Sai Baba gives up buying Castle


By: alstrup

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Date: Fri Apr 5, 2002, 02:34 p.m.

Subject: SB Org gives up in Denmark - newspaper story

Orginal article from: Jyllands-Posten København

(Translation by Alstrup)

Sai Baba gives up buying Castle

The Indian new religious movement of Sai Baba has given up their new property in Frederiksværk, Denmark. The mayor and local politicians have created so much opposition to the movement that the Sai Baba people have withdrawn.

The plan was to set up an international school on the old castle, but the movement feared that they wouldn't be able to invite famous international scientists, artist, and other guests without the risk that they would be harassed.

"We have realized that we will have to establish ourselves somewhere else. We cannot invite foreign guests to this place and risk that they are met with hostility. There is no bitterness, only a realistic evaluation of what is possible and not possible", says chairman of the board and former CEO of Superfos, Jørgen Trygved, to Ritzau.

Accusations of Pedophilia

The Sai Baba movement was highlighted after Danish national TV (DR-dokumentar) in January reported accusations that Sai Baba had sexually abused young boys during so called private interviews in his headquarters in southern India. The accusations are denied by the Danish members of the movement and there are no convictions or cases against Sai Baba. Nevertheless local politicians in Frederiksværk along with mayor Helge Friis (Socialdemocrat) have worked hard against the movement taking over Arresødal castle.

The Sai Baba movement will now work to establish their school some where else in Europe. Jørgen Trygved does not yet know where, but he is fairly certain it wont be in Denmark.


The Sai Baba movement in Denmark will now hold the mayor and city council of Frederiksværk responsible for the economic loses, they may have incurred now that the deal has fallen through.

"It must be fair to hold people, who ruin your project, responsible", says Jørgen Trygved.

The municipality of Frederiksværk was originally interested in buying the castle Arresødal themselves, but the Sai Baba movement scored the deal. the question is now whether the municipality is still interested in the castle and will buy it at the requested price. If not the municipality risk a lawsuit.