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Date: 02-12-02

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Danish Documentary I'm online now! andersdkbond
2/11/02 5:26 pm
If anybody have contact to local TV-company`s, and the "local" TV-company maybe want to broadcast it they have to make contact to DR 1 TV (Danish National TV) to Henriette Nielsen e-mail may@dr.dk (only TV-company`s).

I have send a copy to private persons in India, UK (David Bailey), Australia, Netherlands. If anybody in USA need a copy please e-mail to redmond@starband.net.

Ole from Denmark will make a "private" translation into English - thanks Ole.

Translation will be ready before 14 days. Ole e-mail is alstrup@yahoo.com.

Thanks to all in the expose and special thanks to Hari - great work with, CBI..... and so on - for so long.

The happy man from Denmark :-) - Anders Thisted 

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Danish news article... Sorry, I'm not available harisampath
2/11/02 7:13 pm
Here is the English translation for the Danish news article, sent by Ole Alstrup from Denmark ( Thanks Ole :-) )


European leader wants to check the sex-charges against Sai Baba


The European leader of the Sai Baba movement,Danish Thorbjørn Meyer, wants to check those accusations, which a tv-program on DR Wednesday evening, raised against the movements spiritual leader, the Indian guru Sai Baba. This information according to Thorbjørn Meyer, who is a lector at the Danish Copenhagen Business School in Copenhagen, Thursday to Ritzau New Agency.

Deltag i debatten på Politiken.dk

According to the program's Danish producer, journalist Øivind Kyrø, filing of 20 reports, of sexual molestations on younger male members of the sect, have been made to the Indian CBI in March 2001. The Indian police has nevertheless still not investigated the many witness accounts, which have been given under oath.

Thorbjørn Meyer informs, that he has been in contact with DR's prime news show, TV-Avisen, who has promised him to provide the papers containing the accusations.

»I have not seen the papers yet, but apparently an Indian in Chicago by the name of Hari Sampath in the US have filed the complaint about the 20 cases«, says Thorbjørn Meyer.

He assures that he will investigate the charges and will ask the American Sai Baba organisation for a report, when he receives the papers.

»But apparently DR do not posses the documentation, and I am very shaken about that«, says Thorbjørn Meyer Thursday.

Still skeptical

The day after the tv-programme with the accusations against the spiritual leader for sexual abuse, Thorbjørn Meyer however still continues to be skeptical about their content..
»There could be a Christian organisation behind it. For a number of years, busses with Christian missionaires would be parked outside Sai Baba's ashram, who tried to tell that he is the Devil himself «, says Thorbjørn Meyer.

Church Minister considers approval

Church Minister Tove Fergo said after the show that she is ready to remove the movement's approval as a faith society in Denmark, if the accusations stick. »If that is the truth«, she said, she as church minister is ready to remove the organisation's approval as a faith society.

(31. Jan 2002 kl. 16:45)
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Re: Danish news article... Sorry, I'm not available harisampath
2/11/02 7:26 pm
My comments on Thorbjorn Meyer's statements :

Danish TV DR does indeed have copies of legal statements from victims of sexual molestation that were given to the CBI as I had provided it to the TV station. There is no reason for anyone to prove anything to Thorbjorn Meyer as he is not any legal authority. If Thorbjorn Meyer or anyone else in the Sai Baba organization wants to know about this, then they have to follow proper procedure and make a request to the CBI, India. Even then, the CBI may not give them any details, because the CBI has to be given directions by court. Because Sathya Sai Baba is one of the respondents of my complaint, he has to make an application to the CBI to get details of the complaint, and NOT Thorbjorn Meyer.

The very fact that Thorbjorn Meyer has "offered to enquire" into the charges of sexual molestation, the fact that Jorgen Trygved admitted on the TV show that Sai Baba indeed fondles the genitals of young men for "energy transformation " and also the fact that the American Sai Baba organization has been asked by Thorbjorn Meyer to give a report after enquiring clearly demonstrates that EVEN the SB org officials admit that something is seriously wrong with Sai Baba.

Thank you,

Hari Sampath.
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