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In this discourse, Sathya Sai Baba has said that he does not have anything to do with the internet. A few months after this, the official site was opened in India...

Dasara Sandesh 1999

By Sathya Sai Baba

15th October 1999, Prashanti Nilayam

From: http://www.sathyasaivictims.com/lie_dasaradiscourse.htm

"You should not indulge in such wrong activites" (excerpt from below)

…You may have read the news item in a newspaper this morning that Swami is not speaking because of students. It is sheer nuisance. It was specifically mentioned, very incorrectly, that Bangalore students are responsible for Swami desisting from speaking. By publishing such a wrong news item, the image of Bangalore students has been tarnished. No student has ever troubled Swami in any way. In fact they have been pining for Swami incessantly. The relation between me and students is heart to heart, and prompted by selfless love. Even such wrong information flashed in the internet so much so that Goldstein from America, being greatly agitated, contacted Prasanthi Nilayam to find out the Truth. He was very much relieved to know the truth. Do not believe in such false propaganda. I do not trouble anyone and none can trouble Me. All our students are good. Such good students should not be put to disrepute. Unknowingly they may commit a few mistakes, but no one has ever troubled Swami. No one should come in between the noble heart of Swami and the sacred minds of the students. Some of the elders sitting in the Verandah are indulging in gossip; it is finding its way into the internet. Anyone found talking in the Verandah should be sent out immediately, whosoever it may be. All those who give misleading information about what Swami tells them in the interview room should also be thrown out. I will never call such people for interview again. Only those who observe silence are good people. Silence fosters purity. Therefore observe silence at all times. It is a waste of time if you carry tales about others. What have you come here for? Vain gossip causes harm to many. So refrain from indulging in it. Ignorance is on the rise with the progress of science. Truly speaking science has not matured. Man has become senseless. All the trials and tribulations faced in this world are due to the so-called. development in science and technology. It is not technology but it is 'tricknology'. Do not become a slave to such technology. Uphold truth and righteousness. Cultivate love and experience divinity. Students, do not harbour any undesirable thoughts. Do not get perturbed by such misinformation campaigns. Swami is always with you. He has been showering His love and grace on you. You too have immense love for Swami. Attain Swami through love. You cannot attain Swami through any other path but love.

Swami has nothing to do with internet. Not only now, even in future also You should not indulge in such wrong activities. This 'disease' has its roots in cities and is spreading like wild fire into villages polluting the village environment. Villages are the epitome of peace and love. Do not spoil the village atmosphere by imitating the city culture. Bliss will prevail in the world only when you develop peace and love. Do not give scope for ill feelings and worthless talk. You can even reprimand the elders who indulge in mean talk. Tell them to behave in a manner that befits the status as elders in the society. They should prove themselves as elders in conduct and not by age. Self-respect leads to self-satisfaction, which will in turn leads to self realisation. It is a shame that people who come here for self realisation indulge in something contrary.

Our relationship is only heart to heart and love to love, nothing else. Swami is love personified. Swami gives importance to love and nothing else. Do not give any value to mean and meaningless talk. Past is past. Now onwards, receive the divine love and divine energy emanating from Me and experience the bliss derived therefrom.

(This is the relative excerpt from his speech about "internet rumours")