Supercool Indian Gurus Under Fire


Date: 09-01-08

By: Ex Baba admin

At you can read Barry Pittard's blog article:

Supercool Indian Gurus Under Fire


The Times (in the UK) has recently re-raised the issue of corrupt Indian gurus - May 21, 2008. It headlined: Money and sex tarnish Indian guru image. (Click here for archived page.) Quote:   

“They’re conducting all kinds of criminal and material activities behind their spiritual exteriors,” G. Sudhakaran, Kerala’s minister for temples, told The Times. “Ninety per cent of them are fake and criminals. There are so many swamis who have enlightened the hearts and minds of people, but these people are fakes with no idea about spirituality. They are only interested in women and money and muscle power.” His comments outraged many devout Hindus, who consider swamis to be beyond reproach — even above the law”. 

G. Sudhakaran may have needed to mention, beside women - boys and young men. 

More prosecutions are occurring in India, including Himaval Maheswara Bhadranandaji.  


"Perhaps the best guru is the one who shows people how to dispense with gurus" 

"(There are) two-way pulls occurring in India - towards gurus and the extraordinary power many of them have, down millennia, wielded, and away from them" 

"The great irony is that, when religious institutions do not clean themselves up they lay themselves perfectly open to rationalists to come and do the job for them".