Sexism within the Baba movement

in Canada


From shobiekapoor (Shobie) on:

Sathya Sai Baba Discussion Club, part of message 410;

Date: 1/14/02 5:02 p.m.

Here are some examples of sexism within the Baba mov't (Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1980's to mid 1990's) that I witnessed or heard about from a primary source:

1. A woman denied bringing her child into a Sai Baba school because she was a divorced woman and had to work to support herself and her child. She was treated disrespectfully, her child denied admittance because 'Baba doesn't want women to work outside the home', etc.

2. A woman who had tried to commit suicide was told by a Sai leader (the same one who ran the above school) that she was crazy and should be committed. This was said IN FRONT of sai devotees - including myself - 24 hours after the woman had her stomach pumped for pills. How compassionate. I doubt this would have happened to a male. I'm surprised she didn't go back and take the pills again! Wow, what wonderful 'counseling'.

3. A prominent Sai Baba leader threatening a young woman not to testify against her Sai-Baba father for abusing her mother (his wife) and threatening to use a weapon (gun) against her. The Sai leader that to testify was against Sai Baba teachings, etc. the woman did testify. It was a criminal case. The guy now has a record and got a restraining order. However the young woman in question feels conflicted, she takes out her anger on the poor mother. What wonderful Baba leadership. The Sai Baba leader had NO concern for the safety for the abused mother.

4. Women who were blatantly denied equal opportunities as compared to men in the field of applied science in baba-run schools. The curriculum for women was less comprehensive compared to what the men would study.

Sincerely, Shobie