Sai Baba expose in Denmark is

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Date: 02-01-02

From: Sathya Sai Baba Discussion Club


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Message fron Danish CCG Sorry, I'm not available beth_inca
2/1/02 1:18 am
Reports from Danish CCG (received by Hari Sampath)
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The Sai Baba expose in Denmark is heating up, and assuming the dimensions of a big scandal. After the one hour documentary titled "Seduced" on Danish National television DR, yesterday, Sai Baba has become nationally known as the pedophile fake guru of India. Several newspapers carried the story of the sensational expose documentary, in prominent columns today. The prime time news again carried reports of this documentary in most of the news editions today, with prominent religious researchers, Church leaders, and Mayors being interviewed for opinions.

Several foreign embassies based in Copenhagen have called DR asking for details as well as reporting back to their respective countries. Due to the tremendous interest and reactions to yesterday's documentary, DR again decided to do a show on Sai Baba today. Jorgen Trygved, one of the most prominent members of the Sai Baba organization was returning from overseas today, and DR caught up with him at the airport. He went straight to the TV studios and was put on live on a program. He was given an opportunity to defend these allegations against Sai Baba, with a telephone line open to the public, on prime time.

Jorgen Trygved stuck to the usual line of SB followers , saying these charges were just imaginations by a few people and just internet rumours. Then the news program played clips of Jed Geyerhahn, Sam Young etc, and asked Jorgen Trygved what he has to say to all this. Jorgen Trygved tried to avoid the question, but was forced to admit on national television that Sai Baba did indeed fondle the genitals of young men, but that was for their own good, and for "energy transformation".

CCG member, exposee Ole Alstrup ( who,along with Anders Thisted, was one of the prime moving forces behind the Danish developments), called the live show by phone, and cornered Trygved by questioning him whether he had ever spoken to any one victim at least. Trygved was forced to admit he had not, and had to say that he would do so. Alstrup further spoke to the show, detailing the extremely harmful effect that the pedophile fake guru Sai Baba has had on individuals' lives.

The TV show questioned Trygved, whether he thought that the UNESCO, British Parliament, FBI, CBI, major media agencies around the world, US Dept of State ( which has issued a warning) etc., were all fools to be misled for a long time by "internet rumors" by a handful of persons, and why they had taken these things seriously. Trygved could not give any satisfactory response, kept repeating himself, and ended up looking very foolish .

The Mayor was interviewed, and he confirmed that the Sai Baba organization has indeed purchased a big castle in Frederiksburg, but no permission has been sought, nor given for starting any educational program. The transactions are being scrutinised, and the Mayor has said that in the event of any legal development in the Sai Baba pedophilia case, no permission will be granted, and the SB org's status as a Faith society will be cancelled, and also Sai Baba educational programs will not be given permissions.

Other TV channels, and media agencies in Denmark and elsewhere in Europe are picking up these developments, and it appears that the SB org is going to be torn to pieces in the media very soon.
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Re: Message fron Danish CCG Sorry, I'm not available beth_inca
2/1/02 1:19 am
comments (from Hari Sampath) :

"In response to queries on various boards, I can personally confirm that every single victim of sexual molestation by Sai Baba, on this documentary, was directly interviewed by Ojvind Kyro. As I had organised the interviews and "miracle video footage" here in the US, I can personally confirm that Ojvind Kyro did not go merely by "statements" given in writing anonymously, but he travelled to Poland to interview Conny Larsson, came to Chicago to meet me, went to meet Jeff Young and Sam Young, and also Jed Geyerhahn. All their interviews appeared in their own voices ( The Youngs' faces alone were camouflaged) , and the entire documentary was planned and organized over 8 months, with the CCG members doing a lion's share of the work. Particular mention needs to be made of Anders Thisted, without whom this documentary would not have taken place. I supplied all the details of the 2 year long expose, CBI/FBI details, and everything else, but I had to decline repeated requests to appear on the show, because I have formally filed a CBI complaint and the matter is under judicial scrutiny in India, with me as the petitioner."
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Danish NewsPaper Article Sorry, I'm not available andrieskd
(33/M/Amsterdam, Netherlands)
2/1/02 1:23 pm
Borgmester: Boykot Sai Baba (I guess Borgmester means Mayor)

There are more in that newspaper.

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translated-Re: Danish NewsPaper Article Sorry, I'm not available omsairam420
2/1/02 2:14 pm
From (many languages can be somewhat translated)

The site that does the Danish translation is not very reliable in terms of uptime, so i am posting the rough translation here. Some of it is Greek to me. :-)

Om Sai Harami

mayor Boykot Sai Baba The mayor to Frederiksværk Helge Friis (S) call on citizen to the local authority to that react against Sai Baba - movement plans about that establish a break in there nordsjællandske palæ Arresødal.

Contemporary considers kirkeminister Tove Fergo (V) that fratage the indiske Sai Baba - movement balance sheet that statsanerkendt trossamfund to Denmark. That occurs, after DR- TELEVISION wednesday evening to a seriously critical dokumentarudsendelse sat fokus at the accusations about, that the indiske guru Sai Baba has commit sexual injustice at mindreårige boys amid såkaldte private interviews to the motion headquarters there sydlige Indien.

The property Arresødal went lately sold from Kommunedata to that verdensomspændende indiske trossamfund by nose from Frederiksværk Commune, even though the local authority according to mayor Helge Friis bød kroner more loudly and were calm a bargain to prospect. Actually is there instead chance of, that Sai Baba establishing a break in at Arresødal amid name ESSE The academy. Helge Friis says to Ritzau, that the local authority all along has been sceptical regarding Sai Baba - the motion indtog at Arresødal, however that the local authority no has lovhjemmel to that dismiss a unwanted buyer, whatever about there is some talk of Sai rockere or nazister. - Therefore can be i only appeal to the inhabitants about that react and calm themselves that question, about decent real hope a movement by they prosecutor into vores field.

I've spent mine chances that mayor, however that human have i law for saying, that that sort of thing hope i far, far away both from Frederiksværk and from Denmark, says Helge Friis to Ritzau. Helge Friis says, that he against a background the emission getting certified one concept from, that Sai Baba - the motion has difficult known that dismiss the allegations about sexual injustice and about the motion economical activities. That estimate officially, that Sai Baba has a fitness at 16 billion kroner, and critics says, that the economical force insuring Sai Baba extensive political and spirituel influence to indisk politics.

However Sai Baba - the motion european administrator Thorbjörn Meyer, there's lektor at Handelshøjskolen to Copenhagen, dismisses all accusations about sexual misuse and pædofili that complete fabrication. Thorbjörn Meyer, there themselves has undervist at Sai Babas college to Indien, adding, that informations against Sai Baba has floreret to at least three år at internettet, however that no has been documented. - I can dismiss that that utterly unfounded. It is rumours utroværdige claims and udokumenterede business, and i am by no means touched by kirkeministerens remark, says Thorbjörn Meyer to TELEVISION - The paper. However that a leading danish fellow from Sai Baba - the motion blank dismisses informations aren't by to that pacify mayor Helge Friis. - anything but That easiest to universe is why that get try out informations, however that notices that certain no forth to, that they're interested to.

It is deep kritisabelt, and i am yet better utryg known the motion, than i was to forvejen. It is adjacent, that the inhabitants responds known that tell to Thorbjörn Meyer and the other members from Sai Baba - the motion, that vi seem, they shall adjourn, says Helge Friis. Frederiksværk Commune level with Arresødal were ultimate and advance that secure against the public facilities to parkområdet and that safeguard that old palæ against bigger rebuilding.

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