Documentary exposing Sai Baba will

be aired today at 20:00 p.m.!


Date: 01-30-02

From: Sathya Sai Baba Discussion Club, message 4145

Document date: 1/29/02 10:16 p.m.

A message from Hari Sampath to all:

Today, at 20:00 p.m., the Danish documentary exposing Sai Baba will be aired. After a protracted legal battle which the SB org fought and lost, the doc is finally being aired. As I worked extensively for this doc, I know it will be excellent. They have already aired 3 trailers, and the print media has been writing about this for 4 days. The following is the English translation of the press release.

The press release was already on  click here to read, but we've copied the same article for your convenience as well, so you may read on:


Date: 1/26/02 12:30 p.m.

From: Sathya Sai Baba Discussion Club, message 4032 and 4033.

Danish National Television (DR) has finally cleared the way for an elaborate SB expose documentary in the making for a long time! The delay has been due to several legal attempts from the SB Org and individuals to try and stop it via the courts. But they have failed. This hardhitting documentary is being broadcast next wednesday in Danish prime time television! DR has yesterday issued an official press release which I will post in the english translation hereafter.

The show's danish title translates into english as "SEDUCED". Many newspapers and magazines are picking up on the story with details about the documentary. The producer of the show travelled all over the world interviewing several sexual victims of Sai Baba. The documentary will also feature some exclusive newly shot footage, so far unreleased to the public, showing in great detail the clear cut tricks and fraud of Sai Baba's materializations.

I hereby extend my personal grattitude to the victims in this documentary who have had the greater courage to confront SB and the Org on television for the whole world to see. And thanks to all other involved which have made this become a reality. This will certainly be a chapter breakthrough for the expose efforts against Sai Baba and his organisation.

Press Release


DR-Dokumentar zooms in on the Indian guru Sai Baba. The now 76-year old Sai Baba claims himself that he is God - and that he can raise the dead and cure cancer.

The Guru has millions of followers across the world. In Denmark, the Sai Organisation is expanding. The organisation has been state-recognized as a legitimate faith society by the danish authorities and has recently purchased Arresødal Castle in Nordsjælland for more than 15 million Danish Kroner. The purpose is to establish a danish Sai Baba highschool at the castle.

DR-Dokumentar has followed a number of danish followers on their journey to Sai Baba's headquarters in the southern part of India, where the danes through their own eyes experience the guru's "miracles".

Out of Sai Baba's hand comes watches and jewelry as well as "holy ash", which the guru claims has curative effects. Many of Sai Baba's followers see these "miracles" as evidence of his divinity.

However, in several countries the Sai Baba organisation has come under the scrutiny of authorities because of perpetuating rumours, that the guru abuses his disciples sexually, young men and boys - including minors.

The charges has consistently been rejected by the Sai Baba organization as a malicious campaign based on secondhand rumours.

DR-Dokumentar has visited three continents in an attempt to investigate the charges and go beyond the impressive sets of Sai Baba's worldwide empire.

The show's producer, Øjvind Kyrø, has spoken with several witnesses, who have belonged to the innercircle around Sai Baba. The documentary "SEDUCED" shows that there are more to the charges than just secondhand rumours.

DR TV has furthermore examined a lot of footage of the Indian guru to analyze the socalled "miracles". The result can be seen in the documentary.

"Seduced" has already before its showing caused considerable debate in the national media, as danish Sai Baba followers has threatened with judicial attempts to stop DR from showing the programme.

Further information producer Øjvind Kyrø (phone) +45 38 34 00 17 or editor Steen Jensen, or:

Anders Thisted