Sex laws shake up unveiled




Date: 01-21-02

By: editors


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Adults befriending children with the intention of abusing them face five years in jail as part of the first radical overhaul of sex laws for 50 years.

The new offence of sexual "grooming" of children will allow police officers to intervene and arrest a suspect before any sexual activity takes place.

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Rape of children below 13 means life sentence, Sai Baba should be in jail for life... here is an excerpt from the Findings:



Dr Bhatia, why did he leave?

Source : Name withheld at request. (Available for investigation by authority)


Regarding the notice of expulsion of Dr Bhatia in the Sanathana Sarathi magazine, please note :

Three young students from Sai Baba’s junior male college were called for interview. One of them, a seven year old boy student, came out of the private interview room crying.

He continued to cry for two days, and was unable to eat or study.

That evening Dr Bahtia, on duty in the children’s canteen, was asked to find the cause of the child’s distress.

He questioned and then examined the child, and found that he had been sexually penetrated, via his anus.

The child was taken to Bangalore and re-examined. A second medical opinion confirmed sexual abuse.

Dr Bhatia had been involved in sexual activity with Sai Baba for six years,  believing that he was serving divinity.

He went to Sai Baba :

 - Why do you do this to such a young child when you have all of us adults and the older students to play with?

Sai Baba’s reply :

- Don’t bargain with God!

Soon after, five men went to Dr Bhatia’s home, threatening his life with knives.

He made his escape by car, fleeing to Delhi.

Once there Dr Bhatia was unable to practice medicine because he had left all his personal papers behind in Puttaparthi. He wrote asking for them. They have not yet been released. However, the doctor now practices at a Delhi hospital.

A promisory agreement has been offered from Puttaparthi, that Dr Bhatia’s personal belongings will be released to him on the proviso that :

he remain mute about the happenings concerning the little boy student

he does not make any legal claims against the Super Speciality Hospital

he keeps his sexual relationship with Sai Baba a secret.

A rumour given out for his ‘dismissal’ was that he was caught selling blood, another that he was having an affair within the ashram, and yet another claiming jealousy between departmental heads at the hospital.

I offer this for the sake of truth.



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