Replica or Competition?


A replica of the incomparable Sathya Sai Baba has appeared in Argentina. Ricardo Ocampo, a 26 year old charismatic young man from the Rioja region, has turned into a creole avatar promoted by some of Sai Baba's devotees who, curiously enough, were the original promoters of the Sai Baba movement in Argentina. In his orange tunic, Ricardo, who has taken the name of Ananda
Baba seems to be materializing vibhuti, necklaces and linghams. The attraction has been strong enough to merit the visit of the Chairman of Zone 2 of the Sai organization in Latin America, Mr. Leonard Gutter and the well known Mr. Jagadeesan, member of the Central Council of the International Sai Organization and consequently was cause for a
letter to be written to all
the members of the Sai Organization in Argentina.

Mr. Jagadeesan is well remembered by ex-devotees of Sai Baba, not as much for the 10 books he has written, as for a very insulting letter in which he compares what the dissidents say or think with faeces on the street. Ananda Baba resides in Catamarca, although presently he is being promenaded by his followers and promoters throughout all of Argentina. As we have been informed by a resident of Argentina, a sizable amount of money has been collected in donations and also land on which to build his Ashram Mr. Gutter's communiqué offers an ample panorama of the situation and now
all we have to do is wait and see who in reality is this new Baba that is going to have to face another replica of Sathya Sai Baba that is appearing in Venezuela.

With several Babas plus a Maytreya on earth, the world is about to live an unprecedented era of salvation.


Simsalabim... Bala Sai Baba!


Seriously attempting to expose all Sai Baba activities, we find, in a magical moment, a site on the Internet from another replica:


on the internetaddress:

from which we think it's very comical, because we see a complete copy of Sai Baba in India.

This man looks very much like the real Baba, only the face on the pictures (Photo Gallery) shows the difference.

You can see a younger Baba (bala=child), but the entourage around this phenomenon is quite the same...