Sai Baba always says that he

NEVER asks for money for anything

directly or indirectly.


By Hari Sampath


Here is a mail "begging for donations" by Sai Padhuga trust of Madurai, Tamil Nadu. This trust was started by Subramaniam Chettiar, a very close devotee of Sai Baba for 50 years, under the express instructions of Sai Baba , in 1990.

See how they ask for money:


Sent: Tuesday, 3 October 2000 6:58

Subject: Letter from Sai Padhuga Trust

Dear Sai Brother,

Trust this will find you and your family in good health coupled with happiness thanks to the showering of the choicest Blessings of our Gracious Bhagawan

With the Grace of Swami, We have posted to all of you, Our circular 2/2000 dt. 30.9.2000 through post from 21.9.2000 to 30.9.2000, for which you are anxiously awaiting all these days. The circular contains information about the important decision taken in the General Body Meeting of the Trust held on 14.5.2000, and about the 8th Sri Sai Padhuga Prathishta Mahotsavam function to be conducted in December. Some of you might have received the circular and gone through the contents by this time. Other may receive it in due course of time taken for postal transit.

Your esteemed attention is invited to the last para of the Circular where in a request has been made that your liberal donations as desired at your choice may be sent to our Trust mentioning that the donation is for the Super Speciality Hospital Project, Whitefield.

Here we would like to clarify clearly towards of any doubts that the donation may be sent in the name of Sri Sai Padhuga Trust. to us, with a covering letter that the Donations is for the Super Speciality Hospital Project, Whitefield. Expecting your valuable cooperation at all times.

Thanking You,

Ever in Sai Padha Seva




The Sai Padhuga trust collects money each year for the Padhuga festival, hundreds of silver and gold padhugas are made and Sai Baba "blesses all the Padhugas" in October of each year after the end of Dussera. The Padhugas are then sold for Rs 5000 to Rs 10,000 to devotees who wish to have it at home.

What a vulgar display of business and money making. Subramania Chettiar and others have been doing this for years, and EACH year Sai Baba continues to "bless" the Padhugas to be sold.

When news of the Padhugas sale was taken to Sai Baba in 1997 by Tamil Nadu devotees, he merely said " no compulsion, if you can afford it, buy it, otherwise don't. It is made in silver and naturally costs money" 

(from an discussion board posting by Hari Sampath, ex-ashram security detail,