New book: 'Drawn to the light, Revelations of Knowledge of the Inner Meaning of Life' by Ella Evers-Meinardi


From: Ella Evers-Meinardi

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Drawn to the Light, by Dutch author Ella Evers-Meinardi, is a reflection on her life shattered by the shock of the tragic death of her husband, a life-changing event when she was nine months pregnant with her second child.

Deep in grief, the author wants to know where her deceased husband has gone and ponders the meaning of life, which takes her in a spiritual direction.

Drawn to the Light shows the reader her lifelong pursuit for true knowledge, often resulting in illuminating mystical revelations. The appearance of an indescribable diamond-like light slowly leads her into higher spiritual realms. With courage and tenacity, she overcomes obstacles seekers of truth may find along the spiritual path. Ultimately, her search leads to traveling eleven times to India, an ancient land of God-wisdom. Her spiritual journey includes dreams, alternative healing, meditation practices, esoteric studies, and philosophy found in the Indian scriptures.

Drawn to the Light offers extensive information about the awakening process through Kundalini, as taught by her guru, an enlightened siddha master in India.

Even though her story is mainly of a spiritual nature, the author also writes about herself as an ordinary woman, wife, and mother of two.