Sai Baba holding supposedly 'materialised' necklace


Body language can speak more truly than words


Towards the very end of the long and tedious official video of the Christmas Eve showpiece at Prashanthi Nilayam, there is a sequence which is a telling indication of the relationship of Sathya Sai Baba with those students who are very close to him and are known to share his bedroom at night, (on his own clear admission).


Sai Baba appears to 'materialise' a golden-coloured chain for the young person seen in the photos here, and the recipient has then to kneel down puts his head in Sai Baba's lap so that he can attach the chain or necklace around his neck. Here - as with other simple physical tasks - Sai Baba fumbles and is clearly unable to fix the catch, requiring help from the young student who has sat on the floor beside Sai Baba during the entire celebrations. This takes well twenty eight seconds, during all of which time the young man has his face pressed into Sai Baba's body above the groin.


This was surely not meant to be significant, despite the degree of physical intimacy clearly seen for 28 seconds. Many psychologists and other expert observers of human behaviour hold that such 'body language' often tells its own truth, and not least often expresses what is not spoken about or matters which are denied. Flaunting male sexual contacts in risky situations are, however, known to be behaviour common to many abusers, as Sai Baba is accused by many of doing in the interview room.


Grateful devotee after much 'grace' in pubic

Young male with face buried near groin


Sai Baba fumbled and fumbled futilely