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The webmaster, owners and contributors to are repeatedly subjected to personal attacks of a very low defamatory level on message boards and websites by anonymous persons who dare not state their addresses or phone numbers and who hide behind names which for all purposes amount only to incognito web identities. Two of these have been repeatedly asked for their addresses and phone numbers but have refused to give them. Their names need not be mentioned here, those who are aware of their allegations will know the names they are using. This hiding speaks volumes about the fanaticism of certain Sai devotees, even though the two main offenders receive no open support from any of the alleged 'millions' of followers of Sai Baba. That alone says a lot and is also is a favourable comment on the good intentions in this respect of persons who are nevertheless more or less blind believers in Sai Baba.

Among those who formerly attacked various writers in the exposé, are the faceless persons at Their views were refuted most soundly in a number of replies, all posted on Among those replies was one in which a follower of Sai Baba for 20 years, Ex-Vice-President of a USA Sai Centre and Regional Workshop presenter, Elena Hartgering - an experienced US sexual abuse counsellor. It applies perfectly to the current agitators against ExBaba...


Excerpt from a previous posting on in section Letters:

Date: 01-04-03

From: Elena A. Hartgering

Comment on the mails from “Saionline” by Elena Hartgering (Follower for 20 years. Ex-Vice-President of a USA Sai Centre and Regional Workshop presenter).

Immediately evident is the email is not signed. How can we be expected to take the content seriously when the correspondent does not have enough confidence in the truth of his/her writing to attach a signature?

The writer also makes personal attacks on Robert Priddy, and opines on his state of mind. This is the great fallacy of reasoning – argumentum ad hominem.

When you have no real facts to support your position, then attack the person. Here again the writer loses credibility.


We are dealing with what one of these persons repeatedly says are"cowardly creatures" who are "running scared" as soon as they are asked to state exactly who and where they are. Such persons are malicious scoundrels, the kind of poisoned pens whose disgruntled and fanatical views no decent person would ever take seriously! Their identities and locations are currently under professional investigation and they can then expect to face the consequences having left themselves wide open to hefty damages claim from a number of individuals. They can run, but can't hide! Note: Those who support this article are a large group of persons attacked by one nonentity on the internet. Several persons have contributed to the above notice, which is to be taken as a definitive warning of pending action - firstly on one-sided infringement of US copyright law (not 'free speech'). Serious defamation by at least two persons is a subsequent issue. The addresses of the main contributors have been posted on exposé websites and in numerous letters to any authorities etc. who need to confirm their existence. Robert Priddy wishes his address to be noted yet again: it is Agathe Grøndahlsgt. 2B. 0478 Oslo, Norway. His phone number is not put on-line since this can lead to many unwanted  disturbances.




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