.

(It’s very disgusting. It is absolutely necessary to do everything possible to prevent this from growing. Above all, it is necessary to warn all the media so that people can watch out for all these totalitarian octopuses.)   

Dembi Duval, Congo  -  Y 'en a marre des dictateur de tout poil .Avec celui la, c'est vraiment le cas de le dire.!

(I’m sick of dictators of all kinds. With this one it is really a case to be told). 

Marcial González Camperi, Argentina-Spain - Never a follower, luckily, and thanks to the Buddha and Krishnamurti   I'm a friend of many devotees who were damaged both psychological and economically by Sai Baba and his organization. Shame on the Indian government who doesn't have any trace of dignity, protecting until now their crimes.// Tengo muchos amigos dañados psicológica y económicamente por Sai Baba y su organización. Que la vergüenza caiga sobre el indigno gobierno de la India, que protege hasta ahora los crímenes cometidos por aquellos. 

Prem Latha, India-Bangalore - Follower for 8 years - now no more. I have no trust on him 'my logic is questioning him.I think he should be punished otherwise nature will punish him as no body can go against nature. 

Paul Throne, USA - Follower 1988-2000 - Center education coordinator Have been to see SB 4 times, 1990, 1994, 1995-96 and 1999. Despite many positive experiences, I believe too many credible accounts of abuse now exist to pretend it isn't real, including a young male friend of mine who told me SB fondled him. More frightening to me than the megalomaniac SB is his organization and its "leaders." When the leaders refuse to hear these concerns or allow discussion of these events, it has become a complete mind-control cult.  

Charles Mansion, Holland - It is a total shame for all the spiritual organisations around the world if we let this act of shame to continue. 

Mary Garden, Australia – Follower 1973 -1978 on and off. I wrote about my experiences with Sai Baba and the allegations of him being a hermaphrodite and a sexual predator on young boys in my book 'The Serpent Rising - a journey of spiritual seduction' published in 1988. These allegations were also aired on national television - Midday Show - when Ray Martin interviewed me re my book and also in an article called 'pilgrimage to terror' that featured in the Australian Woman's Day May 2, 1989. I also tried to bring these things into the open through an article I wrote for 'Nature And Health' Vol 11 No 2 1990 called 'Mind Control and Religious Cults'. 

Mohan D Rao, USA  -  The "brain washing" of millions of people has been done so brilliantly that even after seeing the "proof" the people are still following him..... 

María Tardío Cabrera, Spain - Follower 2001-2002 Local coordinator Solo quiero saber la verdad

(I only want to know the truth) 

T. Hamilton, USA -The truth about this imposter has been out there for years (try Avatar of Night by Tal Brooke, published in 1982). This action is long overdue. 

uma rajini, singapore - do not cheat in the name of GOD! 

Jenni Oliver, Australia - I have known people who were members and who became seriously disturbed after their involvement. 

Dianne Waldron, USA - All things of this nature should be investigated. If government won't do it the people must. 

Eva Castrillo, Venezuela - No he sido seguidora nunca, pero lamentablemente mi esposo sigue siendo un seguidor de este estafador pederasta, y quiero que esto se haga público, que todo el mundo se entere de estos hechos. Por favor ayuden a las personas a saber quien es en verdad este hombre.

(I have never been a follower, but unfortunately, my husband continues being a follower of this cheating pederast and I want this to become public, let everyone hear about these facts. Please help to let people know who in reality this man is.)  

Rangeet, INDIA - Follower from 3 years till last month   I should not have believed all this crap about sai baba. If he is really a divine power I would not be undergoing mental torture like this. He is going to be the reason for the destruction of one life in this earth that's me. He is called a man of miracles but I know its not possible in my life as he is a fraud. His teachings tell about love but when it comes to use practically in life its of no good. 

Jose Santiago, Venezuela - Follower for 3 years   I want a trial on Sai. 

Klaas & Jenny Knol, Netherlands - Followers 1985-99. translator/correctors very disappointed in the 'truth' SB preached. 

Susana Contreras, Sweden - Follower for 15 years. Former Balvikas Teacher I came from Venezuela to Sweden, and Sathya Sai Baba is a discredit in his Country. I sent letters to the officials in Venezuela. And I never received an answer. I'm very sorry, but Sathya Sai Baba is a False Guru. 

Dr. Frank Gaetano Morales, USA - Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) is a profound and ancient religious tradition that has been done a great disservice by such false leaders as "Sai Baba". 

Ignacio Guízar Marín, Mexico, NINGUNO NINGUNO Las lecturas de cada una de las denuncias sobre estos abusos y crímenes no resueltos, me permite dar mi firma.

(The reading of all this accusations of abuse and unsolved crimes allows me to place my signature.) 

 Angelica Bos, Netherlands - Follower 1993 till 1995   I stopped going to groups in ´95 but I still believed and prayed to him. He is in a powerful position over there and someone needs to stop him asap. Please do something! 

Alejandro César Agostinelli,  Argentina  - I've been investigating the SB controversy for over a year. My articles have been published in and in Gatopardo Magazine (Colombia). I collaborated with two TV programs on this subject, broadcasted by "Zona de Investigación" (Azul TV, Argentina). The initiative of this Petition is fundamental to climb over the wall of cover ups that protect SB in India. 

Daniel Rowe, USA - If Sai Baba is innocent, he has nothing to fear from such an investigation. In fact, he should welcome it. 

Anil Kumar B,  INDIA - (Had friends who were involved)   This is a great cause. I have always been skeptical about SSB right from my young age, but was never aware of his pedophilic activities which shocked me. Very glad that this is happening and hopefully this will have results. 

Norbert Laderoute, Canada - The sooner there is serious official action the better. 

Sanjay Dadlani, United Kingdom - Follower 1990-2001 Member of Youth Group, Mill Hill Sai Centre, North London This mentally-deranged paedophile must be investigated and jailed for his crimes. 

Adeel Amin, Canada - Follower 1990 to 2000 Bal Vikas student (Oh boy!) Why keep allowing this misfit's organization to "teach" his obsolete ideas? We have to get him and his dirty organization out of Canada and the rest of the world. I DESPISE PAEDOPHILES AND SEXUAL PREDATORS PRETENDING TO BE GOD! DOWN WITH EVIL!! UP WITH TRUTH!! GOD BLESS EVERYONE!! 

Patricia McGovern, United States - As a legally mandated reporter, I am shocked that more has not been done to investigate this man and stop his pedophilia. 

Roshan Ram Rammohan, USA, India - He may have done irreparable damage to unwilling and unwitting young kids. A detailed investigation and interrogation by a set of rationalists and experts unswayed by blind faith is definitely required. Prosecution of this demon may help in preventing such false god men in the future. For Mankind and for Truth and for the abolishment of such perverse forms of religion I hereby sign this petition. 

Miguel Pineda Huerta, México - ninguno Dios está más aya de cualquier hombre y de cualquier personalidad, solo hay que buscarlo. (God is beyond the any man or personality. One just has to look for Him.) 

Rosalia Malagelada de Neves, Venezuela - Follower 1988 until 2001 Venezuela Comite I knew very closely two cases of abuse. 

Hans de Kraker, Australia - Follower 1989 - 1997 Western Canteen Director Nov, Dec - 1996 

Taniya Weerasuriya Purcell, USA -Follower 1994-1998 Bal Vikas Teacher 

Ma. Elena González Herrera, Méxic - Follower 1974-2001 esposa de un devoto sai-wife of baba´s devote Mi esposo perdió demasiado tiempo siguiendo un espejismo, y malgastando mucha energía que pudo haber dedicado a sus hijos. Para mi es increíble que todavía haya personas que aún viendo todas las atrocidades que hace ese ser malvado llamado sai baba, permanezcan en la organización sb. Me da pena por ellos porque finalmente son víctimas del engaño más grande de la historia ;llamado sai baba.

(Wife of a sai devotee. My husband wasted too much time following this illusion y wasting too much energy that he could have dedicated to his children. It’s incredible that so many people, known about all the atrocities commited by this evil man called sai baba still remain in the sb organization. I’m sorry because they are victims of the biggest fraud in history; named sai baba) 

Andreya Joyce Schneider, USA - As a psychologist in schools and a legally required reporter of sexual abuse, I implore you to investigate this case. 

Anthony Thomas, UK - 20 years of attempts to get this predator exposed 

Norman Fajardo Martínez, Colombia - Follower Jan. 1994 to Nov. 2000 Group. Coord. of Devotion. 

Catharina E.Kuyken, The Netherlands -1992-2000 Secretary of the Purmerend-group. 

Conny Larsson, Sweden - Follower 1978-99. National Spiritual Coordinator from 1993-96, member since 1992   I was a victim of Sai Baba’s sexual molestation of me since 1979-1983. 

Jim Veenker, USA - Follower 1997-2000. Seva coordinator & vice president. I visited the ashram in 1999, and later saw a letter from a victim. I had observed some of the facts of the letter and believed his account of molestation

Sergio Arturo Loyola Michel, México - Follower march 1976 to december 2001.  Composer and singer. 

Ella Evers, USA - Follower 1986-2000.  Have been in various Officers' functions and hosted the Eugene Sai Center for fifteen years. I wrote a letter to Dr. Goldstein after hearing about the pedophilia acts by Sai Baba. The Goldstein letter was returned to me unopened. 

miriam reinhart,  USA - Follower 1987-2000.  President Eugene, Oregon chapter 1993-1995-thank you for doing this. 

Michael Ward,  Canada/Australia - Investigative party with friends involved since 1985 

Tal Brooke, USA - Follower 1969-1971.  Author of AVATAR OF NIGHT My 400 page book is available on It details my intense experience as a close disciple. 

See also the webpage where former Sai Organisation leaders and prominent devotees are listed at