Favourite boys of Munny Auntie


Date: 01-12-01

From: http://www.saipages.com/pub/guests.htm

Note from editors of www.exbaba.com: Munni Aunti of primary school selects girlish/kinks/smooth/gayish boys and sends them in front of sb to get them fucked, she bathes these boys who are 12-14 years old & in puberty old herself along with some selected pervert female staff members.



Date : Friday, January 11, 2002 at 14:08:33
Name : sai ram chandrasekhar
E-Mail : Omitted, because it was misused (Editors)
City : coming up shortly
Country : favourites of MUNNI AUNTY
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Just you wait I say & see the favorite boys of MUNNI AUNTY: Sample: Rohan Patnayak, Maneesh Sharma, Gagan Manchanda, Gautam Seth, Anuj Mehta, Ratnakar Chawla, Sai Krishna plus many more......