The Secret Swami. BBC Docu. Review. Condensed


Date: 10-22-07

By: Ex Baba admin

At his blogsite - Barry Pittard has posted the article:

The Secret Swami. BBC Docu. Review. Condensed

Many have sought out my article, The BBC’s The Secret Swami - A Revision. However, it is very long, and many readers are very busy. So, for the sake of condensation, here, in the form of quotes, are some key pieces of information from it. Downloadable video footage is in the clickable references at the foot of this present blog.

  • Focus on One Family Obscures Vast Extent of Allegations
  • Governments Placate India
  • Supposedly God, Sai Baba Woos Heads of State and other Big Players
  • Foreign Goose Lays Multi-billion Dollar Eggs For Sai Baba
  • BBC’s Tanya Datta asks: ‘Is Sai Baba Above The Law?’
  • Oiling Penises Not A Hindu Ritual. (Nor Of Other World Faiths)
  • Top Indian Minister Shows Ugly Face of Indian Government Sai Baba Patronage
  • Dr Goldstein Tells BBC “I am what I am - a consummate professional”
  • “He Could Go Out And Murder” Says Billionaire backer, Isaac Tigrett
  • “Absolutely Cold-blooded Murder”, Says Fmr Home Secretary, V.P.B.Nair
  • Room For Many More Documentaries

"The leaders of this organization, such as the world chairman Dr Michael Goldstein of Covina, California, USA, know perfectly well the excellent standing of many former devotees - both from the point of view of their role when still members and in regard to the high esteem they have attracted in their professions, trades, education institutions and wider communities".

"In fact, our submissions to various media, government, civic, academic, law enforcement and other authorities are submitted with the utmost responsibility.  For those of them who are ready to act with integrity, sensitivity and care, we provide as a further mark of good faith, and on the basis of strict privacy, the contact details of those in outstanding, in some cases eminent, positions in government, law, media, education, psychology, medicine, etc.,who know the facts".